Heart full of love, you guys.

I tend to mention Ron Carlivati a lot when I’m giving out credit for how much the show has improved in the last year, but trust me, I’m very aware that Frank Valentini has also had a lot to do with it. And if this interview doesn’t make you fall a little in love with him too, then I really don’t know what to say. (DO YOU HATE JOY?)

Let’s see, besides name dropping Bobbie, Audrey, Frisco, Alan, Epiphany, Lucky, Ethan, Nikolas and Lesley (!!!) as characters they’re in negotiations to bring back for at least a visit, not nixing the possibility of Georgie and Scott Baldwin making future returns, and easing my mind about the whole vampire thing… well, I’ll just share some choice quotes:

“For a long time the moral compass of the show was off a little bit, and I think now we’re back to where it needs to be. And the people like Luke and Sonny, who may do the wrong thing, are still good guys in their hearts.”

On recasting Jason:

“Not at this point because Jason’s absence opens up a lot of fun possibilities for Sam.”

On the story for Laura’s return:

“We will explore where she’s been, what she’s been doing, why she’s been away and she’ll come back with a big secret.”

On mentioning whatever happened to Amy Vining:

“That’s a good idea. Let me text Ron. We should.”

Simple as that! (If we actually get an Amy shout out, I’ll have to remember to include that interviewer among the people getting thanks for everything wonderful in Port Charles.) You guys, I’m still not exactly sure how to react to our show being in the hands of people who seem to love it as much as we do. I’m being overwhelmed by emotions. Hold me?

Oh, and hey — speaking of warm fuzzy feels in the cockles of our soapy little souls, raise your hand if you, too, had to pause the episode so you could squeal a little with happiness at Lucy and Mac’s reunion yesterday:

Lucy and Mac

LUCY:  I loved the Outback! You bite your tongue. I have a lot of fond memories of that place. Not to mention, I still miss living in that little apartment upstairs.


I cannot wait to see Kevin and Mac interacting — or Felicia and Lucy! Their foursome friendship back in the day was one of my favorites, particularly because Felicia always seemed so hilariously confused about how she became Lucy’s BFF. (Although it seems like Kristina Wagner’s availability may be limited, judging by the creative excuses they keep coming up with to have her off screen. Which is fine! Much better than sending her back to be a deadbeat in Texas. I’ll work with it. Just curious when we’ll see her again.)

Of course, the squeals over the above were nothing compared to what happened when I saw this:

Liz and AJ1

Liz and AJ2

AJ: Look, in true Quartermaine fashion, I’m sure my mother has decided to round me up a social life. I’m embarrassed.
ELIZABETH: I think she just wants to make sure you have someone to talk to. Like all moms want for their sons.
AJ: In any event, I’m sorry. I mean, she had no right to impose on you.
ELIZABETH: It’s okay. The truth is, I could always use a friend.

There is literally no possible reaction to the faces they made at each other during that exchange other than this:


Happy Friday, y’all! I feel like it might be a good one.



13 thoughts on “Heart full of love, you guys.

  1. Well, if they’re making AJ into a sympathetic character they can surely do it with Scott. I’d love to have him return, be a complex human again, maybe bring down Sonny once and for all! Maybe Georgie can appear to comfort Maxie about the baby like she appeared to help Maxie when she was sick. Too bad she’s gone, I’d love for her to have met Dante and be at the Lante wedding. Alan appearances are more than welcome, and his last appearance was so touching, as funny as ghost ALan was tormenting Tracy, having him appear to support and comfort his family was much more powerful. I miss Lucky, though the question is who would play him? But a mention would be good. I still can’t get over his lame exit. Yes, please bring back Lesley and Bobbie!
    AJ and Liz? I’ll go for it. Liz needs someone who will put her first, and AJ deserves his happiness. Jason couldn’t put her first, maybe AJ can. And the irony is too soapy. Especially if Jason was to come back and find his ex girlfriend with his brother.
    I can deal with a Jason-less GH. It’s been way too much about Jason for the past decade.
    McBam and Liz/AJ for 2013!

    • Actually, it sounds like they’re negotiating for a Jonathan Jackson visit as Lucky, since the show he’s on now is within the ABC family…

    • too bad these guys weren’t around for the Jasam/Lante weddings . . . then those weddings might have actually had guests at them!!!

      • Yeah! JaSam’s wedding being private, I can handle as that’s in character, but Lante wedding? No Tracy, even? Come on, Tracy is the one who told Lulu not to be an idiot and throw away a good thing over her insecurities, and no Maxie? I loved the wedding, but the lack of Lulu’s friends and family was stupid. Maybe watchign his sister getting married would have snapped Lucky out of his funk.

  2. All the Spencer stuff made me do a little dance of glee inside. But I’d be happy if they just got them all finally and had them sit around and eat cheetos (sorry Ethan baby, you still don’t count as a Spencer though. although technically neither is Nik, but Nik is a normal retcon, Ethan is an egregious one)

    And they have done a good job on making Sonny not a psychopath, (doesn’t complain about Deke or throw bar ware anymore, but my one nitpick with that comment is they reaaaaaally should just get him out of the mob officially already if they want him to be a “good guy at heart”)

    otherwise yes that interview made me all squishy inside

    • Yeah, I know. But there’s still a large, incomprehensible-to-me portion of the audience that likes the mob stuff. So I’ll accept the compromise of leaving him a mobster but mostly dropping the mob plot.


      • I don’t mind SOME mob, I don’t love it but it’s part of GH, but I don’t want it dominating EVERYTHING and I certainly don’t buy Sonny as a moral compass! Sorry, Ethan isn’t a Spencer to me either, and I HATED how he became Luke’s new favourite over Lucky. It made Luke seem like even more of a jerk. I never really warmed to Ethan.

  3. I REALLY liked what FV said regarding GH’s 50th & it’s future. Especially re Genie-Freaking-Francis. (SQUEE) And having the Spencer boys back, hells yeah! Bringing back legacy characters in any aspect: Just sigh. With Darth Vader (oops Jason) gone, the moral compass can really see some kinda light for criminey’s sake. AJ:that’s a wait-n-see for me.
    He has potential. Nurses Ball & anything associated: hot damn!

  4. In the early years it was hardly ever mentioned that Sonny was in the mob except for in correlation to helping bring down the big bad Frank Smith. As soon as TPTB recognized what an amazing actor they had in MB they ditched the stripper story and started giving him good guy stuff to do, but once they had him take over FS’s job there was no denying that even if he was a “good guy” he did a lot of bad unexcusable things. So it became harder and harder to get behind him or Jason. I think the biggest problem the previous people had is they treated Soap fans like we are stupid, when its the opposite that is true.

    I am all for the bringing in of the new people and I am enjoying that they are mixing them in with the new. I am also ok with visiting each set of storyline’s every couple of weeks or so. That way each one is getting it’s fair shot. Remember when it was the Sonny & Jason show? Oy.

    • Exactly, and so often they got OUTRAGED at other people’s transgressions. Jake’s death is the biggest example for me. A HIRED HITMAN who wouldn’t even give up his position as a professional killer to father his son wants to act all self-righteous about said son’s accidental death? Really?
      I like the new characters, they at least have personality and a purprose. Not like some of the newbies Guza or Wolf tried to introduce. Mixing in the OLTL casts works well, and Sabrina, Ellie and even Britt have a role.

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