So much truth-telling!

Last year around this time, Lucky had been sitting in a Irish graveyard for a month, Sam was raped (maybe! isn’t it exciting not knowing for sure?) on her honeymoon, and Padilla and Maggie “Just Call Me HELL CLOWN” Wurth were the show’s idea of exciting new female characters. I’m not pointing this out to give you all trauma flashbacks or anything. It’s just that if anyone had told me back then that a year later I’d be typing the next sentence without sarcasm, I’d have probably peed myself laughing.

And yet, here we improbably are: you guys, General Hospital has seriously gotten so good and so satisfying that even though I have never smoked, I end every episode feeling like I need a cigarette.


In fact, the show is now so amazing that there are often multiple candidates for best line of the day and I honestly cannot choose between them:

Exhibit A – Michael, to his mother, upon her non-ironic conviction that obviously, all criminals deserve prison:

MICHAEL: So justice only applies to people you don’t like?

Exhibit B – Sonny vs AJ on who ruined Jason’s life the most:

SONNY: I loved Jason! I respected him. If you don’t  like the life he chose, look in the mirror.
AJ: There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about what I did to my brother. But I gotta tell you man, I didn’t use him. I didn’t put him in harm’s way every single day. And I sure as hell didn’t turn him into a killer. See, that’s all on you, pal. You’re the reason Jason’s dead.

Exhibit C – Michael to Sonny, upon the latter’s AMAZING assertion that no child has ever come to harm because of him, which seriously was about to make my head explode until Michael stepped in to channel my brain directly:

AJ: Really, so no child’s ever been injured around you, Sonny?
SONNY: Never!
MICHAEL: Dad, that’s not completely true.
SONNY: Well, hey, wait a minute. I mean, you gonna call me an animal, like–
MICHAEL: No, I’m just saying things can escalate and people can get hurt, even when you don’t mean–
SONNY: Like who? [Ed. note: no really. He REALLY said that. Really.]
MICHAEL: Like me when I got shot in the head!

Exhibit D –  AJ’s reaction to learning the better father Carly chose got him shot in the head, which was just as beautiful as I hoped it would be:

AJ: What, you don’t know that Sonny was responsible for getting Michael shot? The guy that you thought was better that me? Huh? You know, the only thing that’s worse than you as a father, is her as a mother.

And that’s all just from one plot! In the past couple days, we’ve also had drunk Tracy, Ellie finally becoming a little more three-dimensional and making Spinelli a little more of a real boy along with her, and Elizabeth and Sabrina teaming up to get funding for the Nurses’ Ball — which is awesome not only because lonely Liz could use a friend, but also HELLS YES, actual nurses should be the ones spearheading this effort.

And it gave Becky Herbst a chance to do one of the things she does best, i.e. react expressively in the background while other actors ham it up:

(See? She says so much with just her eyebrows!)

Liz and Sabrina’s drunken bonding at the Haunted Star was adorable and also gave Sabrina a chance to become more of a real person. I’m starting to really like her, you guys, despite the contact embarrassment she gives me on a nearly daily basis. Her crush on Patrick is silly, yes. But knowing Robin is a alive and being tortured and desperately trying to get back to her family doesn’t really lend itself to a serious romantic option for Patrick in the meantime, so I’m down with the light-heartedness of it.

Speaking of Patrick, can we talk for a minute about Jason Thompson and how great he’s been at showing the complexity of his continuing grief? It’s all over his face, whether in the bittersweet smile when he watches Sabrina with Emma or the barely hidden panic when Britt brings up sex — like he’s trying to talk himself into wanting something he thinks he should. And don’t even get me started at the devastation as he touched his wedding ring. (Seriously: Jason Thompson’s sad face should be classified as a deadly weapon.)

Hapless Cinderella vs man-eating evil step-sister may not be the most original story in the world, but watching Patrick deal with both Sabrina and Britt has been a nice illustration of the ways in which he’s no longer the same person he was before Robin and Emma. Liz told Britt that marriage and fatherhood had changed him, and now we’re seeing it firsthand. His priorities have shifted; he’s trying to follow the same old script, but the lines have changed on him. For an overall story arc that’s been about as subtle as a brick in the face so far, the actual nuances it’s given Patrick’s characterization have been very thoughtful and well done.

(Please add “thoughtful characterization” to the list of words I never thought I’d be typing without irony in relation to General Hospital a year ago.)


27 thoughts on “So much truth-telling!

  1. I’m sorry I have no personal knowledge of you besides your obviously awesome views of current GH but I just want to say with absolute giddiness….”GIRLLLLLL…. I know!!!” And then slap you all kinds of joyous HI-Fives!!!

    I read this and felt like we bonded. HAAA..

    I too feel like I need a smoke after every episode…Just so satisfying.

    I too was like THANK YOU MICHAEL! Seriously Carly? Your ex and your bestie. Both stone cold killers yet AJ deserves prison. She whose second home was the PCPD, always harping in Dante or Mac’s face how unfair it was to accuse Jason or Sonny of SAID CRIMES….that they actually did COMMIT….smoke was coming out of my ears before Michael spoke. SMH.

    Hate Liz as a prop but still so enjoy the faces she makes. She made Sabrina likeable and her knowledge of Tracy and her history with the Q’s, made the appeal for funding…kinda touching.

    Sean Kanaan’s expressions as AJ. SO…FREAKIN…AWESOME…and so … words…just so happy…

    When AJ said “the only thing worse than having you as a father was having her as mother.” I cheered.

    Sonny’s hyprocrisy knows no bounds. I cannot comprehend how he can even form his mouth to say that no child has EVER gotten injured around him. My brain literally exploded.

    Patrick is perfection. JT is rocking his performances.

    I may start stalking Cartini. This is just that good!

  2. although we suspected that it was faison…….we didnt’ know for sure….

    i agree….pretty much every day it is must see tv again….after all the snore fests of sweeps that guza brought us…….it really is a sweeps this month….

    robert…he’s back…and better then ever, i tell you……bring on more, bring on more…

    although sonny i can really do without…….but, i’m still enjoying most of the stuff…

    the q’s are front and centre again…the nurse’s ball is coming back….

    i adore ellie…and sabrina…that other one….well she can join maggie and lisa as far as i’m concerned….she is a total britchbore…and then some…


    oih and someone mentioned to me yesterday…..didn’t carly take away his rights to morgan….because he was too dangerous…

    wonder when AJ is going to find out that michael was raped in prison because of jason….or that morgan got taken away from sonny……and that michael was in jail in the first place….because they thought that it was better to protect him….then to tell the truth….for killing claudia……and that kind of idea….

  3. Oh and forgot to mention….there was just so MUCH good stuff going on….

    MONICA…I LOVE her with her claws back out again…when she snidely said to Carly’s smart “a” remark that AJ won’t have any visitors “that he’ll have his son.” And smiled as she was being led away…

    I could’ve kissed the dern screen it was just that good. LOVED IT!!!!

  4. I am LOVING the whole AJ story, it is so good, a return that is WORKING. I want to smack Sonny so hard for saying no child ever was endangered. WHAT THE WHAT?! LOVED Michael reminding him of when he got shot, I LOVE YOU MICHAEL! Wow, that’s so weird. I HATED him last year. I want to strange Carly and Sonny, and it it SO NICE to see writers not worship them and allow them to be seen for the hypocrites they are.
    Sonny: No child has ever been endangered by me.
    Me: WHAT THE WHAT?! *starts spewing Angrish*

    AJ’s expression at being learned Michael was shot. . . perfection. Sean Kanan is brilliant.

    AJ: That bullet was probably meant for you!
    Me: Yup. And he was too stupid to allow bodyguards

    AJ: I wish you had got shot instead!
    Me: Speak it, AJ!

    AJ: The only thing worse than you as a father is her as a mother
    Me: AJ, will you marry me?

    Can I send a thank you card to the writers for allowing characters to speak what many have felt for YEARS?
    Tracy and Diane cracked me up, Diane is priceless. I love how she is always so unruffled and business like.
    Liz’s facial expressions, lol. RH can say so much without saying a word just in her face. Nice to see her have a friend.
    Oh and ROBERT IS BACK!
    Yup, unleash Emily Thorne on Sonny and Carly.

    • Christine…

      You’ll have to FIGHT ME for AJ’s hand in marriage…

      and I actually WENT ONLINE yesterday looking for an address so that I could write and or email Cartini.

      Dangit all!!! They need to know about our appreciation and hear praise for the show’s complete turnaround and current awesomeness…

      • OK, bring it! LOL! Isn’t it amazing how these writers know what we want? What do they do, read YT comments? Go to message boards? This show is not only watchable, it’s GOOD! Sonny and Carly are no longer the creator’s pets, no more obnoxious mob propping. No throwing legacy characters under the bus for the mob, no more bringing boring characters. I like how they brought in some OLTL characters and they blend in nicely. No more mysogynist writing. Seriously, Carly, an alcoholic father is worse than a MOBSTER father?
        I’m fine with mobsters, but when you try to pass them off as good people like Guza did, I’m not buying. TPTB now seem to get that and show people for who they are. They don’t try to make Todd a hero.

      • Both FV and RC are on Twitter and often respond to fans there. I’d say that’s your best bet for making your appreciation known.

        • I saw an article on what had to be done to save GH, if I can find it I’ll show it to you. Bringing back the nurses ball was one, and of course, cutting down on the mob was another. I think these writers are on track.
          Part of the issue is so many beloved characters had left or were on their way out before these writers came on board. Lucky had already left, Jax had left, Nikolas had left, Brenda had left. So bringing back some some past characters like Anna, AJ, Ceasar, Felicia and Robert is the most logical way to counter it. NOT bringing in annoying characters with no purpose. I don’t even mind the OLTL character’s presence, at least they work in context.

    • I actually raised both hands in the air and incoherently shouted “CHICKENS! ROOSTING!” during the AJ scenes the other day. It… may be a good thing I live alone.

  5. Nothing to add to the general cheers (my favorite part of the last week, by the way, had to be the battle between Alice and Tracy while Monica crawled around with the vase — hilarious), except to note the total cluelessness of Britt. Who doesn’t notice that a) a guy’s still wearing his wedding ring and b) man wearing said ring is obviously so not ready to move on. As you so rightly note, thoughtful characterization in the same room with two-dimensional stereotype.

  6. I go hot and cold on Sabrina – I thought her drunk impression of Britt was funny, but not being able to tell Tracy was hating every word coming out of her mouth was a bit too much for me. I think the actress is good though, and think it’s a shame that they didn’t hire her to play Kristina, especially since she looks more like she’s 20 years old than LM does.

    Speaking of Tracy, I love her so much. She’s so mean-spirited and petty, but Jane Elliott is so magnificent. This is how Tracy should have reacted one of the many times Luke treated her like crap.

    • I agree about JE, she is perfect. Tracy can be so mean-spirited, yet JE also gives her a lot of depth, and she’s sad and lonely inside and there’s also a vulnerability, and I can’t help but love Tracy.

    • I totally agree and i am happy as a clam to see my Tracy being awful and mean-spirited again. This is the Tracy I know and loved all these years. Guza was writing her like her spirit was broken or something and that was just excruciating for a JE fan like me to watch.
      That man has done the impossible…he’s restored not only the show, but the characters who’ve been changed beyond recognition(anyone remember sophisticated Anna Devane acting like a teen-age roadie over Rick Springfield?…i mean really).
      Also I love Epiphany, but I always felt like Bobbie Spencer should be head nurse fixture ala Jessie Brewer was when Bobbie was just a student nurse…not a complaint, just sayin…lol

      • I read an interview with JZ a little while ago where she talked about getting a call from FV or his assistant asking her to come in for some scenes, and she had to tell them she’d been completely taken off contract. They had no idea. So they definitely wanted her on the canvas. Not sure if it’s just a scheduling or money issue now.

  7. Speaking of stuff that happened a year ago, I forgot that this day was L&L’s wedding anniversary. Sigh, if only we had someone who didn’t HATE LUKE AND LAURA in charge during their wedding anniversary (I actually don’t think Garin Wolf hated them like Guza did . . . he just thought he was being “edgy” instead of “horrifically paced, boring, and dark.”)

  8. When it comes to mobsters like Sonny and Jason, I don’t so much object to their presence as how they were written. If anything, Sonny and Jason should be more anti-heroes than romantic leads. Nothing wrong with anti-heroes. I would say that Todd Manning is an anti hero.
    IMO, it was absolutely STUPID and annoying was the way GUZA wrote them as the good guys, the heroes. A mob boss is better than an alcoholic as a dad or a wealthy businessman, a hit man is better than a recovering addict or a cop. Really? SOmeone who kills is the best option? AJ may have had issues, but to say he’d be a worse father than Sonny or Jason? Please, GMAB. Even more absurd was that Guza wrote the women flocking to the mobsters and BEGGED them for scraps. That’s just degrading. It’s like these writers recognize all that and say “OK, let’s get the record straight on what Sonny REALLY did to AJ Time to call them out.”

  9. I feel like towards the end end of his run, Guza knew/felt like he could finally show Jason and Sonny as true mobsters and people wouldn’t care/loved them so much that he could do things like, say, have Sonny SHOOT SOMEONE IN THE CHEST (leaving aside the fact that Dante was unarmed and a cop, even he had a gun, it would be inexcusable) and people would “get it”. And he was right to an extent . . . But I will seriously always wonder if he actually bought into the whole “but they’re really good guys” thing.

    • It seemed like Guza did beleve it considering the idiotic propping, if he didn’t it begs the question WHY right that way?

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