Gimme Some VD: “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”

First, I just want to say that I have an awesome co-blogger who stepped in for me last week and did my VD recap when both myself and my son were suffering from the black death. She saved you all from a post that amounted to “Vampire Diaries good, Klaus bad.” Or at least she did for one week! Here’s my riveting recap. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! (Or a relaxing Thursday if you don’t celebrate.)

Previously on Vampire Diaries:  Stefan lied to everyone, Connor took all the humans hostage, and Elena effing killed him!

We open on Elena in her bed, and she is clearly distraught. She ends up downstairs at the microwave. (Uh, what is she heating up? I thought all her blood had to be FROM THE VEIN. Is she enjoying some late night popcorn?)

It doesn’t matter because Connor shows up to haunt her before she can chow down. Elena rightly tells him he isn’t really there and assumes he must be a ghost. She calls for Jeremy, and Ghost!Connor starts to choke her. She throws him off, but he comes at her again. So she grabs a kitchen knife and stabs him in the neck. Except it isn’t Connor–it’s Jeremy! He gurgles as she pulls the knife from his neck and freaks the eff out. W. T. F.

Looks like Elena has called Damon to help her out because they are both standing over Jeremy, still dead on the couch. Luckily, it seems Jeremy has again been wearing the family’s healing ring, despite the fact that Alaric went crazy when wearing it. Uh, I can’t decide if that was a good idea or a very, very moronic one.

Damon suggests that she call Stefan, but Elena says she doesn’t trust him since he’s been lying to them. He encourages her again, just in time for Stefan to show up and explain that Damon had already called him. Oops. Elena brushes Stefan off to go get cleaned up and Jeremy bolts up back into the world of the living. Seriously, are they not concerned he might go all psycho-killer crazy on their asses? Being a hunter and having that vampire-hating crazy ring on could make for a bad situation later. Stefan follows Elena upstairs and tries to make nice with her, but she’s not having it.

At the Lockwood abode, the kids are drinking in the name of last week’s dead hybrid guy, whose name I can’t remember. Klaus shows up and whines about Connor’s death, followed shortly by Caroline putting on a big show of doing the typical break-up possession exchange. Klaus seems to buy it, but it turns out that Hayley and Caroline set it up to fool him.

Meanwhile, Elena is taking a shower and starts to see buckets of blood running in the water. Ick.

Damon and Stefan are still cleaning up downstairs. Klaus calls Stefan to bitch at him about the hunter’s death. He also mentions that Elena is likely experiencing hallucinations and that he knows all about it. Convenient! Turns out he’s also right outside, so Stefan goes out to meet him. Klaus complains about not being invited in. Well, at least the group has prevented that from happening. Klaus explains to Stefan that when he killed the original “Five”, the witch’s spell that created them caused him to go a little mad. The point of these visions is to make the vampire kill themselves and become the hunter’s “final kill.”

Inside, Elena is seeing Connor again. Uh-oh. She even thinks Damon’s him, freaks out, and runs outside. As soon as she’s within reach, Klaus grabs her and takes off. Effing Klaus.

Jeremy confides in Matt about being a potential hunter and a mark appearing on his hand after Connor died. Meanwhile, April and Creepy Professor show up at school. It seems like he is putting on some kind of exhibit. I really don’t understand what he is doing there. April comments that the Prof looks familiar. Hmmmm.

Damon and Stefan solicit Bonnie’s help to deal with Elena’s hallucinations, since they are witchy in origin. Bonnie says the spirits won’t let her do magic to find out about it, but that Shane (aka Creepy Professor) can help because he knows everything about that kind of stuff. Well, that’s not at all suspicious. Nope.

Klaus has brought Elena to his medieval castle to keep her from killing herself. Gawd. Even when he’s helping, he is still being a dick. He tells her about his history with similar hunter haunting. In short: it was awful for over fifty years and then it just stopped. Man, it’s satisfying to know he was at least tortured for a good long time.

Stefan tries to get Tyler’s help to get to Elena. Caroline and Tyler tell Stefan that they’ve been working on freeing some of the hybrids and they just so happened to un-sire the hybrid who is guarding Elena right now! Double convenient!

Elena continues to have to listen to Connor whine. (Hey hallucination!Connor? You were a jackoff who threatened and tortured people! Hello pot, meet kettle!) Anyway, he starts in on how it was her fault her parents died (low blow!) and talks about how she deserves to die. Then, because I was getting oh so bored with this schtick, Elena finally imagines something awesome — Katherine!

Creepy Professor Shane is giving a lecture at the high school about witches, for some reason. Uh, okay. April remembers that her father recently taught a class at the Prof’s college, and met him there. HMMMM.

Fake!Katherine harasses Elena again… some more. It’s more of the “you are bad now that you’re a vampire” and “you deserve to die” stuff. You know, typical doppleganger talk.

Bonnie introduces Professor Creeps to Damon, and they show him the drawing of the hunter’s mark. He explains that the haunting of the hunter killer continues until a new hunter is called. Don’t they wonder why this guy barely asked them any questions about why they wanted to know about hunters? It isn’t really part of regular conversation, you know? Super sketch. There’s some talk about potentials, and after the prof leaves, Damon tells Bonnie he thinks he knows where to find one.

Caroline has been dispatched to distract Klaus yet again, while Tyler and Stefan try to convince the un-sired hybrid to help them. Tyler promises to keep hybrid dude safe in exchange for his help, so he gets rid of the guards. But when Stefan tries to get Elena, she freaks out on him and runs away. God job, Stefan.

Jeremy shows up in response to Damon’s call, and Bonnie explains that in order to help Elena, he needs to kill a vampire. There they go again, throwing Jeremy to the wolves. God, how is it that this show can make me feel so bad for Jeremy? I don’t even like him. Anyway, Jeremy somewhat hilariously offers to stake Damon right there and then. Heh. Thankfully, Bonnie does seem to give him some info about what he’s getting into, although it’s not clear exactly how much she tells him.

Caroline cutely confesses to Klaus that she was distracting him so Stefan could free Elena… except he bunged that up and now she’s running loose. Then Klaus oh so charmingly threatens to kill Caroline if she doesn’t get out of his way. How can she not fall for that, guys? Puke. She derails his usual threats by explaining that they figured out how to break the curse.

Of course, it could be too late because Elena continues to be badgered by the most annoying ghosts ever. They all end up at the damn Wickery Bridge. Then Elena’s mom appears to her. She goes more for the soft sell, trying to convince her to kill herself in the nicest way possible. It’s pretty painful and reminds me an awful lot of Amends.  In a desperate move, Elena drops her daylight ring into the water. “Dead by sunrise” runs through my mind. But it looks like there won’t be a magical snow storm to get them out of this one.

Damon shows up, having been sent to find her by Stefan, and starts to calmly try to talk Elena down. That is, until he notices her ring is gone.

Tyler and Hayley are saying goodbye to Chris the un-sired hybrid. Unfortunately, he should have said goodbye faster because Klaus shows up, clearly not happy. Chris says he will not fail him again. But as he leaves, Stefan appears and shoves a stake in him. Jeez, guys. What did he do to you? Oh, and the thanks he gets for helping them? Is Jeremy separating Chris’ head from his body.

Back at the bridge of death and misery, Damon frantically tries to convince Elena to get inside. She dodges him just as the sun starts to rise. In the same moment that Jeremy kills the hybrid, Elena stops seeing the visions. Damon knocks the both of them into the water as she starts to burn.

We cut to Elena and Damon in her room. He tells her that he got her ring back just in time. (Really? He found the ring in the river? Vampire vision rocks.) Elena says he saved her and appears extremely grateful. She grabs his hand and he grasps it gently. God, these two have so much chemistry together.

He looks at her sheepishly… and reluctantly confesses that although Stefan has been lying to her, it isn’t what she thinks. Wow. He’s actually telling her that Stefan has been doing it to help her become human again. About time! I absolutely love that Damon is the one who tells Elena the truth about everything and lets her finally make her own decisions. So hot.

Back at the Lockwoods’, Tyler is pissed at Caroline for being part of the plan to kill Chris. Caroline feels like they had no other choice. Jeez, Car. I gotta agree with Tyler here. That was harsh. She also tells Tyler that she got Klaus to agree to Chris’ death by accepting a date with him. Tyler is clearly unhappy about this.

Damon goes to the only bar in town, still saving a seat for Alaric. (SNIFF!) Matt approaches him because of the info that April gave him. He did some digging and discovered that not only did her father know the Professor, but he called him daily — and ten times on the day that the farmhouse blew up. Damon better be impressed and finally stop threatening my Mattie!

Bonnie is with Professor Shane again. *sigh* She asks him how he knows so much about the supernatural. Atticus (Atticus Shane? Seriously, show?) tells her that he has studied every supernatural being known to man and that when their new hunter completes his mark, he’ll be the only one who can help them. Uh, okay are you suspicious now, Bonnie? Not even a little?

Elena and Stefan have another heart to heart on her porch. She wants to know why he sent Damon to find her on the bridge instead of coming himself. Stefan thinks his brother can get through to her now when he can’t, and asks her to admit her feelings for Damon. Elena says Stefan was right for the girl she was, but she’s different now, and her feelings for Damon are more intense.

Eeeeeeee! I may be flailing a bit right now, you guys! Stefan mopes about how he understood why she and Damon were close when he was the ripper, but now he can’t do this. Oh wah, Stefan. Just because you aren’t the ripper anymore doesn’t mean that crap just goes away! (Sorry, I should be gracious when I’m getting exactly what I want. I mean, I feel so sorry for you, Stefan. I hope you mend your broken heart with a sarcastic killing spree? Hugs??)

Next episode (in over a week!!!! Noooeees!!!): Elena and Damon have feeeeeelllliiinngggs!


One thought on “Gimme Some VD: “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”

  1. Katherine being back and Stefan breaking up with Elena’s whinny ass is the best part about the show. Now if Stefan can forget Elena and stop denying that Katherine ever compelled her love for him I might be able to stomach the crappy writing Julie Plec does.

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