Jason Thompson has always had my heart…

…but now so does Ron Carlivati.

Seriously, this was probably the single best episode of this year. And that’s following the face melting! Why, is it so good, you ask?

It’s almost impossible to count all the reasons, but here goes:

Jason Thompson's sad eye

1) The quiet grief that Jason Thompson has so perfectly executed for the last few months. This man breaks my heart with just the look in his eye. It kills me!

2) Anna and Duke together again. For reals this time, you guys! I don’t think I was ever invested in them back in the day, but the shared looks and Ian Buchanan’s clear body language change as real Duke got to me. Kudos to both actors for making that reunion a great payoff. 

Duke and Anna grieving

And when he called Robin “bonnie lass” after hearing the news of her death? I wanted to give him a cookie and a hug.

3) Lulu and Dante’s baby making. It sounds dirty, and it was a little campy, but mostly just sweet and uber-endearing. This is the Dante and Lulu I love. I’m rooting for them so bad, you guys! The latest speculation about what these dumb-ass Olivia visions mean makes me want to stick a fork in my eye, so I’m going to take my co-blogger’s approach and pretend that it isn’t happening. Lalalalala.

4) Holy crap, you guys. Robert found Robin!

Robert sees Robin

I was screaming at the tv for someone to save Robin and then Robert found her! And then I was screaming for Robert to get that damned syringe. I’m unspoiled so I’m crossing my fingers that Robert was only knocked out and that Faison’s plan wasn’t to kill Robin, but make her disappear.  This is such a suspenseful way of dragging this out! I’m on the edge of my effing seat here people.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!! I can’t use enough exclamation points to convey my excitement!!!!

All this happiness is causing me to have an identity crisis. Who am I without my snark?


12 thoughts on “Jason Thompson has always had my heart…

  1. Robert being overpowered by the woman with syringe was pretty weak. Scorpio wouldn’t have told her to put it down in the first place, rather, he would have cold-cocked the biotch!

  2. You forgot LUCY EFFING COE! But yes, such a good episode, and I might have produced an involuntary and extremely high pitched noise when Robert opened the door and actually saw Robin. Cannot wait for tomorrow!

  3. wasn’t he great yesterday……

    but what i don’t like is that they never did follow up with him and that phone call…

    loved seeing lucy yesterday….she looks wonderful….

    you know….i wonder if she isn’t kristina after all……..because they said that sabrina is supposed to be related to someone in port charles….so what if she’s kristina……and after PC ended….lucy gave her up for adoption again….i know that’s a far fetch…but….you never know..


    • that’s what i don’t get…he would have fought that woman…..

      but yet he didn’t….

      i guess that’s because no one’s supposed to know the truth…she doesn’t want to stay with the show….so we’re getting this crap instead..


    • Susan, if you’re talking about Robert and that phone call, he called Nik Cassadine who tricked Helena into meeting Robert. Helena said that exactly to Robert when she asked him where Nik was and he told her that Nik was still somewhere where she couldn’t find him. That’s the only phone call I can think of, since you’re using “he” instead of an actual name.

      Oh wait, are you meaning Patrick for the “he” because he did talk about the phone call to someone and they both decided it was a telemarketer or something like that. Calling and getting dead air was not really something he could follow up on.

      Names would be helpful, because both Patrick and Robert were “great.”

    • Sabrina told Liz who she was related to. She is the cousin of Juan Santiago, who used to live in PC and dated Emily. And was played by Michael Saucedo, the husband of Rebecca Herbst , who plays Elizabeth.

  4. I loved how the episode was cut and put together. So much back and forth amongst Scorpio/Devane/Jones/Drake family. I could watch a whole show of nothing but Scorpios. Never thought I’d see it again. Plus, at least three Friday’s worth of cliffhangers/surprises, all in one episode. This show is ON FIRE. I agree .. l love Ron.

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