Why, Nurse Webber, you can play doctor with me any day.

They are killing me with this. KILLING ME. How can Elizabeth and AJ keep being so cute and not be making out?

Frank Valentini had better have been lying through his sneaky little teeth when he said AJ wasn’t the new man on her horizon, is all I’m saying. Because, daaaaaaaamn:

Liz saves AJ2

MICHAEL: What was that about?
AJ: The check that Tracy wrote to fund the Nurses’ Ball bounced and I was telling Elizabeth about it… who could not have been nicer. And I just–I don’t know. I just wish we could–
AJ: –make that commitment happen.

Okay, fine. But seriously, you guys. I need them to make out so hard.

And they’re not the only ones! Because Sam and John are working together to solve the riddle of all the vampire craziness, and she keeps doing things that make him look at her like this…

John and Sam

John and Sam3

And that is clearly the universal sign for WE NEED MAKE OUT POST HASTE. They also keep having cute conversations like this:

SAM: I’ve got a better idea. I’ll go.
McBAIN: Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah. Have you thought about who else is on that Ferncliff roster right now? You’ve got your Todd Manning batting lead off, you got your Heather Webber hitting clean up–
SAM: Yes, and I don’t think you should worry about it. I’ll stay away from all of them, I promise. And besides, I think that Lucy thinks I’m this Livvie, and she wants to protect her. So maybe I can use that to work in our advantage.
McBAIN: [adorably amused] So what, you’re going in there as some sort of civilian consultant?
SAM: I’ll let you know what I find out.
McBAIN: Hey, Sam? Please be careful.

Where, she, in turn, looks at him like this:

John and Sam2

And I just can’t take it. Why aren’t they making out all time? WHY?

It’s so nice to have a Sam pairing I can actually root for again, y’all. Which makes me extra hope that ABC, Prospect Park, and the actors are able to work out some sort of deal to keep at least McBain in Port Charles — even if he’s just playing a remarkably similar cop named Ron McPain. Because, let’s face it, for chemistry like this? I am willing to be flexible, writers.

(But the correct answer to the poll in that link is clearly Sonny/Brenda 4EVER! That is always the correct answer.)


3 thoughts on “Why, Nurse Webber, you can play doctor with me any day.

  1. Ahahaha. Hi-larious poll. Seriously, if these jackholes can’t work this out, I’m gonna cut somebody! They are shooting themselves in the foot here.

  2. I watched Port Charles. I watched OLTL and AMC. But they took them away and I learned to live without them. I’m not going back. Leave the only damn remaining ABC soap the hell alone, please.

    I finally like John McBain. That never happened on OLTL. And I need him to make Sam likeable, but also because I love him with Anna. Todd is a slightly different version than OLTL Todd, but I like it and I can live with it. Roger Howarth is damn good and Todd makes Sonny look pathetic and that is always worth seeing. Starr, well, not my favorite, but Michael needs someone and they work for now. Prospect Park took too damn long to get it together and they can just get over it.

    Those pics show something amazing – characters with sparkly eyes. GH characters have had dead eyes for far too long now.

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