I can’t take it! It’s all too good!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. How am I supposed to blog about this show when every single episode breaks new records for awesome things happening?

Today alone, we got: intentional funnies (sans twinkly music of wacky hijinks) with two characters — Alice and Milo — I normally cannot fast forward fast enough; Johnny suddenly remembering how to be the guy I used to love who actually cared about other people; and Sonny 1) sincerely apologizing for a brief loss of temper, 2) explaining his girlfriend’s mental illness to multiple people with genuine patience and compassion, and 3) actually saying that cops should handle a situation with one of his enemies. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?

Not to mention Duke’s face, which went through ten rapid shifts of overwhelmed vulnerability and desperation in the space of thirty seconds as he listened to Anna’s voicemail message:


But was the episode content with all that goodness? NO, IT WAS NOT. Because then Dante got all up in AJ’s grill, since — as you know — if there’s one thing he just can’t forgive, it’s a criminal father:

DANTE: He shot his own father in the back–
MICHAEL: And your father shot you! Or have you forgotten?

OH NO HE DIDN’T. (Yes! Yes, he did! Was that amazing for you too?)

As much as I don’t enjoy wanting to smack the smug off of Dante, one good thing about his self-righteous tone deafness in those scenes is that now I no longer have to worry he’s been replaced by a robot programmed to be the most perfect husband ever. Because a robot would not have been able to utter those lines without its head exploding due to a logic error. (Criminals deserve prison even if they’re your father, Dante? REALLY?)

Also, words cannot express how much I’m  looking forward to AJ finding out Michael was shot in the head and raped in prison due to Sonny’s superior parenting skills. IT’S GOING TO BE SO GOOD, GUYS. I CAN JUST TELL.


16 thoughts on “I can’t take it! It’s all too good!

  1. you know we’re actually getting a real sweeps…for years on other boards we’ve complained about how non-sweeps it all was……..

    but now….


    • A sweeps dominated by good writing and actually twists and turns instead of a huge stunt that last an entire monthday and changes nothing? Why, that’s just crazy enough to work!

      • A sweeps dominated by good writing and actually twists and turns instead of a huge stunt that last an entire monthday and changes nothing? Why, that’s just crazy enough to work!

        lol……cute line…


  2. Michael’s line wasn’t really good for me. I mean, partly it’s my extreme bias towards DZ/Dante, but every time Michael has previously talked about Dante’s shooting it’s been to tell Dante to get over it, so I couldn’t cheer Michael for using it against Dante when it was convenient for him. Plus I found the whole Dante/Michael exchange simplistic writing. It’s fine that Dante was defending Sonny (well, not fine, but something that’s been happening for a long time, so, sigh, dealing with it), but you’d think they’d slip in a “I know how you feel, but AJ has a rap sheet” or whatever.

    • This is hardly the first time I’ve wanted to strangle Dante when it comes to Sonny, though. So I’m okay with someone — ANYONE — reminding him of the thing he should really never have forgotten. And I (unfortunately) don’t think Michael’s point was that Sonny deserves prison for shooting Dante, but that AJ deserves as much forgiveness as Sonny does.

      • “And I (unfortunately) don’t think Michael’s point was that Sonny deserves prison for shooting Dante, but that AJ deserves as much forgiveness as Sonny does.”

        good point.

  3. As much as I love Dante, I hate how he is with Sonny, since Sonny took a bullet for him, he’s basically gone soft. I really miss the days when he hated Sonny and wanted him behind bars. I have to agree with Michael, what is the difference between Sonny shooting Dante and AJ shooting Alan? Dante wasn’t even there when AJ shot Alan. Dante, please. It’s one way or the other, and Sonny taking a bullet for you does not mean he gets off. What happened to “Your whole FREAKIN LIFE has been an abuse of power!”? I miss that. I want someone to come on who has it in for Sonny to actually SUCCEED. Sonny and Carly need a good dose of Emily Thorne or someone like that. Michael is an ADULT. So if he wants to make up his own mind about AJ, let him!

      • How awesome would that be? She’s more of a force to reckon with than Sonny and Carly and any mobster. Maybe she can help AJ get back at Carly and Sonny.

    • . I have to agree with Michael, what is the difference between Sonny shooting Dante and AJ shooting Alan

      i too agree with that line…why is there a difference……..

      yeah dante really should have stayed out of it since he’s know sonny what 2 years…….he should have said, i can’t comment on any of this, because i didn’t grow up with sonny as a father…so…

      i so agree….it’s high time that sonny or any villian for that matter on soaps…get their dues….

      and i’ve said it all along..you know defending what sonny did is ok..but yet it’s not ok for AJ…guess what carly/sonny, you’re going to make michael take AJ’s side when all is said and done…..

  4. Wait Sonny acted like a HUMAN BEING? WOW!! I think MB shines on those scenes, so I do hope to see more! I may be able to watch him without wanting to smack him. Sonny was meant to be a complex character, and these writers seem to get nuance better.

  5. It’s so strange to… like characters you previously despised. It’s… refreshing. :) But I actually like Dante, especially when it’s pointed out to him how much of a hypocrite he is. Because Dante’s a character I’ve seen change and alter his perceptions of things when it’s been pointed out to him. He actually grows up on occasion. So this’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    • I love Dante except when it comes to how he’s softened towards Sonny, but no matter how much I like character, I’m always up for them being called out by someone.

  6. Oh this was soo good.

    Monica’s slap heard around the world…awesome…

    The way Sonny keeps saying that he has lost Jason, then Kate and he refuses to lose everything…makes me hopeful and positively giddy that this is PRECISELY where they are taking us…Sonny finally loses…and then jumps off the pier to be with Jason.

    SB does NOT look the least bit menacing towards this (even buffer) version of Sean Kanaan’s, AJ.

    Ohhhh this is getting soo good.

    I’m loving it all. Only thing that’s meh..rubbing me a little wrong..is AJ and Michael immediately referring to one another as “my son” and “my father” all the time. It’s too soon. At least for Michael’s side, I could see him being hesitant to call AJ father and or Dad and being somewhat uncomfortable referring to him as such yet. But Michael being gung ho for a reunion and looking all sympathetic towards AJ (and so much like he could be his real child!!) is really making me ecstatic.

    AJ pointing out that Sonny indeed kidnapped Michael FIRST from him, and Michael pointing out to Dante that Sonny SHOT HIM IN THE CHEST…all good..

    Robin/Anna/Duke/Faison…great good campy soap….

    Dante/Lulu and Lulu/Johnny..good moments.

    ya’ll this IS sooooo good.

  7. I feel uncomfortable raving instead of ranting about GH, but I am loving it so much. There are still moments that hold no appeal for me whatsoever (Connie, Spinelli, Sonny), but they are diminished because the show is currently dominated by the great moments of Devane/Scorpio and Quatermaine awesomeness. I know the two new ladies in Patrick’s life are kind of cartoonish at this point, but I have to acknowledge that Jason Thompson is doing such a good job portraying a man trying to move on, but still broken with sadness. Because of JT, I am enjoying the Patrick story, in spite of the obviousness.

    I don’t care who, how or why Dante (and the audience) is reminded that Sonny shot him in the chest, it is always a beautiful thing. But I swear I was waiting for Sonny to pop out and say, “But I didn’t know he was my son.” As if it matters. Then Dante reminds Michael that AJ kidnapped children. Hmmmm …. and Sonny makes children orphans. Can’t they all just agree that neither Sonny nor AJ is in line for “Father of the Year”? All this moral relativism makes me want to hurl. But, it is nice to see Michael thinking for himself and at least listening to all sides.

    Monica crawling around with the vase had me actually laughing out loud.

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