Well, damn.

You know, I was in a really good mood after watching today’s show, which (despite the presence of Sonny and Kate) was pretty darn delightful. And then I caught the news that Julie Marie Berman is leaving the show and actually taped her last scenes today.

Lulu and Dante's wedding

I wish her well and all, but man. Losing her in the middle of the surrogacy story and Laura’s return is kind of a huge blow, to put it mildly. Not to mention how sad I’ll be if the recast doesn’t work as well with Dominic Zamprogna, with whom, let’s face it, JMB is kind of magic.

… and now I’m just bumming myself out, so hey, let’s talk about happier things! Like John McBain! And the fact that if he wasn’t already my soap boyfriend for his superior hugging skills and ability to perform basic Google searches, I would definitely have fallen in love him for his new habit of eye-rolling and mouthing along whenever Lucy starts lecturing on vampire lore.

Not to mention the slow look of pure, put upon exasperation he leveled at her yesterday when she announced their arrival at the top of her lungs:

John is exasperated

(It’s really hard to capture the full majesty of this look in a single screencap, guys. I really need to learn how to make gifs.)

(But trust me, it was a thing of beauty.)

Meanwhile, Michael Easton was also demonstrating his awesomeness by hamming it up as Caleb in the next room over. Normally, this might be the place where I ranted about Sam being sexually menaced. You know, again. Some more. But his goofy melodramatic speechifying and fake vampire teeth are just too hilarious for me to take seriously as a threat.

Caleb's fangs

Sam and Caleb

(Note to Garin Wolf: it’s fine to have Gothic mental patients swanning around Wyndemere spouting ludicrous dialog, as long as it’s clear no one’s supposed to take it particularly seriously.)

And I expect tomorrow to bring even more hilarity. (TWO EASTONS ENTER! ONE EASTON LEAVES!) Plus some sexy Sam rescuing — you guys, I’m so unused to having any couples on this show who not only give me butterflies, but who the writers also seem to like and want to write for. I really don’t know if I can handle all this daily squeeing.

Which brings me to: LIZ AND AJ, LIZ AND AJ, LIZ AND AJ! Um, I might love them a little too much? Like, I’m not sure the amount of excitement I experienced just from seeing them in the previews for today was entirely healthy? OH, WELL.

I really wasn’t sure if it could get any cuter after their adorable interactions the other day wherein we learned that: 1) during their Valentine’s Day dinner she gave him some really good advice about Tracy and ELQ, and 2) he sent her flowers and called for help with another panic attack… and I basically turned into a happy puddle of goo on my couch.

But then today we got him giving her a report from his first therapy session and also looking at her like this, by which I mean, like she’s water and he’s lost in the desert:

AJ loves Liz


Oh, and this:

AJ: I gotta tell you, that smile of yours? It’s just what I need.

Which is both sweet as hell and completely true, because Elizabeth smiling is pretty much the best. I mean, her smile even makes Steve scenes not suck, which is a feat!

Liz and Steve hug

Since the only times I’ve ever found Steve to be even remotely interesting at all have been when he was doing sibling stuff, it was nice they were able to send him off to his maker after a nice Webber bonding moment:

STEVE: Well, I see us at the altar, me and my bride, and then I look at my best man for the ring, and my best man flashes her gorgeous smile and says how happy she is for me.
STEVE: Did I not mention that?
STEVE: Well, my best man not only happens to be a woman, but she happens to be my sister.

Aww! I mean, it would probably mean more if Steve had any other friends to ask. But still! That was pretty lovely. It’s almost enough to make me sorry about that big ol’ knife sticking out of his stomach… HAHAHA. No. Sorry, this is still awesome:

Steve stabbed

Whatever, Steve. You were boring and bossy and a condescending boyfriend and also, ORANGE. Vaya con Dios.

And now AJ will be there to comfort and support Elizabeth in the aftermath? I believe my co-blogger refers to that as a win-win-win-win-win.


31 thoughts on “Well, damn.

  1. JMB is leaving? NO!!! She’s one of my favourite actresses on GH!! They better recast Lulu, I just can’t imagine GH without her and now she is finally getting good material. To me. JMB will always be Lulu. But she will excel, she will be a great find.
    Liz and AJ are so great together, even just as friends. ELizabeth said AJ was also a victim. Yes! Someone gets that!
    I’m looking forward to Laura’s return but I’m mixed about Scott, he was thrown under the bus last time to prop Johnny, and I don’t buy his obsession with Laura (look at how he loved Dominic…the scene where she died in his arms. Sorry, Scotty found his own great love).

    • It sounds like they’re definitely recasting. I’m glad, because I’d hate to lose the character completely, but yeah… it’s going to be weird.

      • We can’t have GH w/o Lulu! There are almost no Spencers left, Lucky’s gone, Luke might as well just go. Good luck JMB. Even when Lulu got awful material (and she got a LOT of bad writing) she still sold it. I wonder who will be the recast.

  2. I am a Liason fan. I am a Liason fan. However, the way that AJ was looking at my girl Liz made my day! Liz needs to be wooed and treated right by the next man in her life.

    Good luck, Julie! I fell in love with Lante a few months ago under RC’s writing, but Lulu started going all baby crazy with Maxie that I can’t wait to see the character take a longggggg break!

    • I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Liason, but yeah. I want Liz to have someone who looks at her like she hung the moon.

  3. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty bummed about losing JMB!Lulu. I was really hoping for more Spencer action now that Laura is back, maybe even with some of the boys returning too. Losing more was not what I had in mind. And while, yes, they can recast, JMB pretty much IS Lulu to me at this point… and she is not only extremely talented, but has pretty much unbeatable chemistry with everyone she works with. Not to mention the fact that she and Genie Francis look perfect as mother and daughter.

    But *sigh* her decision, best of luck to her, etc., etc. I did find the vampire stuff fun, although I’m rather tired of damsels in distress being rescued.

    And Liz and AJ continue to be adorable. (I’m also looking forward to seeing Sam and John after he rescues her. <3 them.)

    • Me too. And I’m mad at the writers, because they knew she was leaving in *July* and they could have made her pregnant than – she could have had a shortened pregnancy, or actually given them some sort of story. honestly, still annoyed that they gave them a false pregnancy when nothing was going to come of it.

      I wish she wasn’t leaving but I can’t blame her. Best of luck to her.

    • It took me a while to warm up to JMB, but she’s really made the role her own and I’m seriously afraid of an inferior recast.

      (The only reason I’m not minding the damseling is every clip of Caleb and Livvie I’ve ever seen has involved her in some sort of breathy distress while he seductively menaces her, and I’m choosing to read this as them lovingly poking a bit of fun at that. Plus, yes: sexy rescuing!)

    • That knife now has a place in the Inanimate Objects I Love hall of fame right next Heather’s wheelbarrow and the rock Carly ran into during the storm at Wyndemere.

  4. As some others have said, I am a Liason fan forever! But uhm Jason may never come back and OMG his hot brother is here to ease the pain! And he is way adorable and looks at Elizabeth like she is the most amazing woman on the Earth. And he loves her smile and makes her smile. I am also an Elizabeth fan and I want something great for her. I might have a real conflict if Jason ever does decide to show up again. lol

    • This may be sacrilege in some corners of fandom, but I’m enjoying the show so much more without Jason. I don’t care if he never comes back. But if he does and finds Liz happy in love with the brother whose child he stole? That would be kind of deliciously good soap.

      • I used to be a HUGE Jason fan, but not as much in recent years. And I’ve actually felt a bit guilty for not missing him as much as I thought I would :X But I think that also has to do with the wonderfulness that is AJ’s return.

        I agree it would be totally fine with me for Jason to come back and find AJ and Elizabeth amazingly happy together. The soapyness = wonderful!

        • The Myth of Jason Morgan basically ate the show in the last decade. His presence rendered every story he was involved with predictable. You always knew he would save the day and you always knew he’d be proven right about everything. I loved the character when he was first “born” but he had way too much of a stranglehold on the narrative by the time he died — even though the new regime tired to dial it back, he was still the town saint, you know? Things feel so much freer now.

          • Couldn’t agree more. I loved Jason pretty much up until all the Courtney stuff (the less said the better). And lately it was too much of a given that Jason would WIN, whatever it might be. Even when I love a character, I’d still like to see them lose sometimes, it gives them personality and conflict. In fact, one of the reason I enjoyed Liason so much, I think, is because Jason was often at a loss with Elizabeth.

    • Was I the only one kind of cracking up at the thought of him struggling to get her unconscious body into that dress and fix her hair and make up? I mean, creepy, yes, but still: hilarious. If this vampire thing doesn’t work out, he should look into working as a stylist.

      But yes, I’d love for her to rescue herself. Or at least help! Maybe she will tomorrow.

  5. why on earth would she quit now, in this story…

    yeah…it’s going to be a big loss….to say the least…

    will not listen to sam…sorry but i still can’t stand her in any way shape or form…..and i wish that she’d just leave…find out that jason is really alive, someplace in hiding, and go and join him there..


    i am really liking AJ and liz too..


    • She had originally wanted to leave in November when her contract was up-but FV talked her into staying. Hope we get a lot more Lulu and Laura before JMB leaves.

      I just love all this Sam stuff and that she’s still fighting to get free and back to Danny. If “Caleb” hadn’t tied her up, after putting perfect make-up and jewelry on her, she would have kicked him and rescued herself. But I’m fine with John doing the job.

  6. So I stumbled across your blog months ago just like I stumbled across GH years ago. Greatly enjoy it! I came into GH during a period of great suckage…2005-ish but JMB and some great looking male cast members drew me in. I never knew of AJ before he was last killed off but I like the character now. The only thing is he looks a lot like the dad from The Incredibles lol.

    • The only thing is he looks a lot like the dad from The Incredibles lol.

      I… can’t unsee that now.

      (Also, welcome! 2005, wow. That was a really, really dark time for this show.)

      • Yeah but I was a refugee from Days of Our Lives. That was my highschool and college soap and it got so bad I left the soap genre as a whole for a decade. GH was purely a channel surfing accident. I liked the look of Logan and Jason and Johnny, etc etc. Maxie and LuLu were interesting. Anyway, after 7 years of half following GH, it is suddenly kinda the best soap writing I’ve seen in forever. And I love AJ and Elizabeth. Thanks for the blog. Super funny, self deprecating. Everything a soapy blog should be!

  7. I was turned off Jason after TIIC decided to reunite JaSam in 2009. I just was sick of him always getting the women. Why was he such a great choice for women? He puts them in danger, and they always come second to the mob and Carly. Sam even said she wouldn’t put up with not being first in Jason’s life, and yet she went back to him like nothing happened, Yes, I think what SAm did to JAke was awful but also OOC. I just wanted Jason to sleep in the bed he lay on and be alone. Then when Jake died, he acted like it was HIS loss. Yet he would never leave the mob for Jake and Liz and left then high and dry. Sorry, JAson fans, but JAson was front at centre for far too long, there’s more to GH than Jason

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