Be still my heart, ladies.

It’s been a really good week for lady friendships in Port Charles in general — whether old ones like Felicia and Anna girl-talking over Duke and Robert, or new ones like Starr helping Molly with her hilariously badly titled novel.

But today was truly an embarrassment of riches. I mean, a whole episode of my girls, Téa and Blair, basically talking about how much they love each other? BE STILL MY BIG, GAY HEART.

BLAIR: Todd is officially behind me.
TÉA: And not between us anymore. We can now connect in a better way–
TÉA: –as sisters-in-law.

Well, I tried, anyway. But seriously how cute were these two today? Even if they never make out — although THEY TOTALLY SHOULD — I just love them to death.

(I have no idea where this Alcazar thing is going, but I’m kind of loving that they’re actually going for it instead of just doing that weird thing where no one notices that an exact look-alike of someone they all knew is hanging around. Plus, Ted King! Who I really like! And really, would it be such a stretch to believe his arms dealer persona was all a CIA deep cover operation?)

Anyway, Téa and Blair weren’t the only ladies making my heart happy today. I don’t care how implausible it might be that Maxie would agree to be Lulu and Dante’s surrogate without any of them voicing a single concern about how pregnancy might affect her health with the heart transplant. I also don’t care that Lulu and Dante’s ridiculous expectations that a complete stranger agree to do this for them while somehow pretending it wasn’t a business transaction were the vehicle that led them to accepting Maxie’s offer instead.


You know why I don’t care? BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. Health issues aside, Maxie is such a perfect choice, and I love, love, love that she is legitimately doing it out of her love for Lulu and not because of some scheme to get Spinelli back.

(I mean, I know, of course, that the surrogacy will end up doing just that by proving to him that Maxie has grown as a person enough to be selfless and constant and can now devote her life to another person’s happiness and blah, blah, blah. But I like that that isn’t her goal, you know?)

(Which makes me a little sad for Ellie, because even though I don’t understand how anyone could not realize how awkward rooming with your boyfriend’s ex would be — even if you didn’t know they’d once been engaged — she’s still awfully sweet and clearly the best thing to happen to the effort to turn Spinelli into a real boy since, well… ever.)

Anyway: Lulu’s wobbly smile and voice as she realized Maxie would actually do it kind of broke my heart into a million little pieces. Remember when these two were mortal enemies? If it’s not too late to give thanks for one more thing I’m loving about the show right now, the fact that female friendships of all kinds are a big part of canvas again makes me so very thankful, you guys.

p.s. I’m also still thankful for Wally Kurth, because every moment he and Jane Elliot share on screen together is a joy:

NED: Yeah.
TRACY: I was a terrible mother.
NED: Only sometimes. You can be difficult. And — you can be amazing. And Dillon and I love you.

Can we have him back always? Please? (Just, I don’t know… roll up to the Days set with a black van and kidnap him or something? MAKE IT HAPPEN, RC!)

49 thoughts on “Be still my heart, ladies.

  1. Maxie and Lulu have come so far, haven’t they? I’m glad they’re done being at each others throats, because I love their friendship. I really do. I wish we saw more. I feel bad for Ellie and I don’t want Spixie together again but I’ll deal with it in exchange for this. Yay for female frienship, we need lots lots more. Aww, Ned, I missed you. Please stay. Tracy. . . I give, I’m over being mad at you and am back to wanting to hug you. Jane Eliot needs an Emmy. She is amazing. I’d like Skye to stay to she’s never been my favourite, but more Qs the better and these writers can make her fresh again, and plus Lila Rae is too cute, we need more cute little kids. Plus, Emma needs a playmate.

  2. Tenillypo, did you not hear Tea actually say, “I love you! I love you so much!” to Blair? My The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name-loving self nearly fainted. And then I kept yelling “KISS!” at the TV. Once this whole thing with Tomas/Lorenzo/Tomas-in-a-Lorenzo Mask thing is done, I say Tea and Blair ditch the men and ride off to New York for THEY’RE wedding.

    • I heard and I flailed because OH MY HEART! They are totally thisclose to ditching all their terrible men and running away together, I swear.

    • I’m going to make my sister read this so she knows I’m not the only one who’s always trying to pair up the women on GH (and yelling “KISS!” at the TV also).

      I am pleased with the nice balance we’re getting right now of female friendships and slap-down catfights. It makes me nostalgic for Sam and Carly’s bar fight, and I shed a tear for the pool cue that gave its life for that battle.

  3. i loved blair and tea today…….

    i wish that they weren’t going this route, i mean we already have it with duke, and that…..why on earth do we need it again…….that they look so much alike, i know that they’re played by the same actor……but, come on, be original…..they’re not related, or that tomas is really tomas, and just leave it at that…

    we already had the two todds, we’re getting the two dukes…… we really need, all this junk….

    that shows lack of imagination, sorry… original story, would be, yeah they look alike, but that’s it……isn’t everyone, they say supposed to have a double out there…


    • I think it makes a ton of sense that Tomas could be Alcazar. And like tenillypo said, at least they’re dealing with the fact these guys look exactly alike. The time sequence can work. And anything and I mean anything that breaks up Tomas and Blair is just fine with me.

      • Yeah, I think it’s a little too soon to be making judgments. We have no idea how the explanation is going to play out. And anyway, if Alcazar and Tomas are the same person, the it’s not really a tale of two Alcazars. The opposite, really.

  4. Oh, and can someone answer me this question about GH: When did Michael become so awesome and rootable? From “Go back into a coma!!” to “GO MICHAEL”. He is CALLING OUT SONNY!! What is happening? Lady freindships? Mobsters not portrayed as saints? Freakin QUARTERMAINES!! I swear, RC must read what fans want because it’s all happening (well maybe not all but it’s pretty darn good)

    • RC has done a lot of interviews about how GH was the first soap he watched. I think he’s really trying to bring back that show-the first soap that he loved. I think he’s doing a bang-up job too. It’s just must see everyday.

      • I know, it’s amazing how much better the show has become in just a year! Last year Lulu kept flip flopping about marrying Dante, Robin wanted to run off to die in private (something she would NEVER do!), JaSam were trying to cope with Sam’s rape. Michael was DEFENDING what Sonny did to Jax and Abby was his doormat. One year later, Lulu and DAnte are gonna be parents!, The Qs are making a comeback, Michael is connecting with the Qs and calling Sonny out. And the Scorpios are gonna kick ass and take names. It is actually starting to feel like a SOAP OPERA!!

          • Yeah, whodathunk? Guza was on a mission to destroy GH, Wolf seemed to start out OK then I think he lost interest or something. You said last year RC was our only hope, and he answered the call

    • I never thought I’d care about GH anymore but it’s not just OK, it’s downright GOOD! THIS is what we wanted, and the writers gave it to us. Wow!

  5. Honestly after those awesome scenes in August it still makes me a little sad that they need a surrogate, but today’s scenes were really cute and there are worse ways to go about this. And all three of the actors did a wonderful job with all the little looks and gestures between them.

    Loved Tracy/Ned. Only wish they could have kidnapped Dillon from the B&B set as well.

  6. You and me both, Uliis. But, Tenillypo, with all this friendship, I’m at a loss as to where to go for my daily dose of misogyny. And as for Ned, off we go to the virgin store where all sacrifice needs can be met!

  7. I, too, loved Maxie/Lulu/Dante, and I wonder how the whole pregnancy-after-heart-transplant issue will be handled. I’m such a soap dork that I actually googled “pregnancy after heart transplant” yesterday, and I’d bet the farm that RC probably has, too. The man seems to know the show’s history like the back of his hand, so you know it will come up somehow.

    And sorry to bring up something that sucked under “things that didn’t suck,” but Sonny and Konnie in the warehouse — kidnapping and tying up a rape survivor — just yuck. Can this please go away? MD, perhaps your daily dose of misogyny is buried somewhere in that storyline.

    • Yeah, the Konnie/Sonny stuff was… super uncomfortable. Except for the fact that Michael got to come in and look horrified and tell his father off. That was awesome.

    • RC seems to know the show’s history better than Guza, and it’s showing. As for Sonny, I’m glad Michael called him out on that. Sonny is such a hypocrite!! HE IS to blame for ALL of this! AT least this show isn’t trying to pass him off as a misunderstood nice guy. You go, Michael! I hope Dante learns about this and it will make him stop drinking Sonny’s koolaid

      • unfortunately I think at least one of Sonny’s sons has to drink the kool-aid at all times. (Sonny doesn’t care whether the girlchild drinks kool-aid or not though)

        • Why? Can’t he have all his sons hate him, it’s what he deserves, and Dante is a COP, I wish he’d act like one again when it came to Sonny.

  8. What amount of sacrifice would be necessary to somehow bring back Lucky? JJ is on Nashville, GV is on DOOL. JY is free but no one liked his Lucky (of course, Lucky was BRAINWASHED at the time so wasn’t himself).

    • I think JY is still playing Rick on B&B, isn’t he? I honestly don’t yet want a recast of Lucky. Altho there is an actor who once played a younger Luke and who was also on 24 that would be perfect. I just want a mention that he and Nik are in Paris with Laura and that Liz has taken the kids to see them.

      • I didn’t know JY was taken, I guess not. Yes, some nod of what Nik and Lucky are doing and that he didn’t just dump his kids on Elizabeth would be nice. I hate what they did with Lucky’s exit. I guess maybe my LuSam loving heart is thinking of GV did come back they could put LuSam back together (Sorry, I cant’ help it). Is Laura going to come back? Please, let it happen, she is yet to meet Dante and she needs to know she’ll be grandmother.

        • I have to admit: I found GV’s Lucky dull as dirt. LuSam was the only time he was even remotely interesting to me, but if it’s a choice between that and McBam, I’d pick the latter in a heartbeat. Some reference to Lucky being with Laura, or visiting with the kids off-screen would be much appreciated, though, for sure.

          • I just can’t get over the lack of writing for his character not just with GV but also JJ, it’s like it was one bad thing after another. Niz, Jake’s daeth and the whole mess with Luke, then Siobhan dies, and Liz tries to cling to him, and he leaves. Can’t blame JJ for leaving, was it so much to ask he not get all the depressing stuff and less screen time? And they write him off as deadbeat. I’d ask if there was a way to bring Jake back but I don’t see how.

  9. I keep running into margins, but Uliis: I think you’re right, I guess I’m just frustrated that for once, Sonny isn’t left alone to face the consequenecs, same with Jason. It did kinda bother me that Liz wasn’t more critical of him having McBain attacked. Esp since it resulted in the whole baby swap (and what they believed at the time was the death of Sam’s baby). But we can’t have it all, so I’ll count my blessings on GH.

    • And I still say we need to unleash Emily Thorne on Sonny. Let him go all misogynist on her (Lisbeth Salander from the Millenium trilogy is another one put Sonny in his place).

    • trust me, I agree with you. I hate that Dante is defending Sonny so thoroughly, not only because I like Dante but dislike Sonny, but because it’s just implausible – who would ever forgive the person who tried to kill them to such an extent, when the shooter hasn’t changed/shown true remorse? Even then it would be a hard sell. I could have bought this level of forgiveness if Sonny had thrown himself in front of a bullet for Liv or Lulu, but as it is it’s just lame.

      • Exactly. And Sonny only considered Dante “family” when it was convenient for him, as Lulu pointed out when Dante was shot. What he is doing to Kate, and his attitude towards AJ and now Michael, his own SON who he has so blatantly favoured, now that Michael is no longer drinking the kool aid should tell Dante that Sonny is still arrogant and hypocritical. Sonny tried to KILL Dante, taking a bullet one time does not make up for that. I love Dante, but I hate how he’s on Sonny’s side. And the other thing: Sonny was not meant to be the good guy, when he was first created for GH, he was a mob boss and was meant to be more of an antagonist.

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