Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Mona-Mania”

For some reason my DVR thinks Pretty Little Liars is especially tasty so it ate this episode and I had to wait until I had time to watch it online. I thought this episode was definitely better than the last one. It had a few answers that of course lead to some questions and a few good character moments.


So here’s what I think is worth mentioning:

1) Aria has the same anxiety dreams as I do! Teeth falling out? Totally happens to me all the time. Psst, Aria. That means you should TELL EZRA HE HAS AN EFFING CHILD. No seriously. This is Soap 101. Girlfriend who knows about secret unknown child and doesn’t tell will inevitably have it bite her in the ass. Not that I really care about her and Ezra lasting, but I’d rather not have to see him get indignant about this as well.

2) Lucas is a freaking pyro. Or at least was out of good ideas and thought that setting an explosion was a way to keep Mona out of his life? Logic says what? I like Lucas so I’m glad there is more of an explanation of why he worked with Mona on the “A” team. Still, it seems like being caught for cheating might be better than harassment and endangerment. Just sayin’.

3) Someone from the “A” team, I’m assuming Toby, set up some kid to have a bike accident so Mona could steal the team captain of the academic decathlon team, or whatever they call it, from Spencer.  I really don’t have a clue what the endgame is here. I suppose it could just be to piss Spencer off. It seems like a pretty convoluted plan just for that though, when Toby could just reveal that he is part of the “A” team, which I’m sure would repulse Spencer to no end.  So I’m going to wait and see because there is probably more to this.

4) Emily kicks ass! Emily has always tended to get angry in response to this harassment, but this time she chased after Toby when he slashed her tires. Now that I’ve digested the fact that Toby is on the bad side, I want Emily to totally kick his ass. He deserves it and she deserves the satisfaction.

5) Aria’s dad is seemingly going off the rails. He appears to be getting erratic and violent, but I totally think it is still a red herring. Meredith continues to be the worst. This time she seems to be trying to help  Aria, but her discussions with her feel inappropriate and strange, considering she is in a relationship with Byron. Anyway, this whole thing has something to do with Toby and Mona because Mona was waiting outside his office while Toby seemed to be planting masks to presumably frame someone for something. Maybe they are trying to make Aria’s dad seem more guilty?

All in all, I found this episode to be more engaging than the last one. Since Mona, Toby and Byron seem to be the most likely suspects for Alison’s death, I’m assuming they aren’t at all the real culprit. I’m still not 100% clear why they don’t think Ian is still a possible suspect since he tried to kill Spencer. Maybe because he is dead and now therefore not interesting? Honestly, there may have been some fact that cleared him but this show has so many crazy plot developments I can’t remember. Clearly, someone is killing the AV club off, supposedly Mona and Toby since it was a hooded person, but with this show you never know! Also, is there a store there in Rosewood that sells these hoodies in bulk?


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Mona-Mania”

  1. they did actually show one of the “a” team buying hoodies in bulk in the epilogue of one ep., it may have been the last one of s1.

    what i don’t understand stand is why Spencer,whose parents are lawyers, doesn’t have a restraining order against mona, mona tried to kill spencer last season, she really shouldn’t be anywhere near any of the girls, the parents should get together and get one for all the girls.

    • Ha! That does sound vaguely familiar. No wonder that image was in my brain! Honestly, if I try to think too hard about this show it makes my brain want to explode so I…don’t.

      And your point about the restraining order is spot on. It seems like most of the parents want to seem like they care about their kids, but only Emily’s parents actually do anything to try to protect them. Although a super security alarm when your kid is a teenager won’t really help. Teens won’t let you lock them down! *shakeshead*

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