So, I was just sitting at my desk, still euphoric over the Genie Francis news but also quietly having kittens about how absolutely terrible this all sounds (although I would not put it past Ron Carlivati to be just messing with everyone at this point, so let’s not freak out too much just yet).

And then–AND THEN!–I found out we’re getting Kevin Collins back. KEVIN EFFING COLLINS, Y’ALL. And seriously? It was like a Disney movie with tiny cartoon birds chirping above my head and sun shining down on my little cubicle and puppies frolicking in rainbows and ALL IS FORGIVEN FOREVER, SHOW.


Because Doc! DOC!!! He can fix everything! He can make me put up with vampires and weirdly unnecessary callbacks to a show most current viewers never even watched (and I don’t mean OLTL). He can spar with Lucy, and hang out with Mac and Felicia, and be all sensible and and awesome and the first actually competent shrink this town has had since… well, since he left, actually.

He can make Konnie go away.

My wishlist of dream returns is getting pretty small. BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL COMING TRUE. Clearly there is only one way to deal with feels this complex. And that is cross-dressing:

(You’re welcome.)


7 thoughts on “CAN’T TALK. TOO HAPPY.

  1. Woah! What are these writer doing, bringing back all these old characters. Do they think it’s a soap. GH really needs a good therapist, too bad he wasn’t around for Jake’s death, the Spencers all needed counselling.

  2. I know, I almost started crying when I saw this. I posted that the Port Charles debacle would be forgiven if they brought him back, and then THEY DO! It’s like they read your board!

  3. Ned. Laura. Doc. Be still my aching heart. Even if they do go vamp it would not surprise me if it turned out to be a Lucy dream or something. And even if its not for the first time in years I am putting my faith in Carlivati because even when he gets it wrong it is so much better then they who shall not be named.

    • I’m guessing dream or delusion — hence, Kevin? Whatever they do, I’m just so happy to see Lucy and her Doc together, I don’t even care how silly it is!

  4. I read an interview with–I think it was Carlivati–over on, and he said that they’re not bringing vampires back. i was actually looking forward to that. oh, well.

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