Oh, my quackers, I’m so happy right now!

I might be in soap heaven right now. LUCY COE, YOU GUYS! With her bubbly enthusiasm and arm-flailing and duck-themed cosmetics pyramid scheme!

Lucy Coe!

Oh, and also her BIG HONKING PICTURES OF DOC AND SIGMUND prominently displayed on her desk:

Doc and Sigmund


Neither Lucy nor Lynn Herring seem to have aged a bit, although it may take me a while to get used to the darker hair. On top of the news that her assets have been frozen by the government, she had loads to say about the good people of Port Charles. On Robin:

I remember every single word Robin said at the Nurses’ Ball. I remember all her courage when she stood up before everybody in Port Charles and said ‘I am HIV Positive.’ She set such an example for how to live with that condition with grace and how to live your life to the fullest.

On the Quartermaines:

Of course — you know, the Qs! They’re the richest, most prosperous family in town. In fact, they’re actually philanthropic to a fault. I know, because I was married to one.

And, hilariously, on Sonny:

Lucy air quotes

SABRINA: We considered Sonny, actually, but we thought it wouldn’t be such a good idea to have his name associated with the Nurses’ Ball.
LUCY: I get it. I guess in recent years, his reputation has, shall we say, darkened slightly. You know, in the day, way back — we kind of heard rumors and innuendos, but now we just say,’well, he’s a gangster, everybody knows he’s a gangster.’


I LOVE HER SO MUCH, YOU GUYS! I also kind of love Sabrina and Felix? They’re silly, but fun, and new blood not steeped in angst, violence, or the mob is a welcome thing. I like the hospital getting more fully staffed, and I feel like the show’s done a good job of slowly but organically integrating them. Also: Liz needed a friend. Badly.

Speaking of, today we also got the classical soapy goodness of: Ellie overhearing Spinelli confess his love for Maxie… then leaving before she could hear the crucial second half of the conversation, Robert passing out before he was able to tell Anna that Robin is alive (and now in the clutches of Jerry Jacks!), and Patrick finding a message from Robin that encouraged him to move on — just as Elizabeth was giving Britt some vintage bitch face… along with several large hints about sneaking her way into his heart.

(As if it wasn’t bad enough that Britt treats nurses like slave labor, has zero capacity for empathy, and drinks wine spritzers… she has now stolen a Christmas movie from small children. She is the worst. But her over the top bitchiness is kind of fun, so I’ll allow it.)

Do you think we’ll ever get used to the show being entertaining again? True story, I watched this episode with my mother, and as we reached the last commercial break, she actually said, “Oh, no, I don’t want it to be over yet!” (Which was adorable.)

6 thoughts on “Oh, my quackers, I’m so happy right now!

  1. nope…not going to allow her bitchiness….for no money..

    patrick so needs to hear what she’s really like…i would have loved for him to be eavesdropping on her convo with liz…yesterday…instead of the other way around….

    if he does see the light, i’m going to love it…when he tells her to scram….

    loved lucy yesterday…..where i live…..one of the librarians reminds me of her…when i saw her in that flashback….lol….she really does…so it was kind of cool…


    can’t wait to hear her give monica and especially tracy a piece of her mind…

      • Yeah, I have no doubt he will see through her at some point. He is grief stricken and she is approaching him so he is going through the motions, but Patrick is no dummy. He and Britt are not the end game here.

  2. Lucy!! Welcome back, she seems so delightfully quirky!
    And I LOVED Elizabeth dishing out to Britt. I haven’t seen her fire or bitch face in so long, loved it! She really told Britt like it is, loved it!

  3. I know that General Hospital has made a great return, but after Robin’s “death” I still resisted watching the show again–even though I’ve kept up with the developments. Checked in on Edward’s funeral and a few other episodes. But it took Lucy Coe for me to recommit. My favorite character on the history of show, and I never forgave General Hospital for not bringing her back after the mess that was Port Charles. If Jon Lindstrom shows up, correcting the craziness of the Port Charles ending, all may be forgiven.

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