I hope you’re all stocked up on tissues.

I’m sure that with all of tomorrow’s returns, I’ll have a lot to say. But today — as I’m sure you’re aware if you are a human who watches this show and possesses a soul — was effing gut-wrenching, and I don’t have it in me to respond with more than this:


Does it even need to be said that AJ’s speech about how he’d finally turned his life around or Michael finally telling Edward he loved him was heartbreaking today? Or that just looking at Jane Elliot’s face was almost more than I could take?

(His last word was “Lila,” guys. I can’t even– Sorry. Gonna have to go cry more now.)

Farewell, Edward Quartermaine. You were an institution unto yourself. Sometimes fearsome, and almost always harshest with those you loved the most (and they with you). But your cantankerousness was only matched by the big, soft heart you hid underneath:

And farewell John Ingle, who’s been a huge part of my soap life for most of the last 20 years. You will both be missed.


12 thoughts on “I hope you’re all stocked up on tissues.

  1. I don’t know if I can take much more. Little Danny and Edward’s hands touching completely broke me. My father is 78 and has Parkinson’s Disease so he can’t smile very well, but when his little great grandson, who is just a little older than Danny, reaches out and touches him, he smiles just like he used to before he was sick. Seeing that little moment on tv and having seen it recently in my own life … it wrecked me. Just as with the reality of John Ingle’s passing, those tiny little moments where art imitates life are profoundly powerful and hauntingly beautiful.

      • Thanks, tenillypo. It’s sad, but that is what makes those little moments special. Edward Quatermaine is a character on a soap opera, but we can relate to him just as we relate to real people in our lives. That’s the power of a show that has been on for nearly five decades.

        On a lighter note, on the day before Thanksgiving – I am thankful for the new regime at GH!!!

  2. I knew this was going to be sad before I even watched. When AJ didn’t make it in time I was yelling at the tv, ‘no no no NO!!!’. That truly was gut-wrenching.

  3. i loved him touching little danny’s hand…

    too bad that AJ didn’t get the chance…that tracy, wouldn’t let him until it was too late…

    boy i really hated her in half of this eeppy, i tell you…


  4. RIP, Edward. We love you. Yes, you were cantankerous but you were a big softy underneath it all. I wanted to slap Tracy for her recent behaviour, but seeing her talking to Edward and when she screamed “Please don’t leave me!!”, and go into denial when Monica said he was gone. . .oh. my. god. Jane Eliot is so incredible, just give her an Emmy! I don’t know how she does it, she makes you hate Tracy one minute than want to hug her the next so easily. Like all that nastiness is one big facade
    My heart broke for AJ, sobbing at his grandfather’s bedside, what he said to Starr about apologizing for all he did. Wow. Sean Kanan has won me over, he gives AJ so much life. Thank you writers, for bringing AJ back. And now Skye and Ned are coming back to say goodbye to Edward. I don’t know if I can watch it.
    Sam and Daniel Edward and Michael all saying goodbye.
    Jeesh, writers, are you trying to wreck us? Thanks so much, you suck! No, you don’t, you’re doing a great job. Can we bring on more Qs if possible?

    • I would love for them to recast Dillon. Tracy could certainly use the support, and he’s one of the only surviving “young” generation of Qs to bring back. I wish Scott Clifton was available, but that seems unlikely, so… just recast.

      • Who would they choose I wonder?
        I hope Lulu goes over to support Tracy, I have always loved her and Tracy’s relationship, and Edward had a soft spot for her, too.

  5. That scene with Edward and Danny reminded me so much of when my father in law was dying and my then one-year old son reached out to touch his beard … RC may do over-the-top, fun craziness really well, but he is just as good at the bread-and-butter, touching soap stuff.

    And as comic relief, Carly trying to strangle Connie with the thong … loved it!

    • The combo of campy stories and stories about real human emotion is part of what makes soaps so great. I love that RC understands that.

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