I am slow clapping you, Ron Carlivati.

For those who — like me — were clapping your hands with glee during the AJ/Faison reveal yesterday (because you were sure AJ was going to go the obvious and tiresome route of asking Michael for evidence against Sonny) but who were also scratching your heads trying to remember how he would have known Faison by sight… remember Nancy Eckert?

No, me neither!

But remember Sly, Lucky’s worm-farming cousin in the 90s? Well, she was his mom, and she had an affair with AJ, who was a suspect in her murder. And so was Faison, who didn’t kill her but paid some other dude to wear a latex Faison mask in order to give himself an alibi:

Which Robert figured out, of course. (Also, Lucy was involved with the whole mess and now I’m wondering if she’s going to be pulled into this story too. UMBRELLA STORIES ARE MY FAVORITE, YOU GUYS.)

Ron Carlivati, I bow down to your knowledge of show history, sir.


12 thoughts on “I am slow clapping you, Ron Carlivati.

  1. Carlivati is freaking ROCKIN IT! Seriously…

    All of this was before my tenure as well but still it is just so FREAKIN awesome that it all ties in; AJ didn’t go the obvious Sonny route; and say what now… there was yet another fake latex mask that involved FAISON.

    I am LOVING all of this…ALL OF IT!!!

    Robert Scorpio rocks too. Loving every part of him. Luke can stay gone as far I’m concerned.

  2. It’s amazing how Carlivarti knows the show’s history and pays attention to it, we’ve had more references to the show’s history in over a year than we ever had with Guza. This is getting intriguing, are these writers actually going to give AJ a chance to shine? It’s looking like that more! It just keeps getting better. It’s amazing, and better yet: No mob involvement in this! Dare I say 2012 won’t be “A year of suck in review” Remember when you said RC was our only hope for this show? Well, he did ever come through! Hurry and save Robin, I miss her so much!

  3. whatever happened to sly…he went to live with his cousin jennifer…and was never heard from again…….why don’t they go and bring him back….i think that would be so cool if they did….

    yeah no one liked the eckart’s but i kind of did….

    maybe tracy could give him heartache for jenn giving ned heartache, and going and marrying her hubby instead……

    now that would be an awesome tie in..i tell you…


    havent’ seen today’s show, but……

  4. Poor Nick Barnes in the mask he was simply a cartel drone who Faison controlled…..but the twist of having it be Finian was very sad for the Scorpio’s per se………I have been saying since the mask showed up on Duke that the idea came from the mask Faison had crafted…..Mac & Anna found it in Faison’s room which is why I am surprised that he is not included in the tale. Well he does have one writer left who wrote then………and they do have all the back up from every year.

  5. Is robin really coming back? Is KMc on contract at all? I miss my scrubs so much. Can not stand Brit but like Sabrina. Patrick needs Robin back, it’s almost their anniversary! It’s a little crazy that I care so much, lol.

    • I haven’t heard anything about KMc, so don’t hold your breath. But she’s clearly still cares enough to come back for short visits. So who know what they have planned.

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