Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “She’s All Better Now”

Pretty Little Liars is back from their winter hiatus. And this episode had…stuff and things and people in it. Yeah, it was that good. /sarcasm.

So here’s the gist:

1. Mona’s back and still coo coo for cocoa puffs. Showing up randomly in the bedroom of your former best friend who you stalked and menaced? Sure. No big deal. Poor, sweet Hannah is such a dumb ass. Run away, Hannah! Run far, far away!!


2. Toby’s perfecting his “I’m evil” face. I was seriously hoping that this Toby thing was a red herring, somehow explained with some crazy, convoluted plot. Except, every time the camera zooms in on him now, he is making this face:


I miss my sweet, caring Toby. Thanks an effing lot show!

3. Aria’s dad is now suddenly creepy. He seems to be taking lessons from Toby in the “I’m plotting to kill puppies” look department. I have to say, I could give a crap about his involvement in Alison’s death. The world is clearly better with her gone and he is also awful. Asking your daughter to keep your affair a secret from her mother is so gross. Ugh. No wonder Aria is attracted to Ezra. Douchiness is clearly familiar to her and Ezra looks like a prince in comparison.

And of course, Aria’s dad’s new found position as a suspect of evil-doing leads us to…

4. Alison still proves to be the worst. Good lord, this girl was awful. With all the things we’ve seen her do so far (and you know there is more we have yet to see) I’m surprised she didn’t get herself murdered long before. Extorting Aria’s dad to keep her from revealing his affair is typical Ally. But what the hell did she need this money for anyway? Oh, who am I kidding. I could give a crap.


5. Meredith got blowed up. This also couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Who effing goes to work at the same place as the woman whose husband you stole? What a jerk. Sorry, I don’t feel bad for you, lady. And clearly, the girls need some help with this mystery because if Mona is the one who did this, it obviously wasn’t to get in good with them since it looks like the person who did it was trying to frame Aria. C’mon ladies, you are smarter than this!

All in all, I felt like this episode was a ten on the annoying scale. Not a lot of fun,  lots of new questions without a clear connection to the old ones. I may just be bitter. Actually, I know I am bitter. Despite enjoying the fact that I was shocked by the Toby reveal, I have hence realized that he was one of my favorites and now I’m just pissed that he’s been taken away. Why the hell would Toby harass these girls? I just don’t see the motivation there, unless he has been playing them all from the beginning. Oh, man. He probably has. Damn it!


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