All the prodigal parents come on home!

Laura Spencer is in the house! And she’s got a fabulous new hairdo, a really cute coat, and a mysterious plan! She’s also got an update on Lucky, which… well, I’ll just let her tell it:

Laura returns

LAURA: No, I saw [Lucky] last year, in Ireland. Found him sitting in a church yard, of all places.

AHAHAHAHA. I think I’m just going to go ahead and consider that a not so subtle burn on the previous regime’s, um, creative writing choices for Lucky.

Anyway: LAURA! If there was any doubt this visit will be going differently from the previous ones, in the space of one episode we got: 1) Luke actually admitting the he’s never felt anything for anyone else like he did for her, 2) other characters paying homage to her actual heroic history rather than her bullshit retconned “fragility,” and 3) most importantly of all… strong hints that this is a Laura with an agenda of some kind.

(Dear RC: Please, please, pretty please with a Ice Princess on top can we finally see the end of Laura as a passive player in her own life?)

Anna and Luke break up

We also saw what I dearly hope marks the end of Anna/Luke. Which would be cause for celebration even if it didn’t come couched in some fine character work about Anna’s lack of faith in her own instincts following the one-two punch of Faison’s deception and McBain’s possible betrayal. But it did, and it was awesome, and seriously: Finola Hughes, you guys! If she doesn’t win some awards this year, I swear I may have to… yell at my tv screen a lot on Emmy night.


In other news, not that I was stalking his twitter feed for an answer or anything, but according to Ron Carlivati, we haven’t missed any Frisco/Maxie interactions — she ran out the door immediately after that cliffhanger and he should have made that more clear, mea culpa, mea culpa, etc. So, all right, Carlivati. I guess you’re forgiven.

It doesn’t hurt that today we got yet another epic Mac smack down:

MAC: I was the one who told Maxie and Georgie that your leaving was not a reflection on them. I was the one told Maxie and Georgie that they were wonderful and special and worthy of love. I told Maxie and Georgie about your important work and the lives you were saving. I don’t know, somehow there was this hurt behind Maxie and Georgie’s eyes that never completely went away. I think when you do that kind of damage, when you value someone’s love so cheaply… they may not be inclined to forgive.


Seriously, if I wasn’t already 150% Team Mac, the way he’s calmly but consistently refusing to let Frisco off the hook for anything would still have me ready to pledge my allegiance to the United States of Scorpio. And hammering Frisco with Georgie, especially since the former has yet to even utter her name? HELL TO THE YES.

Felicia shamed

By the way, Felicia’s devastated face in reaction to that speech — and the fact that she actually seems capable of shame — is one of several reasons why she and Frisco aren’t even close to even in the bad parenting department. The other being the tiny fact that, you know, she actually did raise their kids until they were teenagers, while he couldn’t be bothered to stick around to see Georgie out of diapers or Maxie into puberty.

(Seriously if she breaks Mac’s heart again I will scream.)

(Is anyone else finding it a little uncomfortable to watch a real life divorced couple discuss the reasons why their fictional marriage fell apart? I feel like a voyeur, even though I know I shouldn’t. It’s weird.)


8 thoughts on “All the prodigal parents come on home!

  1. Laura!! DId she mention about Jake? (I seriously wonder if anyone told her considering how fragile she was made out to be). Can’t wait to see her again, anything has to be better than her last return where all she did was comfort Lulu in Shadybrooke and felt like a prop for JoLu (let’s just pretend that never happened, shall we?)
    Team Mac all the way. Aww, Felicia. That face makes me wanna hug her.. She was also there for more of Maxie’s heart transplant. I hope Laura smacks Luke, especially when/if she learns the full story about Jake.

    • She didn’t mention Jake but considering she said she spent a long visit with Lucky, I’m assuming she knows. There’s also a picture floating around of her with Liz and the boys, so I’m sure it will come up eventually.

    • I think Laura knows the whole story about Jake, but there was no time to have that conversation with Lulu. “Oh Lulu, I’m so glad you’re going to make me a grandmother again-but let’s talk about poor dead Jake.” It would have been highly inappropriate and depressing. And Jake would still be dead, unless Laura has him hidden in her hotel room.

      The time to talk about Jake is with Liz. Jake’s mother. A conversation that is going to happen when she visits Liz.

  2. I also felt like a voyuer. The moment he said he loved her, I just felt like it was totally weird. But at the same time…. Layers. I loved it, y’all.

    • Yes, that was the really uncomfortable moment! I know from JW’s tweets that the shoot has been very emotional for them, but he seems positive about it. Still: uncomfortable.

  3. I found Jack Wagner’s whole delivery to be very artificial and stilted and there seemed to be a lot more chemistry between KW and John York, whose delivery of his impassioned speech seemed much more natural. Don’t know if it had to do with the personal issues, or that JY is just a better actor (I suspect the latter LOL).

  4. I gave up on Luke after Jake’s death, not right after but after he returned to Port Charles expecting to be welcomed with open arms and when Liz finally went off on him, it was like he was giving her permission to be angry. Luke and LAura were legends of their time, but he doesn’t deserve Laura anymore. I wonder Laura would say about the whole Luke was trapped BS.

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