I’ll take one order of sexy, with a side of YES PLEASE.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but lately I’ve been a teensy weensy bit obsessed with the idea of seeing AJ and Elizabeth chem-tested together. I mean: 1) they’re both ridiculously pretty, 2) Liz needs to get laid, like yesterday, and 3) just picture the poetic justice of Jason one day coming back to town to find Uncle AJ firmly ensconced in the lives of Danny, Sam and Liz.

(Sorry, I got a little tingly just thinking about it that last bit.)

Liz AJ


Um, can this happen? Can AJ and Elizabeth get together for real? Because their considerable physical compatibility aside, there’s something about two people who’ve been put through the wringer in more ways than one, both desperate to make amends and put their pasts behind them, and who are bound together out of love for people they’ve both lost that just makes me… really want to see them make out.

Like, a lot.

So much to love about such brief scenes! I appreciate that Elizabeth’s main beef with AJ was framed as resentment on behalf of Emily and not Jason. And that she told him about Jason’s change of heart toward him in the last few years. And I especially love that her own recent regrets have not been forgotten and are allowing her to extend forgiveness and empathy toward others. This is part of why I love Liz. She’s a soap character who’s sometimes capable of self-reflection and acknowledgment of the glass house in which she lives.

Hey, speaking of soap characters and self-reflection, this also happened:

SONNY: Son of a bitch! AJ never changes, he set me up!
SHAWN: Yes, he did.
SONNY: But the thing is, how am I going to get Michael to see that? He’s not listening to me.

Well, gee, Sonny. I’m sure if you simply explain that AJ knew Michael was on his way when he said those mean things that made you mad, Michael will totally understand how that cancels out the fact that you’re the kind of unstable, violent, rage-monkey who beats people up for saying mean things that make you mad.



25 thoughts on “I’ll take one order of sexy, with a side of YES PLEASE.

  1. But he didn’t know AJ was his son when he shot him point blank in the chest…oh wait, wrong wrong takeaway there. Well, he’s nothing if not consistent.

  2. Liz is the only person who actually pays for her “bad deeds”. I’m sorry, her totally OOC changing of the paternity results lasted maybe all of 24hrs. and she is still beating herself up about it. meanwhile, the town is full of child endangering, child killing,arsonists,murderers,kidnapping mobsters in the town, don’t forget the people who are now mad at aj but they lied to him, drugged him, and tried to kill him and these people never feel bad or have to pay.

    TPTB need to get over the “Liz needs to pay for every little thing she has ever done” . Rebecca Herbst needs a story and a love interest.

    • She should be beating herself up over it. It was a terrible thing to do. The fact that she knows that is what separates her from all the other assholes in town. That’s not punishing her; that’s writing her as a better person.

      • Too bad that this standard only seems to apply to Liz and none of the other basic people on the show. And it was OOC and a typical Ron Carlivati evening of the scales just like he tried to do with Blair and Tea on OLTL. When one of the actors have to go and tell the writers that Liz wouldn’t do such a thing, the OOC accusation is completely valid. I don’t mind Liz bringing it up constantly; it makes her a better person for it BUT when none of the other characters get their heinous crimes dredged up constantly by themselves or by others and the fandom is slavish towards them while condemning Liz, something is being lost in translation.

        • I’m not trying to be argumentative, but I honestly don’t understand the complaint here. Do I think the test switch was OOC? Yes. But the explanation scene we got ended up really working for me, and I no longer consider it character assassination. Liz has a PoV now that makes sense to me for the first time in years. Not to mention that in show time, very little time has passed since Jason’s death. If she wasn’t still bothered by guilt and grief, I’d say she was rather inhuman. I don’t consider her occasionally bringing it up to be a condemnation of her character by the writers in any way. It’s character development.

          As for other characters not having their crimes brought up, Johnny, Todd, Carly, Sonny, and AJ certainly have been recently called out quite a bit. Even Sam referenced her own past misdeeds not long ago in conversation with Liz. There are certain portions of fandom that will never like Liz, not matter what; just like there are certain portions that will always hate Sam, or Sonny. I just can’t bring myself to care too much what they think.

          • I agree with you. I find the writing for Liz better now than it has been for years. I find it annoying when the most rabid fans think they’re character should be beyond any reproach. Liz knows she’s in the wrong about the tests, and the fact she feels remorse is to her credit, and shows she has compassion.

          • Eh. I don’t have time to address all the points here but I disagree . I think Liz’s sudden “love” for Jason made no sense nor did her OOC actions in changing the paternity, especially when it involved a rapist. That’s bullshit.
            And what makes me think that TPTB hold Liz to a different standard is when they repetitively preach on in interviews about how Liz needs to be redeemed and that sentiment is echoed by the character as well. Bitch please. What trangressions has Liz committed that Cartini thinks she needs to be redeemed ? What trangressions that are far worse than others, male or female, mob or non-mobular, has Liz committed? ooooh, she hid the truth for 24 hours? oooh she slept with her fiancee’s brother. So while I like that Liz is self-aware, it’s empty when her self-awareness is an echo of how the showrunners see her as needing redemption, rather than her being a character who has her moral compass set right. There is a clear difference and the former is irritating when Liz is seemingly the only one – I’ll be fair and say AJ has been set up similarly as well though his crimes are, you know, actual crimes – in Port Charles who needs to strive and beg for redemption. I was done with that basic bullshit when Liz was prostrating herself before Lucky while he dragged up her rape misogynistically and used it to flagellate her. Like, I love self-awareness in characters but there’s a difference between a self-aware character and a character constantly being flagellated and Liz ever since Lucky’s discovering of her cheating with Nik has been edging closer to the latter.

            Basically, as a gender studies major, I find the writing for Liz in the recent decade or so and the use of her rape, horrible and full of double standards. That goes for all the GH women though.And no, I don’t think Carlivati writes Liz well or even cares for Liz. But then, I think he’s a poor writer who’s about flash-in-the pan plot points and camp rather than actual characterization and good story. I suffered through OLTL for years after all. His one selling point is that he loves the genre and he’s better than Guza in that case at least.

            I wrote my earlier comment a month and I’ve seen the reciepts of what RC is doing with Liz: aka nothing other than propping up Sabrina. Has she got a voice then? Has she done something other than support Sabrina and be kind to AJ? Has she been anything other than a functional piece? The one time she got a decent POV was actually in the wake of the paternity bullshit when she said her piece to Jason. What created that situation was OOC and I maintain that but that one scene was good. But now? I’ve seen how RC’s written for Liz in the month since I posted my first comment. She was actually squealing with Sabrina and being a functional piece for a newbie’s story without any reciprocity. That’s quintessinal RC. He got his shiny toy, Sabrina, around whom everyone from Patrick to Elizabeth to Britt circle around. It was the same on OLTL with Dani or the Ford brothers. So yeah, I’m not holding out my breath for Liz being given a voice. She’s not Carly who’s the number one female priority, Sam who’s number two, or Starr who’s number three. Oh hell, she’s not even fucking Sabrina who’s inexplicably in charge of the Nurse’s Ball narrative and who gets to talk on and on about her feelings.

        • Replying up here so we’re not down to the margins… I’m not going to argue that Liz hasn’t been bounced around from one poorly contructed plot point to another for most of the last decade. Or that she hasn’t been on the receiving end of a lot of slut-shaming, misogynist bullshit from Guza and friends.

          But we’ll have to agree to disagree over the overall quality of Carlivati’s writing, and about the inherent insult in her playing a supporting role to a newbie. As far as I can tell, RC and FV like Liz just fine. They’re fully aware of what a hot mess her story’s been over the last few years. They had a plan for her that was disrupted by SBu’s departure, and now instead of immediately bouncing her to yet another man, they’re working to show her reflecting on her life, being competent at her job, making friends, and starting to yearn for a social life.

          She’s now hopefully moving into a slow build romance with AJ, which is all I could have asked for. The character needed rehabilitating — not because she’s a bad person, but because the writing for her’s been all over the map. Now we get a hopefully clean slate. I remain optimistic.

  3. Yeah..Sonny’s fuse is so easy to light…it’s ridiculous him using AJ as a scapegoat saying he goaded him into it. That’s an excuse parent’s of 10 years old don’t even accept. i also love the way he would never hit his kids but he has thrown and broken things around Michael that could have…wait for it…hit him like the bullet that was meant for Sonny did. I am so over Sonny and Carly and their warped and painfully askew view of everything. To be honest, no GH writer can save Sonny and Carly for me…I will never care about either no matter what the show does with them ever.

    As far as Liz and AJ…I have been begging for this to happen. I also love the fact that these two have common ground with their siblings always being the parent’s favorite. AJ lived in Jason’s shadow and Elizabeth lived in Sarah’s shadow. They both know how it feels to not be as perfect as your perfect sibling and you can make mistakes and have resentments because of those things. I think these two fit better than Liz could with anyone else currently on the canvas…so go for it GH please!

  4. The dramatic symmetry is why I want AJ to get together with Sam down the road (not yet, I want her to really fall for him, not be trying to get over Jason). Imagine Jason coming back & finding AJ raising his son. I also think Sam & AJ would be a more interesting couple together in the long run (though Liz & AJ would be totally hot). They’re insecure & self-destructive & obsessive in a similar way. Elizabeth has issues but she doesn’t act out that way. But I want Elizabeth to become BFFs with them both.

  5. I want Sam with John, always have and always will. Kelly Monaco doesn’t have chemistry like she does with Michael Easton with anyone else, IMO, she never has!! The last thing I would ever want is Liz and Sam fighting over the same man again EVER for as long as I live.

    • This. If AJ and Sam is ever gonna happen, I want Liz far away from that. If not, then I wouldn’t mind Liz and AJ. It has narrative potential AND chemistry. I just want Liz to be happy and I want me to be happy with how they write her.

  6. Liz and AJ? I’d never thought of that because I wanted AJ to be with someone with no Jason history, but as long as he treats Liz well I’m fine with it. It would indeed be poetic justice to see Jason come back to find Liz with the brother he treated so poorly and the woman he wouldn’t leave the mob to be with so they could raise their son together. No more Sam/Liz catfight, it degrades both of them. And they both did horrible things because of them, Sam let Jake be kidnapped, Liz was about to let Sam believe Daniel was dead.
    Ugh, can Sonny drink a big dose of SHUT UP! He is such a hypocrite.

    • Just to clarify, Elizabeth wasn’t going to let Sam believe Daniel was dead, She was only going to let Sam/Jason continue to believe Franco was his father. Not saying it was right, it wasn’t, but its a far step up from letting Sam think her child was dead.

      • Huh? She was absolutely going to let her believe Danny was dead. The test Liz switched was the DNA test that proved Sam was the mother of Tea’s child. She had no idea Jason was the father; Jason didn’t even find that out before he disappeared.

        In a weird way, it does make her look better, though — because if she’d just lied about Franco, there would have been no reason for it except petty selfishness to keep Jason for herself and hurt a fellow rape victim. Instead she lied to spare a fellow mother pain and because her own grief was still weighing on her. But let’s not kid ourselves: it was still a terrible thing she should feel guilty about.

        • Yes, the test was to prove who the mother was. So, Liz was definitely letting Sam continue to believe her son was dead. The truth about Jason being the father came out after the test result that Todd conveniently dropped near Olivia and Steve. Letting another mother think her son was dead was a horrible thing, but admitting it and feeling remorse is a sign of growth. Great writing for Liz.

          • It was definitely not Liz’s proudest moment and she should feel guilty, and at least she’s owning it, she doens’t always own her mistakes in the past. I love Liz, but she does have a tendency not to learn from her mistakes, so having her feel guilt and remorse and developing is great for her character. A welcome change

  7. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Elizabeth and AJ’s scenes today! I feel Rebecca Herbst has chemistry with a paper bag, but today was super special. I hope the writers explore the potential that’s there with these two, and I pray it’s promising. RH & SK are fine actors, and for the first time in way too long I’m excited about a potential paring on GH.

  8. IMO, once Jason told Liz that it was too dangerous (once again!) for him to be with her and her boys, she should have kicked him in the family jewels and pointed out his hypocrisy in marrying Sam, plus planning to replace Jake with another baby. Liz was happy hanging out with Matt before he went to prison, and was interested in hot and sexy Ewen, until Jason started tinkling all around Liz as he tried to mark his property!

    Liz should have walked out of the PH after Jason’s last “danger speech” and not looked back! As a LIzFF, I had a nasty feeling that RC was about to turn Liz into cray cray OLTL’s Marty after she found out that John and Natalie shared a son during the Liason vs JaSam vs McBam story which was suppose to run into 2013 before SBu left the show.

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