Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno”

More reveals! More lies! More crying!

So here’s my five things –

1) This ACTUALLY happened:


Bwahahahaha. I have no further comment.

2) I didn’t hate Ezra for once. All signs pointed to Ezra having an epic rage meltdown on Aria when he found out about his secret child. But no. He actually surprised me. Instead, he showed his true heartache over finding out this painful truth and the fact that Aria kept it from him. It was…touching? Did I really say that?

3) Spencer is pretty when she cries. Poor baby, Spencer. So sad, so angry, so ridiculous.


Why is she not telling her friends about Toby? I really can’t tell. It seemed like she was in denial at first, but since she hired a PI to follow him, I can only assume she is trying to get some answers before she lets them in on this. Except that really sucks since the “A” team puts all of them in danger frequently so she kind of owes them that info. Clearly, as with all other secrets on this show, this will bite her in the ass.

4) Bad cop was in the same town as Ally when she might have been pregnant so now he is super suspicious. Or something. I really have no idea how Ally’s older friend (who I don’t care what her name is) could have heard Ally say something about somebody threatening to kill her or that she was pregnant and NOT think maybe she should tell the police.  Whatever, show. Is everyone a moron? Apparently. Anyway, evil cop dude was also where ever Ally was so of course the girls now suspect him. Circumstantial evidence? Sure, that’s enough for them to point fingers. I mean, yes. The dude is awful, but ladies, please start trying to find some actual hard evidence. Kthanxbye.

5) The “A” leader has waaay too much time on his or her hands. I know many people have said that “A” has an insane amount of time to harass these ladies. Knowing that Toby and Mona are helping this person makes it seem a bit more realistic. Still, it is hard to believe that this evil genius would order some custom bobble-head dolls just to put a blow torch to them.


Just sayin’.

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