I don’t think that could have been more satisfying.

OMG, you guys. I knew Britt was a crazypants, but her true insanity came out in all its glory last week. And Patrick was there to see it! Effing finally.

We got to see this:

BRITT: I don’t know what you think you overheard, but I’m sure it wasn’t–
PATRICK: You think that my daughter’s a spoiled brat. You warned Sabrina and Emma that you’re gonna to be with me and there’s nothing they could do about it. Is that about right?
BRITT: Well, Sabrina and I were in the middle of um, a private conversation and alright, I was being a little defensive, but, I’m sure you misunderstood…
PATRICK: I don’t want there to be any confusion or misunderstanding. Emma is the most important thing in the in the world to me and I will never doubt her for any reason whatsoever.

And this:

PATRICK: No, no, no. We don’t have anything. […] I could never care about somebody that doesn’t care about my daughter. Emma is my life. Whatever we had is over.

I think my reaction may have been the same as Sabrina and Liz’s:

Sabrina and Liz celebrate

I’m right there with ya, girlfriends!

So now Britt’s awfulness is being mixed in with Maxie’s poor judgment and the result is going to be a story that will continue to make me want to throw things at my television screen. Clearly they have shown Britt to be spiteful enough to bribe Maxie to help her ruin Sabrina, but this just digs Maxie into an even bigger hole. I am so not excited about this.

And speaking about combining story lines in ways that make me want to vomit — now Olivia is having visions about Sabrina making out with Steven in the shower? Eww. At least we got a sign that the actress can play someone who  seems like she is older than twelve, but naked Steve and Olivia’s visions? DO NOT WANT. Remember those days when Johnny wasn’t a horrible waste of space and Olivia wasn’t an LSD  clairvoyant and we actually enjoyed watching them on screen?

Yeah, me too.


5 thoughts on “I don’t think that could have been more satisfying.

  1. Okay, I squealed like Liz & Sabrina did when Patrick kicked Brittch to the curb…I gotta admit, that was so great to see Britt think she had the upper hand with Sabrina and Emma, then turn around and see Patrick standing there. And, finally, FINALLY, Patrick called her on her BS and kicked her sorry, psycho ass to the curb! Jason Thompson was as fabulous in those scenes as he was in the scenes at Kelly’s when Emma went missing!

    Oh, brother, just when we were done with Patrick being involved with a stalking s/l, here comes Britt! Hell’s Bells, Maxie! Tell Lante and Spinelli what happened! Sure, they’ll be hurt, and angry, but wouldn’t it in the long run be better than being Britt’s damn puppet as she seeks revenge on Sabrina for something that…correct me if I’m wrong…was BRITT’s fault to begin with? Does Maxie even realize that if anything bad happens to Sabrina, Emma will be crushed, and in turn that will hurt Patrick, too…so it isn’t just Sabrina she’s hurting, it’s Emma and Patrick, too? Can we just stop with the Lisa 2.0 s/l? Wake Robert up, get him to tell Anna Robin’s alive, get the both of them to rescue her, bring her home to her family, and end this crazy stalker s/l, please!!!!

    Okay, rant over!

  2. I think Storms does such a great job with Maxie when given a chance. As with Tracy i dont always like her but hate to see her hurt herself. Really hope the writers know where they are going with this. Oh do i want to see movement in a liz driven s/l. if not AJ who?

  3. i agree…..why can’t maxie tell them the truth……it sure would be better then having to do that idiots dirty…i tell you….

    i so can’t stand even looking at her..i flip the station whenever she and that stupid smile of hers comes on…

    and then yesterday when she was all sweet to patrick…i didnt’ listen to her…but i wanted to throw up….

    why do we have to have lisa niles all over again………

    i agree……let’s get robin alive…and stop that stupid woman in her tracks….i would love for her to take a swipe and a good one and where’s anna in all of this….why isn’t she paying more attention to her grand-daughter…she’d so wipe the floor with britch…..

    and duke..i bet that he’d see through her……i would love for them all to gang up on her….and give her a taste of her own medicine..


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