Hello, hotness! Part deux.

Is Sean Kanan magic? How does everything he touch turn to hotness? I don’t even find him that good looking, personally! I mean, I love the guy, clearly. But it’s not because I think he’s most attractive actor on the show. Or even the best actor on the cast.

What he does have is that certain something that really works for the most effective soap actors — call it charisma or presence or je ne sais quoi… whatever it is, I just find him mad compelling in everything he does. (And hot. Did I mention the hot?)

Exhibit A: every scene he’s shared with Rebecca Herbst so far. Exhibit B, well… see for yourself:

Carly&AJ hotness1

Carly&AJ hotness2

AJ and Carly, y’all! I knew they had some chemistry, but I was not expecting that to be so completely molten dirtybadwrong hot. And funny. Did I mention the funny?

CARLY: What’s wrong?
AJ: Uh, you. You’re all drunk and stabby.

Hah! Drunk and stabby Carly is my new favorite Carly. And calling everyone on their crap but also reluctantly doing the right thing AJ is my always favorite AJ. Even if it means his revenge rant gets thwarted. It was such a good rant, too — the callbacks to Carly’s many lies and manipulations and life ruinings! The Tony Jones shout out! The well deserved schadenfreude!

But that part where he yelled that she could have raised him up instead of pushing him down, all those years ago? That was the part that hit me where I live. That’s the heart of AJ and Carly right there, why they could have worked and been so beautiful together and why they fell apart so completely. Everything they hate in each other is just a reflection of the faults they see in themselves. They’re two screwed up peas in a pod. If they’d stuck together and lifted each other up, they could have been the next Alan and Monica, the heart of the show. But they didn’t and now they’re in this death spiral of hatred. Extremely hot hatred.

Anyway, I’m still team AJ/Liz, obviously. Because they are also similar but I think she could help lift him up in ways that Carly just can’t, with all this water under the bridge. But I will now concede that I would not object to some hate sex with Carly first.


Meanwhile: Trey is dead, ending his long, endless… um, hours… of suffering. Which is probably for the best, because if I had to spend one more episode listening to Kristina shriek and moan about it, I might not have been responsible for my actions.

But I still find the choice to focus so many months on Konnie’s tiresome and boring blackmail/seduction schemes while ignoring the inherent drama of her relationship with her son to be completely puzzling.

Konnie and Trey

And killing him off in such a rush while trying to cram all those months of character development into the space of a week is, I guess, better than never having done anything with the two of them at all. But it’s still pretty lumping unsatisfying.

I mean, what was the point of this character at all? To paraphrase Henry Jones Sr., he’s leaving just when he was becoming interesting! I’m glad to see Kelly Sullivan add to her Emmy reel; it’s certainly a relief to get a break from Konnie’s sex shenanigans. And Olivia’s vision of Trey at peace was quite a lovely use of something that’s pretty much been played for comic relief up until now. But listening to her lament never having gotten to know him just brought home what a waste of potential and build up this all was.

Plus, it means we’re stuck with Kristina attempting to “act” and “emote” for the foreseeable future, which is really just insult added to injury.


12 thoughts on “Hello, hotness! Part deux.

  1. I do believe AJ is my new favourite, because he has no pretenses, he knows he’s done crappy things and admits to them, and calls people out on their hypocrisy. Plus, he’s a Quartermaine. SK can have chemistry with a door knob it seems!
    One thing I’ll say about Trey’s death: At least they didn’t do another organ story, as it seems now “Brain dead” is almost always followed by “So and so needs a heart/liver/kidney and your child can save a life” followed by the inevitable miracle match.

  2. loved this! Sean and Laura are so hot together! I totally agree, I expected chemistry but I DID NOT expect the explosion of hotness that was on my tv screen yesterday!

    • It’s interesting to see how the different casting for these characters affects their chemistry. SBr’s Carly with SK’s AJ was also smoking hot, IMO. But she didn’t work with Billy Warlock’s AJ at all. And neither did TB’s Carly. On the other hand, both SBr’s and TB’s Carly worked well with Sonny, while I’ve never seen any sparks between him and Laura Wright’s Carly. But she’s back to working well with Kanan’s AJ.

      • I think it has to do a little bit with their physiology. BW came off as a pretty small guy, even though he’s probably taller than half the guys now. And MB seems a bit too wee for LW’s Carly.

  3. i have never found him hot either…but after yesterday…no it’s not hot physical…but hot in another way…..

    i really would love for them to be a couple in the very end…….right now….i think that they truely do belong together…

    i didnt’ think so 20 years ago…but now…..what a difference 2 decades make..


  4. they mucked up the Trey story from the beginning. If you have a long lost child story you have lots of scenes between the parent and child. And there should have been scenes with Dante and Olivia, where they thought there was something familiar about him. Instead I think Kate and Trey shared one scene before she found out he was her son.

    • They really did. There’s been such a weird lack of attention paid to (what I see as, at least) the true dramatic tension of this story. It makes me wonder what was going on behind the scenes.

  5. They should have kept Trey and gotten rid of Kristina. At least Trey had potential. For about a hot minute I thought they might be making him gay, but I wonder if with Jason leaving, bringing, Duke back, and Faison if Trey just fell victim to circumstance of writing.

  6. I have to agree tenillypo. I don’t find Sean Kanan particularly good-looking personally, but he definitely has mad chemistry with almost everyone he shares a scene with. It’s fun to watch. I swear, I can practically see an electric charge emitting from the man.

    At some point today it occured to me that I was watching: Mac, Felicia, Duke, Anna, Lucy, and THREE Quartermaines: Tracy, Monica & AJ. With mentions of Kevin Collins and Tony Jones. That’s priceless to me. Cut out Connie and Sonny and give me more Patrick and I would think the show nearly perfect.

  7. Oh my God the hotness was almost too much. I was team AJ/Liz but now…wow…I am totally team AJ/Carly hate sex…keep walking down memory lane and calling her on all her horrible horrible acts…then slowly figure out that you two have falling in love supercoupledom FTW!

    Man…LW was smoking in those scenes, and SK seemed like he pulled back slightly, just to let her shine. When she went into self-loathing, I (cannot believe I’m saying this) felt sympathy for the horrid individual that is Carly.

    Also…I just love DIANE…She is all sorts of hilarious/awesome diva-tude.

  8. Trey had so much potential, more than any of the other new characters. I think they made a mistake in killing him off so suddenly. As for AJ, I could totally get on board with a Carly/AJ/Liz triangle! How much fun would that be?

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