Secrets, secrets everywhere! If only I could bring myself to care!

Seriously, I know I should be enjoying Todd’s chickens coming home to roost, but the fact that so many of his recent decisions have felt so out of character makes it kind of hard.

Michael comforts Starr

STARR: I feel so sorry for Trey. My dad may be crazy, but at least he always put me first.

That was supposed to be the big “ouch” irony moment, but the thing is? She’s right. Todd may be a lot of things, but Lord, does he love Starr. And he loved Hope too. And I’ve never believed that he wouldn’t have thrown himself to the wolves for either of them in a heartbeat.

(It was also a little strange that all these big baby swap revelations were coming out without Sam present. It’s not like it would have been hard to contrive a reason for her to wander in, either, given her sister’s painful attempts to emote just down the hall.)

Meanwhile, Carly’s priorities remain typically hilarious:

Carly and Todd truth comes out

CARLY: Not once did I ask you to be a good person! I was married to a mobster, my best friend killed people for a living. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a hypocrite. [Ed. note: pause for the sound of hysterical laughter] I know people do stupid things, and they make stupid mistakes. Hell, I’ve made plenty. You lied to my face!

Killing people for a living? Stealing a baby? Just a stupid mistake. Could happen to anyone! Lying to Carly? UNFORGIVABLE OFFENSE.

(Also, trying to pretend she would have been A-okay with Todd having stolen the holy one’s baby? AHAHAHAHA. Thanks, Carly. I needed that laugh.)

I was really hoping that someone would point out to Johnny that admitting he knew Sam’s baby was alive the whole time and didn’t say anything to anyone — before he started blackmailing Todd, even! — doesn’t exactly move him to the higher moral ground of this story. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting as long for that as I will for someone other than Sonny (Sonny!) to remember that Kate and Konnie are the same effing person:

MICHAEL: For the record, you’re not feeling sorry for yourself, you’re feeling sorry for Connie. When you shouldn’t.
STARR: I can’t regret almost killing someone, Michael?
MICHAEL: You know, maybe that part of it, you can. But what about the rest of it? We were only out on that road tonight because Connie knocked you out, kidnapped Johnny, hit Ellie with her car. I mean, that’s not even the worst of it — she helped Johnny get away with what he did to Cole and Hope. She lied for him. She basically used her D.I.D. diagnosis as a get out of jail free card. She may not be as guilty as Johnny, but she’s close.
STARR: You’re right. Knowing Johnny was responsible and covering it up. It’s almost just as unforgivable.

You know what else Konnie is, you guys? NOT A REAL PERSON. So yeah, she does have a get out of jail free card, and she isn’t as unforgivable as the man who raped her, helped perpetuate her mental illness by letting her believe she’d murdered two people, and then deliberately denied her actual loved ones the ability to get her treatment. JUST SAYING.

I do want to give the writers credit: this Johnny/Konnie/Todd stuff may be my least favorite of the show’s on-going plots, but it’s a story that’s been building for the better part of a year, and the relief of Johnny finally getting to come clean (followed by the LOLarious montage of all his previous failed attempts) and all Todd’s secrets coming out after all that time has actually been well-earned.

Or maybe that’s just the relief I’m feeling at the thought of this story finally (dare I hope?) moving on.


23 thoughts on “Secrets, secrets everywhere! If only I could bring myself to care!

  1. exactly, that is still driving me’s alright to murder , but don’t lie to me….my best friend an enforcer murders and sony the narcissist head of the mob murders, but if you lie,i hate you….and also carly would have forgiven todd if he had told her the truth? she would have forgiven him, for kidnapping and switching her best friend’s baby, with a dead baby!…i guess his heart was in the right place.<- sarcastic

      • i hate to say this but i just figured it out. being at the very least , a narcissist, carly is only worried with how it affected her….a lie to her…not what todd did to jason or sam or a helpless beby… not even how jason possibly died not knowing he had a child…

  2. Carly said she’s not a hypocrite. Sorry, I just died laughing. Let me count the ways (if I had time) that she is. Just let Johnny go to jail for once, he’s right up there with Sonny and Jason on characters who have never paid for anything.

    • actually i think that johnny has paid more then anyone…..he had to marry connie…todd was blackmailing him..he really didn’t have anyone to turn to….when jason and sonny had loads….johnny has no other family….he was supposed to…but they got rid of them all…

      no it’s really johnny that i feel sorry for…….

      • I just can’t feel any sympathy for Johnny. Everything that’s happened to him in the past year has been his own fault, and all he had to do to not be married to Konnie was man up and take responsibility for his own actions, which, in the process, would have given Kate her life back. He deserves what he got, and what he’s about to get.

  3. well she did keep Nik from spencer by lying and saying it was jax’s, she stole mikey from aj by lying and saying he was jason’s, then everything else she did in that story, she took morgan from sonny b/c she was mad at him, and kept josslyn from jax, even when the kid was sick, and then had sonny, who wasn’t good enough to raise morgan, help get jax seen as unfit. and i think she has lied to everyone she has ever known, esp. her kid. so no she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    • you forgot how she came to town in the first place….she seperated her mom and her step-father by having an affair with him………she didn’t tell bobbi the truth…about who she was for years…….and even tony was the suspected father of michael at one point….because she was sleeping with all of them at the time, more or less……..

      so yes….carly has become the biggest hypocrate on that show, ever i believe….


  4. I think the writers are actually writing it though like Carly would indeed forgive Todd for betraying Jason in anyway, when of course that is extremely out of character for her too. I appreciate them not wanting Carly to be all about Jason, but they needed to do it better. Unfortunately, after Jason’s death, Carly would be especially Jason-focused.

    I’m starting to think Konnie may be the real alter too, or at least, neither Connie nor Kate are actually the dominant personality and she needs to be integrated. Either way, not feeling her pain about Trey at all. Way too little, too late.

    And yeah, Sam should have been absolutely been present. Carly may think she was the most injured party there, but when she’s the only one ranting, it fell flat. Oh well, at least it’s all finally out.

    • I think it was very Carly to claim she would have been a perfectly forgiving saint in the middle of an angry rant in order to make herself even more of a victim (because obviously, the true victim of this situation which involves the deaths of multiple people, including two children, is Carly, who got lied to by men she was dating. OBVIOUSLY). I do not think there’s a chance in hell she would actually have forgiven Todd for giving Jason a hangnail, much less stealing his child. But very in character for her to paint herself that way.

      Konnie thinks she’ll disappear if Kate gets integrated, so I don’t see how she can be the real personality. I am hoping that integration will end up with a mix of both, because Konnie’s too much but Kate is boring as hell.

        • She’s clearly not going anywhere any time soon, though. So I think the best we can hope for is integration into a third character who’s slightly less annoying.

  5. Either way, not feeling her pain about Trey at all. Way too little, too late

    that’s the line that i’m getting from everyone as well………and sonny…..why wasn’t he there for his daughter…….she’s the one that needed comfort…not the woman that pretended to be trey’s mom for like five seconds…..

    no k wasn’t still married to him…but oh gee, she was going to leave town with him……and that kind of idea….

  6. Johnny killed his grandfather and set up two innocent people for the crime. He set up Sonny for Cole’s and Hope’s deaths.He set up Kate for the deaths. He lied to everyone for months about why he was being blackmailed. He could have gone to either the police or Sam or Jason or even Carly and told them that Tea had Sam’s baby because Todd and Heather switched them, but he protected himself. He doesn’t even have the teeny excuse Todd has -that he spent 8 years being tortured for “it” and is terrified of going back to prison. (I didn’t say it was a good excuse.)

    Connie/Kate alter status seems to change a lot. Sonny knew an innocent girl in a yellow hat-Olivia hints at a wild girl who took everything she wanted. Everyone agrees original recipe Connie got great grades and was so smart that she was getting a scholarship. This Connie talks like a kid who barely scraped by in school. Sonny’s girlfriend Connie was a fashion plate even in high school. This Connie lives for the animal print. I don’t think they’ve made a decision who is on first. I do think that Kate is sneaking back in.
    And I agree that only Sonny recognizes that Kate and Connie are the same person-fragmented though each is.

    And Carly’s “How could you do this to Meeeeeeeee” had me on the floor.

    • The many retcons of Kate Howard have certainly made it a mess. I just don’t buy Konnie as the “true” personality. The only time she’s claimed that was in court; every other conversation when it’s just her and Johnny or Todd has been about how if “Kate” remembers she didn’t kill Cole and Hope, then Konnie will disappear. I guess they could go with BOTH Kate and Konnie as alters, which would open the door for a third (and hopefully more interesting “original” personality to emerge victorious.

      Actually, that may be the best case scenario at this point.

    • With the way you’ve laid out Connie/Kate’s personality differences, I’m started to wonder if both Connie AND the Kate we knew before are both alters. Maybe the Connie who grew up with Sonny left the building YEARS ago.

  7. LOL! That whole scene was hilarious! You captured Carly perfectly. But that speech was totally in character for Carly, it made no sense and it was all about her.

    I am tired of the writers trying to make me feel sorry for Johnny. Like one of the posters said his list of crimes just goes on and on. You can’t count all the people he has killed, hurt, lied to or taken advantage of. I am sure they will try to redeem him, but he is too far gone in my eyes. I know people will forgive Todd for his part because he is clever and funny. I would love to see them pay for their crimes, but I know I am dreaming. At least as you said maybe this long drawn out story is finally reaching some kind of a conclusion.

    • Oh, yes. It was absolutely in character. Whoever wrote that scene has NAILED the essence of Carly.

      I used to love Johnny. He was a bright spot on the show for me. And now he’s just the worst. It makes me sad. I’d probably still forgive him at this point, but it would take some really strong rehabilitation. A lot of damage has been done.

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