I don’t have much to say except !!!!!!! about: this.

Genie Francis on her return to GH:

“I don’t know what the story is,” she says. “I have no idea, but Frank is very persuasive, energetic, infectious and has a sense of fun, a positive-ness that makes you want to work for the guy. He assured me there was going to be nice stuff to play. I am choosing to believe him!”

Holy crap, you guys. I don’t have words.



8 thoughts on “OMFG

  1. Wow!! I’m sure he’ll come up with something worthwhile, he seems to know what viewers want for the most part.

  2. oh gosh this will probably not be as good as the GH in my head (like, I REALLY want a scene where Laura and Liz talk about Jake and Lucky??) but hopefully it will meet it half way there. This is a long overdue return

  3. I literally squealed when I saw the tweet about it! Squealed! I have absolutely no doubt that she’ll have nice stuff to play. And while Frank’s in a wish-granting mood, can we have Leslie back, too, and can she have scenes with Monica? And can we see Lucy, Laura, and Tracy together? And can they get JJ back for a few episodes so we can see all the Spencers together? The mind just boggles!

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