The good, the bad, and the please just make it stop.

How come I never look this good whenever I get strong-armed into going out to drinks with co-workers instead of heading home for a quiet glass of wine like I would OBVIOUSLY prefer?

Single nurses' night out


Anyway, the point is: Liz has friends! Even if they’re just co-worker friends, which is a slightly different breed. It’s nice feeling like the hospital is a place where people actually work together and occasionally co-mingle, you know? (And nice to see Felix presented as more than just a sassy source of advice for straight women. Now let’s find him an actual romance, writers.)

Nurses’ night out also led to some welcome co-mingling of different story lines, although the fact that these involved the Maxie/Lante/Spinelli baby mess means my blood pressure got a work out:

SABRINA: You and Ellie seemed really good together. What happened?
SPINELLI: I made a terrible mistake. I told Ellie the truth.

Um, yeah. Spinelli? Pretty sure waiting literally five minutes after pledging your heart belonged solely to Ellie before hopping into bed with the ex-girlfriend you know is in love with you was the terrible mistake you made. Not being honest about it afterward.


Speaking of characters who need to shut their mouths post haste, can Lulu please just… stop? Like, stop everything she’s doing and saying? Unless the goal is to render her so insufferably annoying that I no longer care how horrible what Maxie’s doing to her is? (If so, then… mission nearly accomplished, I guess?)

Maxie lying

Lulu, sweetie: Maxie is neither your robot nor your slave. You did not purchase her entire body; you merely rented some space in her womb. DIAL IT DOWN A NOTCH. OR TWENTY.

But of course, what Maxie’s doing to Lulu and Dante is incredibly horrible. Even worse? It’s nonsensical. First of all, the turbo speed at which this story is moving is just biologically implausible. (Ladies, who wouldn’t feel like having sex an hour after miscarrying, right?) But that’s nothing compared to the speed at which the characters are making emotional decisions. Spinelli ping-pongs back and forth between declaring his love for Maxie and Ellie; Ellie alternately breaks up with and then forgives him every other day.

And then there’s Maxie. This is a character who has never wanted to be a mother. Dealing with the fact that she’s now pregnant with her own child should be a huge emotional roller coaster for her. Instead, she’s barely reacted at all. And the only things that seem to be factoring into her decision to keep or give up the baby are Lulu and Dante’s disappointment vs. Spinelli’s relationship status with Ellie. Huh? Where in this are Maxie’s feelings about impending motherhood?

Oh, that’s right. SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY. (Have I mentioned I really hate this story?)

All I can say is thank goodness the Giambetti brothers were there to provide a break from all the annoyance. I know. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence either.


Finally, I need to give a shout out to Michael, who achieved what I’m going to go ahead and already call as Line of the Week, and it was only Monday:

TRACY: That’s some memory you’ve got.
MICHAEL: Yeah, well people remember hurtful things, which makes you very quotable.

You all know I love Tracy madly (and especially more after today’s unexpectedly touching scenes with Connie), but… WORD, MIKEY.


13 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the please just make it stop.

  1. I was looking forward to a surrogate story involving Maxie and Lante but there are many reasons I don’t like this. Maxie needs to be honest, Lulu needs to dial it down (we all know she can be annoying when she overreacts, I love her but I can admit how OTT she can be). Ellie deserves way better. I do NOT want Spixie, they are so unhealthy.

    • The thought of Spinelli raising a child horrifies me, but yes, of course he deserves to know and to have a say in what happens to his child. Maybe the only silver lining to this story is the hope that when he finds out the truth he’ll be so angry at Maxie it will end them for good? (J/K I know the writers would never be that nice to me.)

      • the part that i’m hating the most is britch’s part in it all….do my dirty work now or i’ll tell the truth……..i’m sorry but she should be kicked out of doctoring and then some……

        yeah the story started out so good and well intentioned and it’s turned out oh so wrong


  2. Maxie keeping this secret actually makes me sad. I like lulu and Maxie’s friendship and having her let Lulu and Dante believe the baby is theirs just seems cruel.

    • It makes me super sad. I loved the idea of a mostly positive story focused on their friendship. This is the opposite of what I wanted.

  3. Yeah, you know I hate the Spinelli/Maxie baby story. I wish I could go ahead and call it the worst story of 2013, but I don’t have that much faith. *sigh*
    It will essentially demolish Maxie and Lulu’s friendship. This dumbass story is not worth that.
    And yes, Maxie. It does actually matter whose baby this is IF YOU DON’T TELL THEM. GAWD.

    • She is really going back to being the old, selfish Maxie. I don’t want Maxie and Lulu’s friendship to fall apart! And I may not care much for Spinelli but doesn’t he have the right to know? It looks really bad considering she also FAKED a pregnancy not to mention then faking a miscarriage.

  4. don’t worry maxie will have feelings in about 9 months, about 5 minutes before she gives the baby to lulu or the next day,or the baby will be ill and they will find out the blood type can only be maxie’s or something like that..

    • Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. Unfortunately, by that point I’m afraid the damage will already have been done to Maxie and Lulu’s friendship. Also, when the best case scenario is the truth comes out and Maxie and Spinelli raise a child together? Ugh.

      • I don’t think Lulu is THAT bad . . . it’s not like she’s following her home or anything. And I actually am not that fond of Maxie even during the best of times and yet I don’t feel that angry at her maybe because Lulu and Dante don’t seem that excited? We should a scene of them at home planning on where to put all the baby’s stuff or something. If I were the writer, I would show that Maxie is not really think about this as HER baby because she’s in shock/denial and I would show that Lulu is so antsy because it turns out she wasn’t ready to go through with someone else carrying her baby after all. but . . . if I were the writer, I would have written a ton of this stuff differently, heh.

    • you think they’ll find out the next day…….

      if the show’s renewed for another year that’s the time they’ll find out……always the baby’s at least a year old before they find out the truth……..about who’s baby it is…

      • that’s true. at least a year…the last time,i can think of ,off the top of my head ,was when lulu was a baby and nicholas had to come give her a transplant… nicholas wasn’t a baby.not exactly the same thing…but sometimes it takes years.

  5. Maybe the truth is what brings Laura home. On another note so happy to see a strong,calm, supportive mac. Hope when Robins story comes back get to see him be a little kick ass.

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