So many feels!

I’m sorry, but aren’t sweeps over now? Doesn’t that usually mean the exciting things stop happening and we all tread water for a few months until the next big stunt? So why — on a random Monday, mid-December — is everything BLOWING MY MIND?

Anna Faison2

I mean, wow. Just–wow. You know something is working when the on screen reunion of a couple who existed entirely before your time can still give you the shivers. But how could it not when the tension of seeing Anna with fake!Duke while real!Duke languishes in captivity has been building for so long?

Also Anna! Juggling horrified rage and desperation and protectiveness and generally making me worship at her feet with faces like these at the sight of her greatest enemy and her greatest love in the same room:

Anna Faison1

Anna Faison3

 (Finola Hughes! How is she so good? And how was she so wasted for so long?)

And then real!Duke, who responded to the sight of Anna with completely anguished faces like these:



…before using what he thought were his last words to desperately tell her unconscious body he loved her. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY KILLING ME WITH THIS STUFF.

Special shout out to Anders Hove, whose Faison is still as creepy and fun as he was 20 years ago. (That line when he tells her to shut up when he’s talking to her? Legitimately scary! But then when he was sitting casually next to her comatose body, chatting about how terrible Luke is and I just wanted to give him a high five, because: WORD.)

I cannot wait to see what happens next with this. Like, really. Why isn’t tomorrow now, you guys? WHY?


Elsewhere, Starr used her years of soap experience to lay out some Psych 101 for Michael, and I never want these two to break up if it means they stop having heart-to-hearts about their equally messed up childhoods with their equally megalomaniacal criminal fathers:

Starr Michael wise

STARR: You can’t change Sonny any more than I can change my dad. But you can set boundaries for yourself.
MICHAEL: Boundaries. You know, my dad’s not very good at respecting boundaries. Not mine or anyone else’s.
STARR: You know what you should do? You should tell your dad that you still think of him as the man that is your father. Right? That would maybe help him out a bit. People like Sonny and my dad, they’re very powerful, but they’re still weak at the same time, and I–my dad needs to know that we love him, or else he just falls apart, and I think that Sonny is the same way.

That one speech just put more thought into characterization than the last ten years of writing combined.

Of course, while all that was happening, AJ was attempting to be the better man… until an opportunity to make Sonny look bad in front of Michael presented itself. Which, again, is not hard because Sonny is still the worst. I love everything about this, y’all. TEAM AJ FOREVER!

(Well, Team-All-Michael’s-Terrible-Parents-Reluctantly-Get-Along-For-His-Sake, but I’m sure we’re heading toward that eventually. I want AJ to win a little first, though!)

Oh, and also we got a Jagger Cates shout out and more Lucy Coe talk — including the story of the red wedding dress, the infamous strip tease, and her love of Mother Quartermaine! As well as the news that she’s still (Coe Co.!) in the cosmetics business! And since that last came courtesy of the first non-straight character on this show since Lucas vanished without a trace how many years ago? My cup runneth over with this show. Truly.


9 thoughts on “So many feels!

  1. You really think Michael’s-Terrible-Parents-Reluctantly-Get-Along-For-His-Sake will happen? That? Would surprise the crap out of me. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised a lot these days…

  2. i was scepticle fo him at first….the first six months, to be exact…but he’s really coming into his own now…

    yes, sweeps are well over..but hey we’re still getting them…

    we have alot to make up for from the hum drum non sweeps that guza kept on giving us…

    sorry but to see blow up, after shoot out, of desease wasn’t a good sweeps to me….

    what, when did we get a jaggar cates shout out……

    but the red dress mention today was great…

    keep up the good work…is all i have to say….

    i hated it when she called her mother quartermain….but now i’d gladly hear it, so sad….

    when did tony die, that was the last time we saw lucas, he came out to tony, and then nothing…

    i keep on saying on other gh related groups that i belong to…bring back lucas, and have the first inter-racial gay couple on soaps…..

    • When AJ was reminiscing about his old boxing days, Sonny mentioned his fight with Jagger. Which was kind of ballsy, given the fact that he later sent goons to kill Jagger after he refused to throw a fight for Sonny… not that a sense of shame has ever bothered him about that before…

  3. I would be more excited about this gay character were he not the most stereotypical stereotype in the history of stereotypes. He is a walking sassy caricature, and it made me roll my eyes and cringe more than anything else. I do miss Lucas, however.

    • I understand the frustration, but I also think there’s merit to the point that sassy, queeny gay men actually exist in real like and there’s something offensive about treating representations of them as inherently offensive, you know? What we really need is more representations of ALL different kinds of gay people so that every one that comes along no longer has to bear the burden of representing all of Gaydom by him/herself.

      So, basically yes. Have Lucas come back, get Felix some friends, let them all be gay in their own ways and three-dimensional people. But I still think this is a positive first step. Especially since GH has been the straightest soap for a long time.

      Also, let’s get some lesbians on this show, please!

    • i too don’t mind him being that way….this brit soap that i watch has a gay character…and he’s that way, he works with the women in a sewing factory…….and you knew right away that he was gay…the part that i do mind is that his partner, they’re having him fall in love with a woman….and he’s not the typical gay..he’s a doctor, and that……..but sean….is a sweet heart….and that’s kind of how i’m with felix…so what if he’s your typical….

      i do agree with you tenil……where is lucas……in all of this…..

      there used to be diversity in a soap…where has that gone…

      like last year….one life introduced indians…..and that to me was a step in the right direction…..where are they on Gh……where are the AA’s….i mean why didn’t they recast maya……there is a whole family of wards out there that they can bring back….

      we live in a diverse world…….i look around..when i’m on the subway and now as a caucasion, i’m the minority at times…so…..

      that’s not being a negative comment….but…just stating the truth…


      • RC did introduce a couple of doctors who seemed to be of Indian descent, but sadly, we haven’t seen either of them in a while. I was pleased to hear that he at least remembers Maya exists when they were reading the will. Maybe they’ll end up bringing her and/or her sister on for this ELQ stuff.

        • oh yeah that doctor that said that lulu couldn’t have children……..was indian, had forgotten about that


          her sister zoe was supposed to be a roommate or know kristina somehow from her uni days……..maybe……but i won’t hold my breath…..

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