I just have to say…

Everything about this conversation delights me:

HELENA: Let me see if I understand you correctly. Somehow Faison cheated death. And then he spent the ensuing years altering his appearance so that he could assume the identity of Anna Devane’s ex-husband. […] And you uncovered Faison’s deception because a woman with LSD induced psychic powers told you.
ROBERT: Basically.
HELENA: I have one question. Where are the cameras?
ROBERT: The cameras?
HELENA: The hidden cameras. I assume this is for some tacky reality show — “The Real Cassadines of Spoon Island”?
ROBERT: Hey, I realize this kind of strains credulity.
HELENA: Strains? Credulity was annihilated even before you got the LSD and that was my favorite part! You seriously expect me to believe this fiction?
ROBERT: But this is real!
HELENA: Science fiction.
ROBERT: This from a woman who tried to freeze the world with a diamond powered weather machine?

First of all, I would watch a The Real Cassadines of Spoon Island series in a heartbeat. Also, the fact that Helena went through all that while knowing Robert was actually right makes it even more delicious. Do you think she practiced her incredulous speech about reality television in the mirror first? Or did she just wing it and that’s what came out of her mouth? (Does Helena watch The Bachelor? Somehow I see her more as a Survivor fan.)

Also, this happened. And it was glorious:

Shawn Alexis1

Shawn Alexis2

Shawn Alexis3

Aw, yeah.

11 thoughts on “I just have to say…

  1. Winged it. She’s Helena, she doesn’t need to rehearse. Although, I dunno if Helena would admit to knowing about reality television. But I loved the “that was the 80s, this is 2012” line.

  2. that might be funny yeah…

    but what’s helena saying….i so wanted robert to say the line…and this from a woman who kept her son alive frozen for 18 years….and he came back what looking younger…

    or well anna and i were in that explosion, and we’re both alive…so why not faison…

    too bad that robert didnt’ stick around…..


  3. HELENA!! I hope they she stays, we need a good GH villain. A magnificent bastard type villain to shake things up, and Helena is certainly capable of that.

  4. I was so happy to finally see Alexis get some, but was it me or was that scene pretty awkward? It just felt clunky, not very well choreographed at all. But I’ll take it!

    Also, Ted King is officially coming back, right? I started thinking otherwise when we got the agent Theodore King (har, har).

  5. I loved that Maxie brought Felicia with her. Yay for progress! Oh and please. Don’t get Sonny involved with the Nurses ball and take a million steps back to whitewash him, keep the funding clean and mob free. Go to Monica! Or AJ.

    • Normally, I’d agree, but Sonny’s history of supporting the Nurses’ Ball and his connection to Stone mean I wouldn’t mind him funding part of it. The Q’s should definitely be a part as well, though!

      • Yeah, that’s a good point. He does have a history with the Nurses ball and the connection to Stone and Robin. So it would be consistent. And RC does acknowledge the show’s history.

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