Davis girls sure do love their felons!

Folks, here’s another one to be filed under Sentences I Never I’d Type About General Hospital: there is just so much going on with the love lives of the over 50 crowd that I haven’t had time to say anything about Port Charles’ new teen scene.

And by “teen scene,” I mean the one triangle we’ve got brewing between Molly “I talk only in literary references” Lansing, TJ “Please forget that whole illiteracy plot line” Ashford, and Rafe “My real dad’s a vampire” Kovich.

(I know. I KNOW. But really, it’s not as terrible as it sounds.)

Molly and TJ fight

Raise your hand if you were also distracted by
his old man cardigan in this scene.

First things first: I’m a little uncomfortable watching a 14 year old actress share romantic scenes with 18 and 20 year old actors, which probably can’t be helped, but it still unfortunate. Also unfortunate? The (unintentional, I’m sure, but still) implications of one of this show’s only African American characters getting thrown over over for a white boy, especially when Molly and Rafe look to be getting the full on meet-cute + slow relationship build that happened mostly off screen for her and TJ.

Which is to say — I really like the actor playing TJ and I hope that when all is said and done, they can find something else for him to do, even if he’s not with Molly. Maybe something else that isn’t so jailbait-y? That would be nice.

Molly and Rafe


HOWEVER. Those reservations aside, Molly no longer fills me with uncontrollable annoyance every time she opens her mouth (only, like, a third of the time now?) and she and Rafe have a nice, innocent chemistry that I’m enjoying. I especially like that he’s not the overly cocky stereotype that we so often get with young male characters on this show — Rafe is scared and uncertain and respectful all without coming across as a pushover. And he comes with a larger story I’m actually interested in, so that’s a bonus.

Although I did kind of feel like a perv when he was wandering around shirtless the other morning. Listen, I don’t care if you’re technically 18, kid. Put those things away, please.


In other news, what fresh hell are they suddenly foreshadowing with Kristina and Johnny?

Kristina and Johnny

Dear show: please stop trying to make Kristina happen. She is terrible in literally every way it is possible to be terrible. Every word that awkwardly falls out of her mouth is like torture. And there is nothing you can say or do to make me believe that even Johnny would stoop so low as to show any romantic interest in her.

(Do you remember the caliber of actual adult women Johnny used to attract? I mean, forget Olivia — even Lisa Niles was less annoying than Kristina.) (Also, you might want to consider having him stop refer to her as “kid” if you don’t want me to barf at the thought of them getting together.)

I just dread every second of whatever this story is about to entail. Unless it leads to a prison riot. I can never say no to a quality prison riot.


16 thoughts on “Davis girls sure do love their felons!

  1. I really miss Lexi Ainsworth. I can’t warm up to this Kristina, something about her rubs me the wrong way. And why was she so grief-stricken over Trey, who treated her like trash and took advantage of her?
    The vampire thing is confusing, are their vampires in PC?

    • Don’t worry. There are no vampires in PC. Caleb is as John said “A serial killer who thinks he’s a vampire.” Real TV vampires don’t pass up on fresh blood. Real TV vampires don’t kill with scissors. Real TV vampires don’t climb out of windows. Listen to what John is saying-right now, he is the voice of the writers. Caleb is a man obsessed, but he’s not a vampire. And everything that Caleb knows is knowledge easily acquired. There will be a logical definition. Remember, John only believes Lucy as far as Caleb being dangerous to Sam and Rafe. He has not believed the vampire references. I really think RC was being honest when he said there are no vampires in Port Charles. If Caleb were a vampire, Officer Carlson would now be one too. So would Heather, but he took faster ways of dispatching both of them. Because Heather as a vampire really would be scary.

  2. This Kristina is horrible! Please let the recast rumors be true. This chick is a beauty but as acting goes, that’s where the beauty ends! Get some acting lessons,Kid!

  3. yes if you’re going to have a guy running around shirtless can we one that actually has abs. the tweens who would be interested in this guy are still at school.
    they should have had sabrina is this teen scene, her annoying, childish character would fit in perfectly with molly(who i can in no way believe is ric’s kid) and her annoying personality.

    and sometimes this show doesn’t care if you can act as long as you are “pretty” no names mentioned.

    oh and i read that Genie was 17 and tony was 30 during the beginning of L&L and Rebecca was 20 and JJ was 15 at the beginning of L&L2.

      • Yeah, I mean… it happens. But 14 just feels so much skeevier than 17, you know? Even if the relative age difference is a lot less.

          • Also, in the case of TG and GF, they weren’t originally intended to be love interests. The chemistry just took everyone by surprise, and the writers went with it. I can understand that a lot more than *intentionally* casting a 20-year-old to play the love interest of a 14-year-old. (It’s similar to why they played a bit with Ethan/Kristina despite the age difference. It wasn’t always well written, and it would’ve been skeevy if they’d actually become a thing, but utilizing the chemistry between NP and LA made sense.)

            With JJ and Becky, I believe they were originally intended to play love interests, but they were 16 and 21 by the time Liz and Lucky actually got together, and for whatever reason, I find that age difference a lot less creepy. Maybe because they didn’t look so noticeably far apart in age.

  4. Someone on another blog mentioned that Molly and Rafe reminds them totally of the beginnings of Emily and Zander. I was on a long break from watching GH during that whole saga — anyone have an opinion on whether they’re rerunning that storyline?

    • eh, only in the most color-by-numbers way. Zander was a lot shadier than Rafe. There’s nothing scary about Rafe. And it took Emily much longer to develop feelings for him.

    • Yeah, I agree with uliis. Zander was a LOT shadier — and cockier. He would fit the cocky asshole stereotype I was talking about to a T. Rafe is actually innocent, which Zander wasn’t. And he doesn’t make me want to punch him constantly, which is a bonus.

  5. Johnny should have been the bad boy with a heart of gold that had all of the ladies (Maxie, Lulu, Serena, and Georgie) all looking to take a bite, but the man ended up paired with much older women like Olivia and Carly.

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