Lying Liars Lie about Lying: Five Things about Pretty Little Liars

So, upon the recommendation of a friend and Neflix, I started watching Pretty Little Liars, or as I like to call it: Extremely good looking (and not at all believable as) teenagers in utterly ridiculous situations. (Warning: This post does contain spoilers. If you aren’t caught up on this show go to Netflix/ internets now and catch up!)


And the verdict is…meh? But I can’t stop watching it? It’s like the compulsion to eat Cheetos; you know if you keep eating more you’ll totally be sick, but you just. can’t. stop.

So we’ll be starting a short series on this show, too. Much like the new Revenge series, except instead of what will most likely be a weekly “Five effing awesome things that happened on Revenge this week!” with hearts and stars and rainbows drawn around it, this series will be more “Five effing things I can’t believe happened on Pretty Little Liars this week,” which will probably include lots of teeth gnashing, eye-rolling and facepalming.

So that said, here’s my attempt at a five reasons to watch this show:

1) Ladies talking. Ladies talking a lot. Ladies talking a lot to each other. Ladies talking a lot to each other about things other than boys.


The girls have decent friendships. They often put them above other relationships in their lives. They make comments about one another’s personalities because they know each other and care about one another. I love Hannah and Spencer, most likely because they are the ones that remind me most of my own personality quirks and flaws. Emily and Aria are okay, but as friends with each other and the other girls I really enjoy them. They really aren’t the best crime solvers, but it is fun watching them bounce from theory to theory and tie themselves into knots trying to keep their secrets.

2) Lesbians. Multiple lesbians. Multiple lesbian relationships.


I still don’t think that Emily’s relationships get the same kind of weight that the straight relationships do. It doesn’t help that they effing killed her first girlfriend. Yeah, I’m still bitter. And it has been pointed out that Paige was Emily’s bully at first which is pretty problematic. But still, there are lesbians who get stories beyond just coming out which is more than we often see on tv.

3) Toby’s hair. In the beginning of the series, Toby’s character was a ridiculous, brooding mess and he had hair to match. He seems to mysteriously leave the canvas from time to time and every time he returns it is with a shorter hair cut. It got to the point that his hair couldn’t get any shorter, so now it is getting higher. It is a thing of mystery and beauty.




I would tell Caleb that he should get the memo about a better hairdo, except it seems that the length of Toby’s hair is inversely proportional to the amount of evil he is so I’d rather Caleb just keep the long, greasy hairdo. (Seriously, can you believe that!! Toby!! Sweet, Toby!! THIS. EFFING. SHOW.)

4) The catharsis of yelling at Ezra and Aria. Okay, not really. I just want the opportunity to vent in this post about the ridiculousness that is Ezra and Aria. Erza’s career trajectory could be the most ridiculous part of this show and that is saying a lot. He is pompous and unethical and IMO super annoying. He and Aria drive me nuts. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of things to say about them in the future because it doesn’t seem like he is going anywhere anytime soon, much to my chagrin.

5) Lots of soap craziness. Multiple murders. A texting stalker who seems to have endless hours a day free to freak out these ladies. A blinded frenemy who miraculously gets her sight back. Boyfriend stealing. Parental drama. Secret siblings. Secret stalking societies. Did I mention there are secrets on this show? And lies? Sometimes the “whodunnit” plot threads are so disparate and ridiculous that the show starts to take on a Lost feel. I doubt we’ll ever get the so-called real answers to many of the mysteries, but it’s still fun. (See OMFG Toby! above.) The show’s demonstrated motivations for these evil doers harassing and killing is mostly “people are twacked.” Who needs a real motivation when you are a wacko? Oh wait, there is  Alison. The fact that she was the most horrible person in the history of the universe has somehow seeped into the consciousness of the nut jobs of this town and the result is utter chaos.

If that doesn’t sound like something we’d enjoy snarking on, I don’t know what does. Who’s gonna die next? What seemingly sweet or innocuous character will be added to the evil “A” team? Your guess is as good as mine, but we’ll get to find out together!


6 thoughts on “Lying Liars Lie about Lying: Five Things about Pretty Little Liars

  1. i love this show! spencer and hannah are also my favorites. i was so upset to learn about toby, he was so sweet, but i love caleb,bad hair and all. he is such a sweet and understanding boyfriend, plus he helps out.

    don’t get me started on ezria. i’m sorry but aria’s mom needs to be b*tch slapped, this is not ok. your teenager should not be dating her teacher, and letting them get away with it and allowing your teen daughter to sleepover at said teacher’s house is not being the cool parent, it’s being the bad parent. if aria runs away, go get her a** and take her phone,computer,and don’t allow her to see her friends. and comparing her dad’s affair to hers is stupid, the girl he slept w/was an adult, not in high school. yeah that relationship drives me insane and ezra should have been in jail except they retconned and had them not have sex until she was 17. and ella needs to have her parent card taken. 1st the brother was in trouble and causing her to sprain her wrist but don’t tell dad he may get mad, well he should! then aria and azra, but don’t allow dad to get mad.

    and of course we knew the truth about toby as soon as he and spencer finally had sex.

    and i’m glad maya died she was whacked.

    • Yeah, Ella is kind of the worst. Maya definitely wasn’t….healthy? But most of the characters are screwed up in their own ways. I am just glad it wasn’t Paige who was evil, but you never know with this show!

  2. You had me at “lesbians.” This is good — it will help motivate me to get caught up on this show.

    (I thought about not reading this to avoid spoilers, and then I remembered that ABC Family decided to ambush me with a spoiler filled promo in front of the effing Hobbit, of all things. And then I just got angry all over again)

    • Noooooes! I told you not to read! I’m sitting here trying not to read your Revenge post as I type this because I haven’t watched it yet so I understand the difficulty of restraining yourself!

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