Five Things About Revenge: “Lineage”

Such a Thanksgiving bounty this week!

1. So, Emily met both Aiden and Ashley by accident on the same night… and then pretty much saved both of their lives, because she is awesome. If I’m understanding this correctly, Aiden’s father worked for the airline that owned the plane which David Clarke was accused of blowing up? And his sister was kidnapped by a Russian sex slave ring in order to coerce his father into aiding the terrorist plot?

I have to say, flashback!Aiden’s determination to save/avenge his sister and his desire to protect Emily even though they’d just met are both points in his favor. Although it’s a nice touch by the writers that we can clearly see his habit of deciding he knows what’s best for Emily has been an ingrained character trait from the beginning of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Ashley was so down on her luck in 2006 that she was about to voluntarily join said sex ring, and to this day presumably STILL has no idea that Emily was the one who saved her that night, despite the fact that Emily at some later point must have specifically sought her out to cultivate a tenuous “friendship”. I wonder when/how the truth about that might come out.

2. Aw, Nolan. Even six years ago, he was already willing to sacrifice his company and his love life for Emily. (Also, apparently dating his CFO is a habit of sorts?) I thought the break up scene with Marco was a little rushed — both of them pretty much went immediately from zero to SCORCHED EARTH. But the writers had only one episode for all this backstory to play out, so whatever.

Poor, poor Nolan. All I want is for him to be happy and have friends who treat him as well as he treats everyone else!

3. Victoria’s mom is Adrienne Barbeau! And she makes Victoria look like Mother of the Year! I’m not sure how I feel about the twist at the end that the entire evening had been painstakingly orchestrated by Conrad and Victoria in order to let her humiliate and throw her mother out on the street. It was very revengey, but for some reason stretched the bounds of plausibility for me. (Was Daniel in on the scheme? It doesn’t seem likely. But how else would they have made sure the mother ended up at Thanksgiving?)

Team Grayson back before they all openly hated one another were strangely sweet. I’m looking forward to Conrad and Victoria on the same side again in the present. They’re entertaining when they’re scheming against each other but I prefer them working together.

4. Daniel’s true talents lie in poetry! This explains so much. I guess we’re probably supposed to feel sorry for him because his dad tricked him into thinking he’d been rejected by some publishers, but seriously now. If everyone who wanted to be a professional writer gave up because they weren’t able to get their first freshman lit compositions published, we would have no professional writers. Suck it up, Danny boy.

5. Anders and Teen Wolf Dad (sorry, I promise to learn the real names of these characters on the day I actually give a crap about their plot) are in the revenge business themselves! Except the father they’re revenging wasn’t even killed by the father of the people they’re trying to revenge themselves on. Oh, and he was running a protection racket on all the businesses on the dock and generally seemed like an enormous douchecanoe, so, you know… shut up, Anders and Teen Wolf Dad.


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