Things that made me smile this week.

I was going to wait for Friday’s episode to write a new post, because AWESOME THINGS were pretty much guaranteed to happen and I assumed there would be a lot to flail about. But given the unimaginably horrible reason that episode has been postponed until Monday, I think we could all stand a distraction.

So here… have some face-melting!

Duke's face is melting

Anna being a badass!

Anna is a badass

And Robin!

Robin dream

Frankly, there’s been a lot to love. Starting with Faison’s (and the make up department’s) spectacular meltdown. No lie, I had to rewind and rewatch the face come off about five times while cackling madly before I could bring myself to continue watching the episode.

Can Robert and McBain become partners for life? Because I could happily watch for hours as John makes various nonplussed facial expressions in the background while Robert grandstands. I could also watch Anna be generally awesome forever, whether it’s her horrified reaction to the fondue face, punching Faison after his treachery was revealed, castigating herself for falling for it, or figuring out the truth about real Duke and then heading off to rescue him.

Anna Devane? Basically the hero of this show right now, you guys. Take a moment to think about that. We have a woman. An older woman. She’s tiny and she’s in law enforcement and she’s the heroine who’s kicking ass and taking names and (I HOPE) about to rescue her man. (And this is happening on General Hospital! And we’re not in an alternate universe!)

It’s kind of mind-boggling, to be honest.

And that’s not even mentioning all the other stuff that’s given me joy in Port Charles this week… like adorable babies!

Danny Claus

…and the people about to make more of them!

Lulu and Maxie

The look on Lulu’s face there? That’s how my heart felt when she and Maxie apologized and admitted they loved each other. Oh, girls. I LOVE YOU BOTH. And also poor Dante, who may not be clear on the concept of door-locking, but makes up for it by being (still) the best husband ever.

(You may be asking, “But what are your thoughts on Sonny seducing a mentally ill rape victim back to sanity? Or on the no doubt thrilling IP questions soon to be raised by these Molly/Konnie shenanigans?” And to you, I say: LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU. Because pretending those things aren’t really happening — or in some cases, looking likely to drag on into March — is essential to my continuing sanity.)


8 thoughts on “Things that made me smile this week.

  1. Thanks for this. It is nice to have a positive distraction. I was really looking forward to this next episode. I can’t believe I’m saying that! I want to watch an episode of GH. Such a strange feeling.

    • Seems to happen more and more these days, doesn’t it? Do you think we’ll ever get used to it?

      I had really wanted a Duke mask for the holidays, but maybe I have to rethink, knowing now how fragile it is.

    • Loving GH these days. Lante scenes have been incredibly funny, adorable and sweet. Totally agree with the Dante “The Best Husband EVER”. I loved the friendship and scenes with Maxie today (12-17-12) and Maxie’s line to Mac “Dante looks at Lulu like she’s the only woman on the planet”. Isn’t that the way all husbands should look at their wives? Swoon :)

  2. Whoever thought a FEMALE COP would be a kick ass heroine? Two things that were always villified under Guza. What is this insanity? Ron Carlivarti was our only hope and he saved GH!

  3. I totally loved Anna saying “I’m smarter than this” and then figuring just about everything out.

    The show is just so much more fun to watch now. And it must be a whole lot more fun to write about,although if this keeps up, you might have to change the blog title to “Joy In the Afternoon.” Kidding.

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