The Saddest Little Girl in the World, part deux.

We already thought we’d seen Emma at her saddest, but that was before the poor girl had to spend any significant time with Britt:

Sad Emma

I feel your pain, Emma!

I want to start sucking on a light socket every time Britt is on screen because I think that would be less painful than watching her cartoonishly play the evil step monster. I mean, seriously? Who talks to a kid like that?

I’ve been kind of quiet about Patrick’s new story — but only because Britt’s character has been doing her job by ensuring I’m repulsed whenever she’s on screen. And Sabrina’s reactions to Patrick still make me want to cringe. Her scenery-chewing this week around not spending time with Emma gave me a serious case of the eye rolls.

Dear Sabrina: I really like you and I absolutely love your friendship with Felix. But you seem like such a junior high school kid when you profess love for someone with whom you have spent a minimal amount of time getting to really know as a person. What you are feeling is lust. And I don’t blame you, girl. I mean, look at him. But how about you take it down a notch?

Honestly, I feel really bad for her at this point. I don’t know what the future will bring, but if/when they find out Robin is alive, no matter what the resulting story line, her little heart is bound to be crushed into a million pieces.

I think the only hope is for the writers to work on making her an equal to Patrick. She still feels like a little puppy dog following him around.

Don’t get me wrong, my heart wants Robin and Patrick together. But if I can’t have that, I want Patrick to actually get a serious love interest. I know that they are likely heading that way and I see a few signs of it, but it really should be farther along at this point. (I guess her finding Emma is supposed to be part of that, but they haven’t sold that to me yet.) Maybe the long game is even longer than I thought? I’m getting impatient. Hurry up already!

13 thoughts on “The Saddest Little Girl in the World, part deux.

  1. Truthfully, I find it hard to invest in any romance for Patrick knowing Robin is alive, and all bets for anyone will be off when he finds out. That said, I’d hate to see Sabrina get her heart crushed, she’s so sweet if a little nerdy. Britt needs to fall HARD so I hope this does the trick. Poor Emma, I wanna smack Britt. And leaving a kid unattended like that? Doesn’t she know how stupid that is, and in GH, turning your back for a second can lead to disaster. Then she just dismisses it! IDIOT!!

    • Yeah, as a parent I wanted to yell at Britt too. It is nice that such a real situation is something that will hopefully open Patrick’s eyes as to what a selfish person Britt is. It is refreshing from all the over the top villain crap Britt has been pulling. She doesn’t have to the THE WORST to be not good for Patrick and Emma. She can just be simply be a self-serving jerk. That is honestly enough.

  2. Sabrina definitely needs to take it down a notch. She’s beginning to border on the pathetic with her crush on Patrick. And you’re right GH needs to pick up the pace on their story lines.

  3. Watching Anna take charge of that situation was totally awesome.

    But is was so jarring to watch two-dimensional, one note Britt confronted with three-dimensional, vibrant Anna. Like different universes colliding. That kind of happens a lot on this show lately. I noticed it in the almost unwatchable Kristina-tries-to-kill-Connie scene. I’m usually not impressed with Maurice Benard as an actor, but his competence at creating a solid character was quite apparent amidst the one-note characters and non-existent or over-the-top acting of Kristina and Connie.

    It’s so much better to watch to fully realized, well acted characters go at each other. I could watch Tracy and AJ go at each other all day!

    • This. It really is difficult to see these two classes of characters collide. Can’t they invest in giving some of these other characters some nuance?

      Although I don’t think anything could help Kristina. She should have a mental breakdown, put Konnie in a coma and go to Ferncliff for a while until she can be recast. Maybe that’s too harsh? No, I don’t think so.

  4. sorry totally disagree on sabrina, imo she is just as bad if not worse than britch. sabrina is using emma and robin’s memory to get into patrick’s pants, this is what the whole NB is all about. now she knows that pat and britch are having sex she can’t watch emma and she ran out of a meeting for the NB. sure britch told her that patrick was uncomfortable but she was going to talk to him about that before she saw them in the shower. sabrina is way too young for patrick chronologically and emotionally, if spin wasn’t taken i would say go for him, maybe mikey after ka has to go bye-bye.

    and we knew lucky was still alive but while he was “dead” we got the beginning of Liason. JT can’t be held hostage,sort of like it seems EW/RH is being held in limbo until they can get JJ back,until kmc decides to back long enough to finish their story however that is. JT is hot and there are too few guys on the show. i don’t mind either one getting their hearts broken but at least britch is up front about what she wants, sure she’s a britch but she’s not using his kid or “dead” wife to get him.

    • I really think Sabrina is too naive to have such a sinister motive. That’s exactly my problem. I think she wouldn’t have an effing clue what to do with Patrick if she got him. She has these epic fantasies of a big kiss and then if it went any farther, she would run away. *shrugs* Clearly you see things differently, but taking Patrick out of the equation, I like Sabrina. I think she has potential to be an interesting character, but she needs much more development to be a believable love interest for anyone, IMO. And we do agree that JT is leading man material and deserves to have an actual love interest. It also just makes for good soap if he is engaged in a new relationship when he finally finds out that Robin is alive. That is just soap 101.

  5. I think Emma’s the new devious mastermind and set all this up so when she gets found she can tell her father how Britt talked to her and bust them up for good…LOL!

  6. I go back and forth on my opinion of Sabrina. I for sure think she is WAY too young (looking and acting) to be a viable romantic partner with Patrick. Patrick will always look pervy next too her. I also think she is coming across as a little bit of a nutcase this week with “I will love Patrick forever.” Girl what do you know about him other than he is a doctor, a dad and his wife died? Do you know he first met Robin while banging a nurse in the OR? How about he loved to bang his wife all over GH? Do you know his dad “killed” his mom in the OR? Or that his dad was a drunk? Or how about his brother who is in jail for killing him psycho ex? Yeah you don’t know him at all. And I don’t buy her martyr act either. I would maybe if she’d actually met Robin once. Or if she hadn’t said she can’t be involved with the Nurses Ball if Patrick doesn’t love her. Yup. She’s just as manipulative as Britch, albeit in a much more subtle way.

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