Five Things About Revenge: “Power”

Back from the break and back to basics! I like it, Revenge. Keep it up.

1. I actually rewatched the pilot episode right before this one, and was just reminiscing about how satisfying it used to be to watch Emily cross faces off one by one. Then, bam! She manages an old school villain of the week take down and David Clarke’s guilt publicly questioned for the first time. Not bad for a night’s work.

2. Nolan! Shooting down  Marco, snarking at Daniel, gleefully smugging it up at the thought of Emily and Remington Steele’s “fake up” (WE ARE ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH, BOYFRIEND). Also, wearing eight hundred shirts:

Smug Nolan

Marco’s seeming desire for a reconciliation struck me as odd, given how eager he was to help destroy Nolan, like, last week. But obviously, I can’t blame him. I mean look at that outfit. Who could possibly resist a man wearing that many shirts?

(Although, rewatching the pilot right before this episode also reminded me of  how much I miss the days when he would casually bust out a captain’s hat and pink pants with tiny anchors on them. Nolan’s fashion has gotten so conservative this season!)

3. Speaking of Aiden, do we think the sister’s really still alive? I have my doubts. (And at some point, are we going to find out what it is the Initiative is after? Why did they bring that plane down? They don’t seem like terrorists in the way the term  is normally used, but it’s never really been made clear what they’re up to. I hope it’s not just money and power. How pedestrian for a conspiracy.)

Anyway, sister alive or not, I have a feeling Aiden’s about to betray Ems again. Which makes me sad, because Lord knows she’s already got enough trust issues to begin with. And their sparring sexy times are kind of hot, so I’d hate to lose them.

Emily and Aiden spar

On the other hand, she’ll always have Nolan, and he’s basically worth ten of anyone else on this show, so…

4. Grayson report! You guys, I’d like to hate Conrad. But it’s so hard when he gets deadpan lines like this, in response to Victoria’s plan for him to attend a fundraiser for the wrongfully accused: “If they sold stock in irony, I would be richer than the Sultan of Brunei.” LOVE YOU, CONRAD, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD.

Meanwhile, Victoria has wormed her way back into Daniel’s life, because apparently, the way to look like a professional businessman is to have your mommy throw you parties? Or… something? I don’t know; Daniel is still such a doorknob. Victoria creepily spying on his and Emily’s porch tryst with approval makes for an interesting change, though. I am curious to see how far their uneasy alliance takes them. Mostly because Victoria + Emily sharing any scene pretty much equals instant win.

5. Oh, Jack. This is what happens when you try to think. So on the one hand, we’ve got Emily and Nolan out foiling an international terrorist group. And on the other, we’ve got Jack, who’s not only unable to get rid a small time drug smuggling ring, but managed to get himself arrested during the raid he instigated. JACK. GO TALK TO YOUR MUCH SMARTER FRIENDS. YOU’RE BAD AT THIS.


7 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Power”

  1. Nolan had one of the best lines from the episode, “Bros before hos only works if he’s not still in love with the ho, bro.” I love when he’s being all super-bitchy to Aiden (who BTW I don’t trust either) I really think he’s going to end up betraying Ems, And don’t even get me started on Jack. How the hell has he survived in The Hamptons this long? And if fake Amanda knows the brothers are bad news why didn’t she go straight to Emily? I guess Jack is starting to rub off on her lol

    • Seriously. At this point, I’m beginning to wonder how Jack doesn’t stab himself in the face just getting up in the morning. I really need Fauxmanda to ask Emily for an Intervention because her husband’s an idiot

  2. Jack needs to just get Amanda/Emily to kill Michael Truccio’s character. I’m sure the other brother wont be on much longer. He’s on Teen Wolf.

  3. I just got the chance to watch this episode last night and to be honest I’m not sure why they are still telling Jack’s story. He is so far removed from being an option for Emily at this point. I like him with fake Mandy.

    • Yeah, I think Emily and Jack have shared maybe one scene so far this year? They really seem to have backed off that pairing completely in favor of Aiden as her True Love or whatever. Which is fine with me, I never bought them working in the long term. All of her feelings for him are based on nostalgia and all of his feelings for her are based on a person who doesn’t really exist.

      I’m just hoping that the Jack/bar/drugs plot will end up having some larger purpose in terms of the main plot somehow. I mean, the boat exploding was the opening tease for the season. So I’m guessing it will become more important than just Jack’s drama alone.

      • That’s true. That was so far back I had forgotten about that. Eventually I am sure they will tie back to all that is evil, but I need a few more breadcrumbs. At this point I just wonder why they are showing him. All those characters, excepting Amanda, bore me, so maybe it’s just as well they are so neatly contained.

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