They should put a Surgeon General’s warning on that child.

Guys, I have so many feelings about the possibility that Ellie may die, and Johnny finally, finally coming clean, and whatever unholy abomination is about to result from this Maxie/Spinelli mess. (Not to mention Laura Wright’s fabulous underwear choices, but those are feelings of an, um… different nature.) But even though the possibility of Maxie having Spinelli’s baby makes me want to go on a world-destroying rampage, I’m going to be good and refrain from unleashing a rant until I see how it all plays out.

(Seriously, though. I feel sick just thinking about it. There is not enough DO NOT WANT in the world, show–no, sorry. Being good. Waiting to see what happens.) (Damn it.)

In the meantime: it’s official! If we had to make and Best and Worst list for the first week of 2013, Emma would win Child Most Likely To Make Your Ovaries Explode. By a landslide.

Emma being adorable

So I really don’t feel like I can be held accountable for the embarrassing squeaks that popped out of my mouth during her entire NO REALLY, SCRUBS FANS, WE ARE NOT TRYING TO REPLACE ROBIN conversation with Sabrina the other day:

SABRINA: You want me to be your mom?
EMMA: If daddy does.
SABRINA: Oh, Emma. That really means so much to me. And being your mom would be a dream come true for me. But the thing is, you already have the world’s best mommy.
EMMA: But she’s in heaven.
SABRINA: And I know how much you and your daddy miss her. So I’ll tell you what: you can count on me to help out because I’m your friend. But I could never, ever take your mommy’s place. No one could.

I mean, she’s always been cute. But since the little girl who plays her learned how to make more expressions than just grinning wildly at the sight of Jason Thompson (not that we can blame you, tiny girlfriend, because we kind of have the same problem) the cuteness factor has just ramped up to unbelievable levels. And I realize there are a lot of resentful Sabrina-haters out there — and she does still frequently gives me contact embarrassment. But she’s by far my favorite of all the hospital newbies who’ve been introduced lately, and the actress clearly has a good child actor rapport, which certainly helps with the cuteness. Basically, they can never recast Emma Drake, y’all. I will have to cut someone if they try.

Meanwhile, on a related note– oh, Starr. Starr, Starr, Starr… I realize that a large portion of soap viewership also finds you really freaking annoying. But I have never been one of them! In fact, I’m quite fond of you, weird enunciation issues and all! I mean, you’ve helped make Michael tolerable for the first time in a very long time. Your relationship with your father is still one of my favorites in all of Daytime, despite his present douchiness on that front. And you were just so very reasonable when you gave that impassioned speech to the court about how Kate shouldn’t be punished for something her alter did–Oh, wait. Scratch that last one, because you seem to have FORGOTTEN IT ENTIRELY.

(Seriously, does Starr think that Kate and Konnie are just identical twins who people keep mixing up? Because when Konnie’s in the building, Starr doesn’t seem to understand that Kate shares the same body. Like, hey, Johnny. It’s nice that you pointed out letting her fall would be killing an innocent woman because you really caused the crash, but how about pointing out that it would also be killing Kate no matter what? Kate, who is also innocent? Ugh, shut up, Starr’s scrunched up rage face.)

(Although punching Johnny makes up for a lot. There needs to be an episode where everyone on the show just lines up and gets to punch Johnny.)


13 thoughts on “They should put a Surgeon General’s warning on that child.

  1. I do hope that Johnny pays for what he did, because he has got away with EVERYTHING, so to see some sweet justice would be nice.
    Sabrina. . . I love her but with Robin’s return I’d hate to see her get her heart crushed, even though Patrick would never do it on purpose, that’s why in a twisted way I want Britt to get with Patrick just so she can fall off her high horse and have her ego CRUSHED! Sabrina is so sweet, though, she and Robin would be great friends. I love her friendship with Elizabeth.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to invest too much in Patrick with any other woman when we know Robin’s alive. But if Sabrina sticks around, I’m hoping this story will help her mature a little and then maybe they can find someone else for her…

    • still say that sabrina and robin are sisters….

      and i’d love to see that…….when robin finds out…..that is was her own sister looking after emma….and not that other idiot……..

      i’m going to love seeing robin take down brit if that’s the case in the end…


      • I think Britt is humpty dumpty and is in for a great fall, she can’t compete with Robin! She is Robin’s antithesis. I hope Sabrina sticks around, I do love her. she and Robin and Elizabeth would all be awesome together. Emma is a little scene stealer, impressive for one so young. She’s too adorable.

  2. But she’s by far my favorite of all the hospital newbies who’ve been introduced lately, and the actress clearly has a good child actor rapport, which certainly helps with the cuteness. Basically, they can never recast Emma Drake, y’all. I will have to cut someone if they try.

    she’s so definately mine as well…..

    i acutally saw a puppy german shepard today while coming out of wal-mart….i want that puppy….i tell you…

    actually i think that sabrina’s far more mature then that other woman……..what if emma had of opened the door to see her in the all together….or robert or anna…who i bet would have totally cracked up and then smacked her one…..

    so whoever says that sabrina’s not mature…sorry, she has more maturity in her then a certain doctor……..from what i can see…..sabrina is willing to buy the whold package…when has the brit even taken emma out for some girl time….nope…she wants patrick, but not what he comes with…and to me that’s not maturity at all…..yeah sabrina might act all gushy and everything, like a school girl…..but, in so many ways she has so much more going for her then the britch does, and always will……as does ellie……and felix……

    for me, the britch has nothing… personality, no nothing, at all……

    • I think Sabrina and Britt at immature in different ways. But Britt is such a one dimensional villain that it’s difficult to even compare them. Sabrina is a classic naif; she just needs a little more experience of the world.

      • I think Elizabeth was bang on about what she said to Britt. She’s so fake and irritating, the best moment of Britt was when that kid puked on her . Of course, I do think we’re not supposed to like Britt.

  3. I don’t think Anna had a Latina daughter she forgot and Robert would probably remember a romance with someone by now. The actress playing Sabrina is definitely Latina. So, Robin and Sabrina being sisters -long shot, but soaps! I just doubt it. Sometimes characters are not related to anyone already on the canvas. She has a connection to Juan Santiago and that’s good enough for me.

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