So close! And yet…

Okay, do I love the fact that apparently the only flack Frisco’s going to get from Maxie about walking out of her life when she was seven years old and not even coming home for her sister’s funeral was that one tepid line on Monday about missing Georgie’s whole life? NO. NO, I DO NOT.

(Especially when I know what she’s capable of.)

But come on. Who wasn’t cheering when Frisco laid the hammer down on Britt? Or when Maxie finally, finally came clean about her latest disastrous life choices:

Frisco and Maxie

MAXIE: Do you think I’m awful?
FRISCO: No, I don’t. I think you’re amazing. You’re my daughter and I love you and I believe you’ve been sacrificing your happiness for everyone else’s.

Yeah, okay. I teared up a little. I’m woman enough to admit it.

The only thing I didn’t love about those scenes was Frisco’s complete and utter lack of response to the news that his daughter was planning to just give up his only grandchild to an unsuspecting couple while never letting the real father know it even existed. He obviously doesn’t have much of a moral leg to stand on with her, but a half second of reaction might be nice. Or, you know… asking her how she feels about it and acknowledging in even the slightest way that it’s kind of a big deal.

I mean, we’ve already been over how Maxie’s own nonchalance about this fact is, um, DRIVING ME SLIGHTLY BATTY. So this shouldn’t really be surprising. But, seriously, writers? Do you think maybe you could devote five minutes to this rather glaring emotional pothole at some point? Please?


Elsewhere: Luke and Laura reunited! Ice Princess allusions! SCOTTY BALDWIN!

(Oh, and apparently Dante and Laura have already met some time off-screen? Which is actually a nice fix-it for the ridiculous failure of the previous regimes to even try to pretend Laura was still an active part of children’s lives. But it was still kind of weird to see him just go in for the hug like that.)

Scotty and Laura

Anyway, as glad as I am to see him, it took less than a minute for Scotty to start working my last nerve. You guys, I love me some Scott Baldwin. I do! But entitled, morally superior, and obsessed-with-Laura is my very least favorite flavor of Scott Baldwin. So much so that I found myself mentally high-fiving Luke (Luke! Of all people!) when he questioned why on Earth Laura would want to marry this smug douche who was throwing her rape around like a weapon and talking over her like she wasn’t even there:

LUKE: Is  this really what you want? Or us he pressuring you? Playing on your loyalties? You deserve so much better!

Not that she doesn’t deserve better than Luke, too, but come on now. (And kudos to Geary for that instinctive flinch when the rape came up. Good work there.)

So basically, I’m hoping for some Scotty/Lucy shenanigans to help balance out my Scotty/Laura annoyance. At the very least, Lucy might be able to remind him that — contrary to what the writing on his last few visits would have us all believe — there have actually been other great loves in Scotty’s life and he hasn’t just been pining uselessly for Laura for the last 30 years.


Also, elsewhere: Spinelli went a full episode without annoying me even once, Steve remained infuriatingly not stabbed in the gut, and someone (DUKE FTW!) finally pointed out that they just had an evil doppleganger running around murdering people and making out with the police commissioner for months with no one the wiser, so maybe everyone could stop finding this whole John/Caleb situation so damn implausible?

But most importantly of all, John found out Sam and Danny are in trouble. Which caused him to (hotly) clench his jaw, (hotly) furrow his brow, and (hotly) make this pained and horrified face:

John hotly worried


(Oh, and Kate’s back. Yay? I find myself … well, “caring” wouldn’t really be the right word here — oddly compelled, maybe? — by watching Sonny try to explain how sleeping with her body and a fraction of her mentally ill mind doesn’t really equal cheating. Hey, at least it’s not a mob war, right?)


17 thoughts on “So close! And yet…

  1. I was so bummed by the non-existent Dante and Laura meeting. I’m really enjoying the show these days, so I try not to get hung up on it, but…Dante and Lulu are my favorite characters, and I’m sad they’re on so little (they’re barely even there in the surrogacy storyline, which is ostensibly as much about them as about Maxie!), and have practically no story. I was really looking forward to Laura finally meeting her daughter’s husband, and the (supposed) father of her unborn grandchild, and it had zero emotional power. Ron just doesn’t seem to be interested in Lante.

    (Dominic Zamprogna’s body language in that scene seemed a little awkward to me, like he wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to be playing it as Dante meeting his mother in law for the first time or not). Or maybe that’s just me projecting my own confusion on the scene.)

    • I’m actually torn on it. I do feel a little cheated out of not seeing their first meeting. But on the other hand, I hated the idea that Laura had just cut off contact with her kids and would not have cared enough to meet her daughter’s husband before now. It’s not the current regime’s fault that the last ones were so bad at not making Laura seem like a deadbeat; I appreciate them trying to make it clear there has been contact off-screen. But still… cheated!

      (I think his body language made sense for a man unexpectedly running into the mother-in-law he thought was out of the country and doesn’t know very well while on the way to go have sex with her daughter. Heh. Hello, awkward!)

      • Yeah, I get that. I was just so excited about the idea of two of Lulu’s most important people, finally meeting, assessing each other, etc! And I can’t help but feel that Ron handwaved their meeting less because he wanted to do damage control for Laura, and more because he just has no interest in Dante and Lulu’s family relationships. Hence the lack of any scenes with Liz and Dante when Steve and Olivia got engaged. I was so looking forward to it as a legitimately significant Lante scene, and instead it felt like more of a confirmation that Ron isn’t interested in my favorite characters.

        (It is kind of amazing that I can still feel so invested in and rewarded by a show that’s sidelining my faves, though. When I experienced the same thing on other soaps, I tended to just cut back on how much time I spent watching those shows. Despite some, um…weaknesses, the current cast is really working for me!)

        • I get that. And as someone who likes Dante and Lulu a lot but wouldn’t consider them true favorites, I don’t think Ron is disinterested in them at all; he seems to find them a solid, core couple. I’ve liked what he’s given them this year, and they’re clearly about to be a part of this ice princess business and have been set up for big drama when the surrogacy secret comes out, so there’s stuff coming.

          With the cast larger and better balanced now, it may feel like they’re being neglected, but it’s just cyclical. (And I say this as a Liz fan, so I know from some back-burnered favorites. Heh) Hang tough!

          • That’s some useful perspective! Liz is not one of my favorites, but I do really like her and wish she had more story–it must be very frustrating for her biggest fans that she’s been backburnered so long. If you can be patient, I should be, too! As long as Dante and Lulu get some decent screentime when the baby shenanigans are revealed, anyway. (You’d think that would be a given, but Liz barely got any story out of the death of her son! What the hell, show.)

            One thing I do like about Ron’s handling of Lante is that he does seem to treat them as a solid, stable pairing. I know better than to expect all my favorite soap pairings to be together forever, but there are some soap couples that work so well together that you lose more in splitting them up than you get back in swapping them around, and Dante and Lulu are one of those couples for me. I’d hate to see them split up for anything short of DZ or JMB exiting the show.

        • Yeah, I have always wanted Dante and Lulu to be the kind of stable, tent pole couple who stay mostly happy with each other and derive their story from having adventures. And I feel like that’s the way RC sees them too. I hated all the contrived drama they got the last few years with her drinking “problem” and his Brenda crush, you know? I like seeing them happy in love like they are now.

          (Being a Liz fan requires extreme patience sometimes! The last regimes did a lot of damage to her character and I like that she’s being built back up now. I think she’ll be getting good stuff soon.)

  2. And continuity fail yet again. I tuned in yesterday wanting to see how exactly Frisco was going to make Britt undo her evil deeds, and of course … nothing. Not that I didn’t revel in Todd’s amazing jailhouse lines (I have developed such a super-crush on Roger Howarth!), but are they going to leave us hanging for another week like last time? The only good scene in that entire horrible storyline (and the only halfway decent acting from Jack Wagner so far), and we don’t even get to see the end of it! So annoying!

    And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the whole “Sonny’s magic joystick knocked the Connie right out of Kate” scenes did not totally gross me out. Partly, yes. But there was some chemistry and decent acting in those bed scenes, even I must admit.

    By the way, anyone see that clip from The Soup making fun of the relish storyline? Too funny.

    • Yeah, RC seems to be falling into Garin Wolf’s bad habit of ending scenes in the middle of a conversation and then… just never going back. I would like him to stop that. Just end the scene, already! We know you don’t have Jack Wagner for a lot of time, it’s cool. But end the damn scene!

    • It’s kind of freaking me out how much I actually enjoy the Sonny/Kate/Connie storyline. I think it helps SO MUCH that I wasn’t all that attached to Kate or Sonny before; similar shenanigans with Jess/Tess/Ford had me boiling with rage on OLTL, and I literally could not bring myself to watch most of the Tess/Ford crap. But I wasn’t emotionally invested in Kate, and I really enjoy Kelly Sullivan’s screen presence as Connie, especially the softer side of her. (Plus, I feel like Maurice Bernard makes somewhat of an effort to show up to work when he’s in scenes with her, so she makes him more tolerable.)

      • Sonny has disgusted me for so long, and I’ve been so totally uninterested in Connie (and barely paid attention to Kate/Sonny when Megan Ward played her), but still … there’s an ages old soft spot in my heart for MB from my old-school Sonny/Brenda-loving days. So when some decent acting effort comes out that is uninvolved with any mob nonsense, I do enjoy it. I just wish Kelly Sullivan’s acting was more consistent. She overdoes it so much of the time.

        • Even if I’m not terribly invested in the Sonny/Kate/Connie relationship, I at least don’t find it repulsive. And it’s given MB a chance to play up the parts of Sonny that made me love him back in the day. It’s nice not reflexively hating him all the time!

  3. It was weird to see Dante go in for a hug like that, but he would, even if it was their first time meeting. (Which in my head it still was. they skyped or something, lol. (and this is directed at RC, not you). Even this past year when they were off screen there was no mention of going to Paris or opportunity of going. So whatever, show.

    I hated Scotty throwing the rape around too. I hated it when Nik did it a couple of years ago too, when Luke was yelling at him about betraying Lucky and Nik threw it back in face. Hey, men, maybe we can leave the bringing it up to Laura? Especially when she’s right there?

    • That’s true — maybe they’ve just Skype ‘met’. Heh.

      Ugh, the rape thing is just… so messy. I hate how both he and Luke get this territorial thing going when they’re around her. It’s all about “winning” and doesn’t really seem to be about *her* at all.

      I don’t even know if the comment would have bothered me as much if she wasn’t standing right there. I mean, it’s still not Scotty’s place to throw it around, but at least then he wouldn’t be bringing up someone else’s trauma and throwing it in her face with no warning? IDK. But yeah, men, how about we respect that this is something that happened to *Laura* and she gets to choose how to feel about it and how to treat Luke about it and they were married for effing 25 years after it happened, so seriously, Scotty: STFU.

      • It definitely wouldn’t be as bad if Laura weren’t there, but still crappy of Scotty to use it as a weapon, although it’s understandable.

        not understandable is why the man would want to still be involved with his childhood sweetheart thirty something years later. I want to sympathize with Scotty, because I like the actor and he’s been thrown under the bus, as they say, for Luke so often, but as it seems he’s more interested in STILL getting revenge on Luke for something that happened over 30 years ago instead of seeming genuinely interested in Laura, it’s hard.

        • I seriously, seriously hate how Dominique and Lucy and even Katherine Bell and Eve on PC get erased from the narrative whenever Scotty’s chasing Laura. Didn’t he marry Susan Moore, too? They act like he’s been stuck in high school for 30 years, but he got over it! He lived his live! He had a kid and friends and other wives/loves! Argh.

          I am rooting so hard for Serena to show up and for Lucy/Scotty and Heather/Scotty to get some screen time.

  4. Yes, Maxie could have gone all bat shizz crazy on Frisco like she did with Felecia. However, maybe Maxie cared more that her mother ran out on her and Georgie versus Frisco because she was actually raised by Felica and Mac? Frisco is basically a stranger to Maxie while she actually lived with her mother for years.

    • That’s true. And there were definitely extenuating emotional circumstances when she went off on Felicia at the funeral. I don’t need her to be that completely scorched earth on Frisco, but I do think she let him off WAY too lightly — I can see her not getting as emotional for her own sake since she barely knows him, but for Georgie’s? I’m still pissed he not only missed her entire life but couldn’t even drag his ass home for her funeral (or anytime after). And she’s gone — there’s nothing he can do to make that up. I was hoping Maxie would make him express a little more regret on that front.

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