Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Hot Water”

Did you know that Chad Lowe is directing these now? It is still super weird to me that he is even on this show. I think I prefer him as a director to being Aria’s dad. Byron continues to be one of the worst parents ever, even when he is not on screen. Anyway…


1) Ezra’s back. And his family drama continues to spiral. I really liked Aria standing up for herself with Ezra when he was talking about protecting her. That might be my least favorite romantic foil ever. Aria is a big girl and she has every right to decide if she wants to get entangled in your family mess, Ezra! That said, run away, run far, far away! Heh. Ezra mom continues to make mischief. She stumbles on the fact that Aria let West stay the night at her house, which I’m sure is not going to bite Aria in the ass at all, despite the fact that she really didn’t do anything wrong. He kissed her and she told him no. Yes, she clearly felt conflicted and now isn’t telling Ezra. Hence the ass-biting. Wow, that is more thoughts about Aria and Ezra than I’ve had the entire series!

2) Wren continues to be a bit skeevy. He admitted to Spencer that he checked in on  her because she broke up with Toby. Sounds opportunistic and creepy to me.  But the writers are bound and determined to make him and Spencer happen because well, Wren is cute. But still, the whole thing isn’t quite right to me.

3) Emily and Paige are cute. I don’t really have much to say here except I liked their make up after Paige confessed that she dated costume shop girl this past summer, but told her that she only has eyes for Emily. Awww.


4) CeCe did think that Wilden killed Ali. Well, she certainly has good at the poker face because she didn’t seem to be phased about any of this stuff before. Apparently, CeCe was there the night Alison died. And it was Melissa who took the photo of CeCe, Alison and creepy cop on the boat. Speaking for creepy cop, he got much creepier this episode. And so Hannah’s mom had to run him over with her car. No biggie.

5) Spencer’s family has the fanciest shower ever and it is a death trap. Luckily Aria has no boundaries and is happy to walk into Spencer’s house unannounced. God, guys. I just can’t believe Toby would allow this to happen! It is pissing me off that he is being painted as some cartoonish villain. I really need to see some nuance and some motivation here! But one good thing appeared to happen from this, it looks like Spencer will finally, FINALLY tell the ladies about Toby. About effing time.


Holy cow, guys. I just realized that the season finale is coming up very soon. I’m sure there will be all kinds of bat shit crazy stuff happening before then.

6 thoughts on “Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Hot Water”

  1. For whatever reason I feel like all the cutest guys in this show are either weird (Wren), bad (Toby, but I love him anyway!), or shafted (Jason, who has now literally been thrown down an elevator shaft).

    And I agree that sadly Ezra is seriously boring but apparently tons of people love him and Aria. They tried to spice is up by making her parents object and then giving him a secret illegitimate child but to no avail. Still boring. Whatever happened with Jason having a thing for Aria??

    • That’s a good point. I liked Jason with Aria too, actually. I like Jason generally, but again it feels like he is one of the “rotational men” on the show. Despite it being ABC family’s biggest show, it still feels like they only have budget for a few side characters at a time so then they are glaringly missing at times, away for what feels like a contrived reason or completely forgotten about for a group of episodes. It is like that often on Vampire Diaries and Veronica Mars also had this issue. It feels budgetary, not story driven. I’m happy to be on Team “Give Jason more story!”

      • You’re right, people just fall in and out despite being really important to the story because JASON IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO THIS STORY. As opposed to some of the other guys that have shown up. I mean why in the world did he runaway from the hospital exactly??? And then there was just some throwaway line about him being safe and checking in. Completely weird.

        • Yeah, supposedly he ran off since his life was in danger, but he had just FALLEN DOWN AN EFFING ELEVATOR SHAFT. I think maybe he wouldn’t be able to just up and get out of town, but whatever. I’m sure he’ll be back and at least he is alive! Also, wasn’t Jenna part of that club too? Wouldn’t that mean her life is in danger as well? It is hard to keep it all straight.

  2. i like wren, he’s adorable and the accent! he always had a thing for spencer, so i can see him making a move when he finds out toby out of the picture. and when she and toby broke up before and she learned something about either her parents or melissa he let her stay on his sofa. i like them together.

    at least byron wants his kids to learn consequences, ella lets them do anything they want so she can be their friend, she’s not their friend she is their mother. no your teen-age daughter should not be dating her teacher, that is skeevy. plus if you find out your kid is skipping school and robbing your neighbors and then pushes you and causes you to sprain your wrist, yes maybe your kid needs to pay those consequences, he does not just need hugs.her

    ezria is boring and needs to break up,he’s blah and really what parents are going to allow their teen-age daughter to spend the night at their former teacher/boyfriend’s house, oh yeah ella.

    i missed caleb.and wilden(?) is major creepy!, hopefully the camera got him going for his gun and threatening hannah’s mom, and why was he in a patrol car, isn’t he a detective?

    emily is just blah to me,

    really these great friends couldn’t figure out that something besides spencer and toby breaking up is bothering spencer, she didn’t act like this the other times they broke up and he left town.

    and really that teacher thought spencer should be expelled, how about spencer saying it is PTSD since you know mona stalked spencer and her friends and tried to kill spencer, spencer should have a restraining order against her, her lawyer parents should get on this.

    oh and now since they think melissa has something to do with it will aria be on board again with telling everyone about it or “investigating” her or somehow outing her, unlike how she was when it was her dad, hopefully spencer can give her some snark and dirty looks.

    and i noticed chad lowe has been directing for a while.i personally think he should get his brother on the show somehow in someway.

    • See, I like the actor who plays Wren. I find him adorable, charming and his accent is quite enjoyable. He is the only reason this story doesn’t gross me out as much as Ezra/Aria. But still, he is supposed to be a 25 or older man who is interested in an 18 year old girl. Since Troian B is older (27, I think) it doesn’t feel creepy on screen and I can enjoy them together. It is when I step back and think about the details of the situation that I get icked out.

      Emily is quite blah, but I think that she and Paige are sweet. That’s all.

      And I agree that Ella is an awful parent. No argument here.

      And yes, people should be noticing that Spencer is losing it. They are all being kind of awful friends right now. Maybe this will cause them to smarten up.

      Rob Lowe on the show could be interesting. I guess we’ll see if that ever happens.

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