Everything’s coming up Quartermaine!

If you heard a certain high pitched whine at some point during the last few days, it was probably just me reacting to the sight of this handsome, dimpled fellow on set again:

Ned and Tracy


Ahem. I have no idea how long he’s staying, but I want to give my heartfelt thanks to whichever staff member took my advice and kidnapped Wally Kurth. And not just because I love him or because the number of Quartermaines on the canvas could still use some bolstering, although I seriously do and and they seriously could.

But it’s just damn nice to see someone in Tracy’s corner because they actually care about her, you know?

TRACY: What’s it gonna be, Ned. You with me or against me?
NED: Of course I’m with you. You’re my mother.
TRACY: So, why do keep telling me to step aside?
NED: Because even if you manage to put AJ back in his place you could still get hurt. And I just don’t want to see that.
TRACY: Don’t you know by now I don’t get hurt?

I mean, come on. Raise your hand if you sniffled hard during that scene. I honestly wish both Tracy and AJ would realize that their self-worth does not have to be tied to ELQ anymore, and that continuing to vie for Edward’s approval from beyond the grave is a fool’s game. And maybe that’s actually the message of the relish Edward left her, I don’t know. But I’d certainly be happy to see this fight over running the company to end with some sort of grudging respect between them and renewed Q family ties.

In the meantime, Ned bringing an added dose of ELQ intrigue doesn’t hurt. Especially because I have no idea who this unknown Quartermaine heir that only Carly and Heather know about could possibly be. (Which is great! I like being surprised!)

vampire Tracy

Although I am kind of bummed that Ned’s arrival has prevented us from seeing Tracy’s first plan in action because watching her get her Edward Cullen on would have been amazing.

4 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up Quartermaine!

  1. wow, i’m a little late…thanks for the fang shot, tenilly…lol. I was bummed Ned talked her out of that plan too because that scene would have been hilarious!

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