It’s cute they’re acting like it’s even a choice.

You might think Luke, of all people, would be able to muster some sympathy for a man who was separated from his wife by wrongful captivity at the hands of a psychopath who was obsessed with her. Or for anyone kept from their loved ones by Faison.

You might think that even if he couldn’t spare a single moment of that’s rough, buddy comeraderie, he’d at least be gracious enough to shake the guy’s hand and accept his thanks for helping to end his twenty years of unjust torture and captivity.

You might thing that, but you’d be wrong. Because Luke is the worst.

Luke is an asshole

Now, I realize that this show — even under the new regime — has not always had the best track record with understanding when characters are being the worst. But for the most part lately, when they do want us to think someone is terrible, we know it. I mean, it might not always be wine spritzer obvious, but it hasn’t exactly been subtle, you know?

Which is why I am really hoping that today’s display of supreme dickishness was deliberate and not a sign that someone in the writers’ room actually thinks Luke is a romantic choice any sane woman, man, or even dog would make at this point. Especially not when this is the alternative option:

DUKE: Well, I’m not going to pressure you into giving me an explanation, Anna. And I’m not gonna force you into making a choice. I’m not going to press myself on you, not the way that Faison did. I mean, with all my faults, the one thing I always was with you — I was fair.
ANNA: Yeah, you were.
DUKE: So. I’m not going to press you. [starts to leave but turns back] However, I will always love you.

SWOON CITY, GUYS. Like, I literally held a hand to my heart and sighed a little.

You know Anna is right there with me:

Anna and Duke swoon

Girlfriend, you need to put a ring on that, stat.

In any case, I could hope that Laura’s impending (OMGOMGOMGOMG) return means she will distract Luke from Anna, but frankly, do we wish that hot mess on her? No, no we do not. So, basically, what I need is for Luke to just drop off a cliff and be gone for another three months.

(He’s only been back for two days. This bodes ill.)

18 thoughts on “It’s cute they’re acting like it’s even a choice.

  1. I’m pretty sure we were supposed to see Luke as a dick. So, to quote Xander Harris, ” . . . yay?”

    You’d think Luke would be a little smarter though. Hey, woman I say I love, watch me be a complete ass! And no, definitely not wishing that on Laura. Severe groveling will have to be done.

    • As long as the dickishness is intended and will therefore be eventually rewarded with the telling off/shunning it deserves, I’ll be all good. *crossing fingers*

  2. i personally think luke should be in jail for killing jake and then running around town saying it liberated him. and no way do i want laura around him, hopefully she will b*tchslap him and go find scotty.

    can i just say that the stupid DID and lsd psychic stories are getting way old and need to be wrapped up.

    • scotty is supposed to be with laura……


      i so agree…..the only thing that i like with those two stories is that puppy…

      but i got so bored with DID’s on one life…….so…..

  3. Luke has been a petty shit for years and years. I honestly don’t get why anyone would be fans of him or wish him upon any woman. The only reason why he’s even remotely in the game at this point, is because Anna can’t stop associating Duke with Faison… for now. She chose Duke over Luke before, and she will do it again.

    I need Laura to come back, either having been busy nursing Stefan back from the dead or married to Scotty. Right after Anna makes her choice. Then Luke’s head can explode for all I care.

    • I would take Stefan/Laura in a HEARTBEAT. Scotty annoyed the hell out of me with his obsessiveness with her the last go-around, though. He and Luke can both take a time out from romance and go help Lucy out of her problems.

      • I’m more lenient on Scotty because it was standard Guza throwing a character under the bus to prop characters he likes better – see AJ, Jax, Lorenzo, Ric vs. Sonny, Stefan and Scotty vs. Luke, everyone vs. Jason.

      • I want Laura & Stefan too! GF & SN chemistry is off the charts wonderful! Luke can drop off a cliff permanently for all I care,seeing Laura grovel,chase and whine after him is so degrading and makes me want to vomit!

  4. i was thinking the same thing yesterday. and why would anna want to be with the narcissist luke, but he did go through hell in prison to try to protect her from faison.that confused me…no comparison to the many years duke was imprisoned…
    more confusion- luke didn’t want lucky to be a “cop” or lulu to marry one ,so why does he want the chief of police.

    • Luke’s aversion to cops under Guza never rang true to me. His best friend was the police commissioner! Luke, himself, was the effing town Mayor! So I count that inconsistency as RC fixing bad characterization.

      But yeah, his possessive pushiness and just general rudeness should be huge, neon blinking signs to back away slowly for any sane woman. I certainly hope it was intentional.

      • Agreed. The way he treats his cop son-in-law shows what a d*ck he is. The guy has done so much for his daughter, and him, goes half way around the world to rescue him in Turkey and he can’t even manage a thank you, or a handshake. It’s all about Anna, Annna, Anna. Maybe Dante being the perfect husband to Lulu reminds him of the d*ck he has been to his daughter.

  5. IB is playing real Duke with such softness and humanity. I am eating it up. There would be absolutely no choice for any sane woman.

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