Reunited, and it feels so–wait WHAT?


Actually, I have a confession to make: beloved as I know he is, the truth is, I’ve never really had much use for Frisco. Not his fault. I just missed his heyday, so other than YouTube clips, I know him mostly as a deadbeat who only occasionally shows up to (hotly) father more children to abandon.

Frisco returns

Which isn’t to say I’m not THRILLED to see Jack Wagner’s face on my screen, because hello, drama bomb! And also, it’s just fun seeing the parade of vets continue. (Speaking of which… HOLY CRAP, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.) (Just visiting a friend, my ass.)

But it does mean that I spent a lot of time giving Frisco the finger and Mac imaginary fist bumps during exchanges like this:

MAC: You look tired. Long trip?
FRISCO: Yeah, long trip. I guess a life of covert ops and dodging bullets takes its toll. But you look… rested.
MAC: [visibly gritting his teeth] I feel great! So, tell us, Frisco, what could possibly drag you away long enough from your adventures to grace us with your presence?

BURN! So yeah, I don’t care if they’re a supercouple or soulmates. Felicia had better not break Mac’s boring old heart again for this dick, because I may not be responsible for my actions if she does.

But as satisfying as it was to see Mac get his pound of “I RAISED YOUR KIDS, YOU INGRATE” flesh, we all know the Maxie/Frisco confrontation is the one we’ve all been waiting for. Which is why I held off posting this until tonight, assuming there would be some choice moments to highlight. I mean, clearly, after making us wait for eighteen years for this moment, they would never be so cruel as to not lead off today’s episode with it, right? RIGHT?



Not that what we got instead wasn’t fun! Because… seriously, elsewhere in Port Charles, AMAZING THINGS have been happening. Like, I don’t want to seem overly dramatic here, but Michael Easton in hair extensions? Possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me:



Just saying: from here on out, I’m pretty sure all life will seem dull in comparison. And no, I still don’t think he’s really a vampire. But no, I also have no idea where this is all going. But it’s spared us more of Alison? And it got us that amazing hair. So really, how can I complain?

(Also, see? Now Lucy wanting to kill him doesn’t seem so crazy, does it? Because that hair is an abomination and must die.)

Speaking of which, this is a thing that also happened. And it was also beautiful:

Ferncliff escape

(Nice walk out, Ferncliff employees! I guess it’s good to know that the hospital isn’t the only medical establishment in town staffed by people who failed their ethics and common sense courses?)

Before she came back, if you’d asked me who — other than her old friends — I most wanted to see Lucy interacting with, I would have said Todd and Heather. Because, come on. If there were ever three actors more meant to have wacky shenanigans together, than I haven’t seen them. And truly, they have been a joy. Case in point:

LUCY: We are taking him with us!
HEATHER: How do you expect us to do that? Do you see an extra wheel barrow lying around? […]
TODD: You know what, Heather’s making a lot of sense. [pauses, horrified] Wow. I cannot believe I just said that. I have spent so much time in there that I think I’m actually now unstable.

Whatever they’re paying Robin Mattson, it isn’t enough. NATIONAL TREASURE, PEOPLE.


17 thoughts on “Reunited, and it feels so–wait WHAT?

  1. I dont know about you, but I am finding it refreshing not knowing automatically where a story is headed from the moment it starts. The only thing I do know is that FV & RC have said over and over again it isn’t a vampire story yet all these “fans” are getting themselves in a tizzy over vampires. It kind of makes me wonder if they arent sitting in their offices having a good laugh over it all.

    • I’m absolutely certain they’re laughing their asses off. Just like they were when everyone (including me!) was upset about “Duke” being evil.

  2. Frisco is Tony Jones’s brother, right? Where has he been even when Georgie died?
    Seeing as they’ve done a good job fixing the horrible mess with AJ, and with Felicia maybe they can fix Frisco. At any rate bringing back an old vet can’t be bad, right? At least not with them. Now if we can get rid of Britch (though Patrick FINALLY telling her off was a thing of beauty), that would be close to perfect. I just hate that all this pregnancy thing will blow up in Maxie’s face. Frisco does deserve to be told off by Mac, who had raised Maxie. Mac has been there when Frisco wasn’t.

    • Yes, Frisco is Tony’s younger brother. He works for the WSB (the same agency Robert and Anna worked for) and has apparently been away on assignment for, you know… 18 years. When Felicia came home for Georgie’s funeral, she said she’d been with Frisco doing work for the WSB but he couldn’t come back with her.

    • georgie was frisco’s kid too. so he may be one of the worst deadbeat dads along w/lucky,jason,robert,luke,ric but the worst deadbeat dad on gh has got to be jeff webber. frisco actually made it to his kid’s heart transplant trouble, jeff webber hasn’t shown up for his daughter’s rape,kidnappings,weddings,kids,kid’s death,his daughter’s almost deaths etc. don’t go to pc unless you don’t want your dad or your kid’s dad to stay around.let’s not forget about deadbeat moms…. sorry laura you’ve been out of sb for yrs and you’ve never been by to see your grandkid, you weren’t there when jake died. felicia,bobbie and Liz’s mom.

      but yay!! for mac he stayed and raised 3 kids that weren’t even his.

      • Laura has been in PAris for rehab for her catatonia, and I don’t anyone called her about Jake (thanks go Guza’s sloppy writing).

  3. Im also enjoying not knowing where the vampire s/l is going…as long as it is not to a supernatural PC. Group therapy, road trip, Threes company tribute dont care just hope they keep those three together a little longer. Who was Stamos on the show?

  4. I am so old. I was a Frisco fan and a Blackie fan. And I liked Allison. (I knew Allison long before Courtney ever came along and I don’t associate them based on their similar hair. I sure hated Courtney, but I am sorry to see Allison die.) You know, I think I still have the VHS tape of Frisco and Felicia’s wedding. I LOVED them. However, Kristina Malandro and Jack Wagner were my first lesson in “pray that co-stars who are a part of an on-screen couple you ship NEVER date” because whether they end up married or breaking up, the on-screen chemistry is pretty much doomed. Thank goodness Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough didn’t date and ruin Scrubs. Sorry, off on a tangent there.

    Jack Wagner looks better than I expected. I’ve seen him on a few other shows and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better he looks on GH. So much about GH is pleasantly surprising these days.

    When Port Charles did their vampire story it was back at the beginning of vampire lore in entertainment. Now I am so sick of it all that I don’t watch any of the shows or movies that deal with that and I hope this doesn’t last long. But the Caleb hair is totally worth it. My dolls from forty years ago had more realistic hair than that. It is too too funny.

    • I admit I was a bit distracted during the first part of the scenes with Frisco and Felicia by wondering how awkward it was for them to be working together again. He actually tweeted a little about how emotional it was.

  5. When is Laura coming back? I wonder if anyone told her about Jake’s death? I hope she gets a good return story, as opposed to just talking about mental breakdown’s in SB and getting kidnapped by Scotty. She needs to meet Dante, and also give Luke a smack upside the head. I wonder how she’d feel about Luke’s whole FML act after hitting Jake.

    • I think Laura’s back next week. (OMGOMGOMG)

      The interviews I’ve seen mention that there will be a reason for why she’s been away so long, which is encouraging. I think one of GF’s conditions was that they write a decent explanation.

      • I hope so! DId anyone tell her about Jake, or was she too “Fragile” to know what happened. If she didn’t know about Jake, she shouldn’t be blamed for not attending his funeral. I also hope they drop the “Laura is fragile” BS.

  6. Ok, as far as Frisco and Felicia I will always love them but, now I can totally relate why Felicia choose Mac instead of Frisco. The ship has sailed with Frisco, when he returned and I was so excited they rushed the storyline and the whole proposal was crap. Even though the writers ruined his character I still have tapes of the old Frisco and Felicia and long live them. I also am glad alot of the old vets were back and the Nurses Ball was awesome!! I hope they leave Sabrina and Patrick alone to be happy they deserve it and someone needs to knock off Brit, never could stand her.

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