Okay, so maybe some of us didn’t have Tenillypo‘s faith that the current regime wasn’t going to be all “Psyche! Vampires are real, bitches!” So it was really nice that on Friday they pulled all the threads together to tell us that no, Caleb was not a vampire, but he thinks he is and is clearly off his rocker.

But isn’t it hilarious that this information was available on THE INTERNET. PCPD, still lame without John McBain. Heh. At least they needed Caleb’s alias (although it follows that his name itself would have worked) instead of just Googling “Vampires” to get the information they needed. That only happens in high class literature.

John, Lucy and Rafe

I think this reference to him using hypnosis might be their “normal” way of explaining Lucy believing he is a vampire. It also fits in with Allison being scared of Caleb. She didn’t say exactly why, but if she thought he was a murderous psychopath, that could make her want to keep Rafe from him.

One thing though — what is with the damned arrow? If it’s some artifact Caleb would want for his delusion, you’d think she would have ditched that thing long ago. Tenillypo thinks that she might have kept it to scare Caleb away since it was a weapon that was supposed to be harmful to him on PC (as far as we know) and so this Caleb could have been afraid of it. I’ll accept that theory. The story makes enough sense, is a nice homage to Port Charles, doesn’t go completely off the rails and is a good excuse to maybe keep Michael Easton on our screens while this Prospect Park insanity continues.

So win-win-win-win-win.


7 thoughts on “Relief!

  1. why did we need an homage to pc, I never watched it, obv. not a lot of people did. and it was cancelled 10yrs ago, surely other gh/pc characters have been on gh and didn’t notice any resemblance between sam and whatever her pc character name was.and thank goodness they never mentioned it. did we really need an homage to a FAILED soap during sweeps so close to the 50th, how about concentrating on gh characters and s/l, like say the NB or the death of another legacy character Steven Webber, or more than 2 days on Laura.

    • We know why no one else has recognized Sam or John; Kevin flat out stated he does not have a daughter named Livvie. Clearly, the version of PC events that both viewers and Lucy remember is not completely accurate. I like that the writers are attempting to mesh the two universes in a way that makes sense instead of just pretending all of PC never happened.

  2. Lucy, Allison, Kevin, and Scott were all a part of GH before they moved over to PC, so I don’t have a problem with RC/FV showing us what happened to their characters and resolving why Sam/McBain look like people named Livvie/Caleb. Lucy is featured prominently in the story so it’s a win-win, IMO.

  3. If they had just ignored Avenue Q, and realized the internet was good for other things. As for the arrow, maybe they have a soft spot for Harry Chapin? Regardless, it looks like it’s hunter Lucy is on her way out, and Nurses Ball Lucy is gearing for a return. In which case, yay!

  4. I agree with the win-win-etc. view.

    I did watch PC and I do appreciate the effort to weave it all into at least some semblance of a coherent story because I it feels like respect for history. Goodness knows that neither daytime soaps nor their viewers get much respect. I certainly never felt that the previous GH regime respected the viewers or the genre, so I like it.

    In the list of crazy things I am expected to accept, this is nothing. I’m thankful for it.

  5. I know some fans are not thrilled with the vampire story, but GH used to have an alien named Casey, crazy Cassidines frozen and returned to life, trying to freeze the world and telling us that mobsters were the good guys!

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