Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Dead to Me”

The storm of the century is heading our way, my friends! What better way to spend a snow day than reflecting on some juicy soap!

This week:

1) The worst therapist is back. So the therapist who responded to vague threats by Mona is now back and conducting very sketchy therapy with Emily. Seriously, show? Shouldn’t she maybe talk with someone who wasn’t involved with this “A”craziness? And it is clear that her involvement isn’t over since Mona is still passive-aggressively threatening her. Good times.

2) Spencer hates the world. And still isn’t getting any answers. Did anyone else notice that Spencer’s life is so crappy right now that the show even has created a hash tag for her: #poorspencer? And her hair becomes more and more wild the more distraught she gets?


Unkempt Spencer with crazy eyes is still pretty.

They made a point of saying Toby bought hydrangeas and then we saw them on what I can only presume to be his mother’s grave. Could his mother’s death be his reason for working with “A”?

3) Ezra’s brother is trouble. So this family apparently has a thing for inappropriate relationships? I don’t know what is going on with this guy, but hitting on his teacher and then throwing a pizza at her husband spells trouble to me. Despite this, he is honestly still pretty boring. I’d actually rather have Ezra back. Huh.

4) Caleb’s uncle is really his father? Poor Caleb. His family wounds are still pretty raw. I don’t blame him considering everyone in his family pretty much abandoned him at some point in his life. I don’t care about their excuses. I’m looking at you, Caleb’s mom. But it looks like his “uncle” that hung around with him from time to time as a child might actually be his father.


This is such a soap staple kind of story and this kind of crap actually happens in real life so I think that is a good development plot-wise. Character-wise, I want to kick his uncle/father in the balls. For reals.

5) Emily has a vision that she killed Alison. But it was wrong. See how good that therapy is?? She thankfully realizes that her vision was wrong and that her memory was actually of the night Alison’s body was dug up. She was there when the grave robber was there and saw a blonde red-coated “A”. Dun!


Emily, why can’t you remember!?!

Anyway, this felt like another set up episode to me. I still really think Spencer should be telling her friends about Toby, but I’m more and more comforted by the idea that there is a lot more to this story than we know right now. Also, I still love Spencer, emo rage and all.


One thought on “Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Dead to Me”

  1. i feel so sorry for Spencer, but her friends stink. have they not looked at her? can they not figure out that this might be something a little deeper than she and toby breaking up? they have broken up before and she didn’t get this bad. the girl isn’t doing her hair,no make-up and she’s walking out of classes. plus she has now “given up” on finding “A”? these friends suck.

    and can i say ” yay!!!” about her, or just someone, saying that allie wasn’t really their friend and that she was toxic b*tch who hurt everyone she came in contact with. so over their alli worship, she wasn’t a friend she wasn’t even a frenemy, she was an evil b*tch.

    this is like the lily cain worship on veronica mars, lily was also a b*tch and really wasn’t very nice.

    glad there was no ezra, could have lived w/o his brother too.

    so sad for caleb, is he going to find out the truth from his mom now?

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