My Little Quartermaine: Friendship is Magic

Is there any way I can say — without sounding like a total crazy person — that I am mildly enraged that it has now been three days since Maxie laid eyes on Frisco for the first time in nearly 20 years and we STILL haven’t gone back to that cliffhanger?

(Okay, fine, I’m a crazy person. I’ll accept that. But what the hell, show? Don’t you know that is the only story I care about?)

But lest I spend the weekend buried in both snow and indignation, can we take a moment to acknowledge the wonderfulness that is Connie and Tracy’s continuing friendship?

Fist bump1

Fist bump2

Look at that smile! When was the last time you saw Tracy grinning like that without a hint of meanness behind it? So, not only did Connie rescue her new bestie from the SEC (however improbably, although did we really want to see a protracted Tracy vs the Feds battle? No, no we did not), and not only did she get Sonny to keep his big mouth shut, but she ALSO made Tracy smile purely from the pleasure of having someone on her side.

And hey, that may not seem like much. But around this time last year, Tracy had no friends, her family had abandoned her completely, and Luke was laughing as Anthony marched her to the altar at gunpoint. So, you know what? I’ll take adorable fist bumps and improbable rescues. I’ll even take Tracy and AJ standing side by side in hairnets, bottling Pickle Lila for all they’re worth.

(Actually, who can I pay to make that last one really happen? Because I would pay a lot.)

But, seriously now, show. If you don’t take us back to Maxie and Frisco’s effing reunion on Monday… I really don’t think I can be  held responsible for the epic hissy fit I’m going to throw.


10 thoughts on “My Little Quartermaine: Friendship is Magic

  1. I can’t believe they’ve left the Frisco/Maxie cliffhanger hanging for three days … and counting! Three days! And I know Maxie is on Monday because she was in the “Next time on General Hospital” segment – but with Brit. What the? There’s drawing out tension and there’s dropping the ball. This is the latter.

    • Yeah, I’m a little baffled, frankly. That was a major, major cliffhanger and they’re just… dropping it? It’s bizarre. And that preview! Could anyone in their right mind think we’d care more about Britt’s stupid scheme than Maxie and her father?

  2. well i don’t think we get the fallout until the 18th according to spoilers. but next wk we get LAURA! and i saw a pic of her visiting Liz and Liz’s boys.

  3. So nice to see Tracy smiling and having a friend! It’s overdue! Loving the scheming also with the Qs. I do hope AJ wins, since he’s never been allowed to win, but I’m enjoying the Quartermaine politicking. And yes, I wanna know what happens with Frisco and Maxie!!

  4. RC has way too many stories going on at the same time and needs to send Johnny to prison, Connie/Kate off to Ferncliff never to be seen EVER again, Krissy back to college, end the juvenile Sabrina has a crush on Patrick while Britt makes her life miserable nonsense in order to get back to Maxie/Frisco/Mac/Felicia story line.

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