Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Misery Loves Company”

I actually thought this week was much more interesting than last! Here are the reasons:

1) Toby and Mona aren’t in charge. I had really hoped that Toby wasn’t the mastermind and it turns out he’s not! I still don’t get why he is doing this, but I now have more hope that the reason won’t fill me with white hot rage.


2) Caleb got a hair cut! Somehow it looks just as shaggy as it did before? How this happened is an utter mystery to me.  But that’s okay, because his hair cut seemed to coincide with him and Paige smartening up! I’m so glad to see that someone realizes these girls are kind of awful at managing this situation and are looking to kick some butt.

3) Meredith is a psycho with a side of crazy sauce. Uh, when did this hapen? I mean, she clearly was never likable, but drugging Aria? Total. Wack. Job. Again, another case of someone else in this town catching the crazies. And then she just ran off? Okay, whatever. As long as she’s gone.

4) Toby’s not so good at keeping secrets if he let’s Emily have his keys. Seriously, if he is supposed to be so sinister and secret, wouldn’t he have even slightly hesitated in giving Emily his keys? How the hell did he keep his role in this secret for this long? He is clearly bad at it. Thankfully, this meant that Spencer figured out that he is part of the “A” team. She broke my heart when she was just looking for any reason to believe it wasn’t true. Poor girl. Toby sucks.


5) Byron finally comes clean. He says that he didn’t hurt Alison and he wasn’t the last one to see her. That’s convenient, but I always thought he was a red herring. So it sounds like Melissa is more involved in Alison’s death than she let on. Surprise, surprise.  What else isn’t a surprise? Byron being a total coward. I thought he was going to be noble and tell the police what he knows, but no. Aria gave him an out and he took it without hesitation. God, Aria’s parents are pretty much the worst.

Anyway, some of the developments this week were entertaining so I’m actually looking forward to next week!


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Misery Loves Company”

  1. i wasn’t quite sure how spencer figured it out. i think that when his stuff fell out of his pocket, the badge fell out and he didn’t get it and spencer found it on the floor. i don’t think em having his keys had anything to do with it. i may have to watch it again.

    i think caleb has been pretty smart about this for a while, he figured iut he abd hannah had to be broken up and that hannah was hiding something,and he found emily when whats his face took her out of town.

    spencer just broke my heart. but maybe wren can come and help.

  2. That may be the case, but I still stand by my comment that Toby is a bad “A” team member for doing that because they did show that she came awful close to finding it earlier. Regardless of how it happened, I’m just glad it did.

    And yeah, Caleb is one of the smarter ones, although he did take a damned gun with him when he chased after Emily. I wouldn’t necessarily call that smart. I just really like the idea of him and Paige teaming up.

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