Five Things About Revenge: “Revelations”

1. Maybe it’s just the fact that I was half asleep when I started watching this, or that I was already disgruntled over Once Upon a Time‘s now blatant queer-bating (for serious, Disney? You’re going to have a scene where one lady literally holds another lady’s heart in her hand, then reaches into her chest to return it after nervously confessing it’s her first time, and then they not only don’t kiss but immediately start talking about some dude absolutely no one in the audience gives a crap about? NOT THAT I’M BITTER OR ANYTHING).

But for an episode entitled “Revelations” on a show like Revenge… not an awful lot happened here. I mean sure, Jack figured out the Brothers Evil were up to no good. (OH, WELL SPOTTED, WATSON. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CLUE?) And everyone figured out that Ashley is a gold-digging liar. Um… surprise? So, yeah. Nothing exactly earth-shattering.

2. Unless you count Nolan’s shattered face upon the sight of his traitorous ex-boyfriend sharing secrets with Daniel, which I do, because look at him!

Nolan Marcus betrayal


I’m desperately pleased that he has a scheme up his sleeve, because watching him allow himself to be “bested” by the likes of Daniel “I’m an Enormous Doorknob” Grayson has been kind of physically painful to watch. Oh, and also, I need to see Marco destroyed. Nobody hurts my Nolan and lives! (Except Ems! And only because she usually feels as badly as her robot soul allows her to afterward!)

3. Speaking of Daniel, the aforementioned sleepiness may have contributed to this, so I can’t really blame it on the show. But how, exactly is him taking over the company going to either 1) get him killed, or 2) help Emily and Aiden get closer to the initiative? I feel like we’re supposed to care because we’re supposed to kind of like Daniel? But since I don’t, I’m much more interested in watching Victoria and Conrad forced to put their mutual loathing aside to protect him than I am on his fate.

Aiden Emily2

4. Emily and Aiden continue to be kind of adorable, but because this is Revenge, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Especially now that she finally trusts him, making her ripe for betrayal. Don’t betray my Ems, Aiden! Or I will hurt you like Marco!

5. Victoria and Emily team up when we get back in the new year! The prospect of this is honestly more exciting to me than anything that happened in this episode, because it has been far too long since these two shared a scene and they are so fabulous together. Enjoy your Winter Revenge break, y’all. I’ll see you in January.

2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Revelations”

  1. I don’t know why, but there is just something about Aiden I just don’t trust. I’m already pissed at him for putting NolCorp on Daniel’s radar. (Anybody who messes with Nolan is my automatic enemy) But I don’t think he’s doing everything he’s doing just for Emily’s sake. Ever notice how anytime he’s around her, Ashley has this weird expression on her face? I wonder if they have some sort of past connection.

    • Well, he’s shifty, isn’t he? He’s betrayed her in the past and even when swearing he’s on her side this season, he’s gone behind her back numerous times. I don’t trust him either.

      Re: Ashley, we know they were both in the same club the night they met Emily, so maybe he just seems familiar to her? Or possibly it’s more sinister. On this show, who the hell knows…

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