The sound of the world righting itself.

Oh, Sonny. That brief period of not hating you was nice and all, but somehow this just feels more natural, you know? Say it with me now, kids: HE IS THE WORST.

SONNY: You could have played Mr. Nice Guy, but you know what? You baited me, and you said some things that you knew would set me off.
AJ: So let me get this straight. So, I’m responsible for the fact that you can’t keep control of yourself?

Right? RIGHT?

Shawn smugging it up

Also competing for the title of The Worst: Shawn! Who has now graduated from school teacher turned soldier turned kidnapper for hire turned mob flunky turned diner manager turned Alexis-banger… back into a mob flunky/kidnapper for hire. For basically no reason I can see other than Sonny flashed his dimples and Shawn’s resolve crumpled like he was Carly in the back of a limo or something. So now he just follows Sonny around looking like the smuggest smug who ever smugged. It’s… super annoying.

ANYWAY! I was a little nervous about what a big deal everyone was making about the whole “AJ ‘tricked’ Sonny into basically being himself” scheme. But I should have just had faith. Because those scenes of Sonny smugly assuring Carly that AJ would never ever in a million years just come clean with Michael… interwoven with AJ doing just that? So, so perfect.

Michael and AJ hug

Also, and then they shared the most awkward hug in existence and I might have cried a little:

MICHAEL: As much as I hate what you did, you’re right. He attacked you. It shouldn’t matter than he was provoked.

 Michael, Michael, Michael. I… love you. That is all.


In other news, Monica is still alive (don’t laugh, this was a serious concern during the Guza years) and she appears to also be an Liz/AJ shipper:

Elizabeth and Monica

MONICA: I would just like to see him know somebody in his life that has gone through this, that has made mistakes and made up for those mistakes. Just somebody that, well, could be a good influence in his life. I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU, LIZ. IN CASE THAT WASN’T CLEAR. YOU AND YOUR VAGINA.

Or maybe that last part was just in my head.

At any rate, she also apologized for acting like such an unbelievable asshole to Elizabeth at the beginning of the year. Which was really quite welcome, because hating Monica felt as unnatural as liking Sonny. And then Elizabeth got to pay it forward by giving Sabrina and Felix the benefit of her many years of experience as a Lying Liar Who Lies. Namely: don’t do that shit. It is stupid and will never work out well.

All of which was lovely, and then led to Lucy’s grand entrance down those completely impractical and frankly quite dangerous hospital stairs. Resulting in Sabrina making this series of faces:

Sabrina reacts to Lucy1

Sabrina reacts to Lucy2

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel too, Sabrina. Every single time I see Lucy’s face.

You know, I’m sure if the preempted episode hadn’t thrown the schedule off, we would have gotten a big holiday episode on Friday, but this wasn’t a bad way to end things either. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and a joyous day off to those who don’t. We’ll see you on the flip side.


3 thoughts on “The sound of the world righting itself.

  1. Is this really GH? Wow. AJ, AJ, AJ. Will you marry me? Please? You are my new favourite for the truth-telling you do. So thank you, writers, for bringing him back. I’m sorry for asking this so much but: WHEN DID MICHAEL TURN SO AWESOME AND LIKEABLE?! I’m not used to this! I do think AJ’s return and dating Starr has turned him into a decent person. I hope Michael and AJ have many, MANY more scenes. Lucy is a hoot and a half, another welcome return! Monica, thank you for apologizing, on behalf of Liz fans. I love Monica again. Liz/AJ? I’d deal with that. They did have a nice subtle chemistry. Sonny, no comment. Never his fault.
    Thank you, RC, you were our only hope a year ago and you not only answered the call, you pulled out all the stops. RC was at a disadvantage with the ratings in the tank and so many characters either leaving or left already, and the best way to counter that? Bring back some old ones, instead of filling it up with these boring, flat, new characters like Maya or Maggie or Siobhan.

  2. i love sabrina……..she is just too cute……i’m so hoping that she is robin’s sister…..because in so many ways…not just looks, she is so much like her…..


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