The day we’ve all feared has come.

You guys, they’ve recast Cameron Webber. I know! It’s terrible. Can we have a moment of silence to deal with this tragedy? I am seriously distraught here. (Oh, Braeden Walkes. You had the most adorable bitch face and we will miss you lots.)

New Cameron Webber

In the mean time, the new Cameron — who has some rather large shoes to fill — met his grandma Laura and wrangled the new Aiden pretty successfully, so I’ll try not to hold his failure to be the Cameron we know and love against him.

New Aiden Spencer

Genie Francis and Rebecca Herbst, by the way, haven’t lost a bit of the easy mother/daughter affection they’ve always shared on screen. I love that visiting Liz and the boys Laura’s first priority after seeing Lulu, just as I love that she mentioned wanting to see her grandsons, plural. (Hey, at least NuCameron has one grandparent who acknowledges him!)

Oh yeah, and then the kids helped mommy play happy family with her accidental gentleman caller for the evening:

Happy Liz AJ family


If they are just teasing us with this all this AJ/Liz interaction, I may have to cut someone.


17 thoughts on “The day we’ve all feared has come.

  1. I do not like the vampire story line. They have done it before. I am disappointed. May start watching Y and R. I have been a faithful fan for many years but I am not pleased.

    • i like it and don’t don’t like that they made caleb into a total killer he wasn’t like this on pc but the big factor for me not liking is sam can’t stand her with a passion i’m sorry but me has cmistry with a post but not kmo anymore and not ma nat from one life thney need to try him with others and real fast

  2. I will definitely miss the old Cameron. I’m not sure why they’d replace him if he’s not being SORASed, but maybe Braeden Walkes got a new gig, or wanted to devote more time to a normal childhood, or something.

    Loved the Liz/Laura scenes! I melted every time Laura called her “honey”. It’s so nice to see it remembered that they are family, and they have a connection and history together beyond Lucky and the boys. And seeing Laura interact with her grandsons (heck yes, BOTH!) was wonderful.

    It did remind me just how glaring Lucky’s absence is, though. Having him abandon his boys to go “find himself” is just so out-of-character and makes him look like a horrible person (and parent). UGH.

    But back to a positive note, LOVING Elizabeth & AJ! It was so sweet to see him interacting with her boys, and the way their relationship is being built up feels very natural. And, of course, great chemistry between RH and SK!

    • There’s been talk of JJ making a brief appearance for the 50th, since Nashville is another ABC property. I hope they do that, because I want to see the core Spencers all together. And it would be nice if they could make him less of a dead beat somehow. It’s not hard, writers! Just do what you did with Jax!

  3. I think Laura kinda gave the thumbs-up to AJ in that scene with Liz when she said “Don’t give up on love.” I really liked all the chemistry in those scenes. GF and BH have always had that mother/daughter rapport. AJ’s high five with the kids looked pretty spontaneous and natural. And now I want Liz to make me spaghetti, and then I’ll watch the kids while she and AJ make out.

  4. If JJ comes back for the 50th, here’s hoping that another round of LnL2 is NOT an option. It’s time to let Liz move on and find love with another man. I could not get into LnL2 with JJ & RH, because too much damage on both sides and Liz looked way too mature to be with Lucky #1.

    • If he comes back, I’m fairly sure it would be for a short visit only. I doubt they’d have time to get back together, even if the writers were so inclined.

  5. I’m loving the Elizabeth and AJ interactions, they’ve been slow and natural so far which makes me hope they are building up to something real.

    I like the potential with this relationship since AJ doesn’t have anyone on the show currently that he was in love with/first love/etc.etc. so Elizabeth could actually be first choice!

    Add to that they are both legacy families and I’m totally sold on a big, super romance for these two!

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