This had better not be a tease, writers.

I’ve pretty much made my peace with Sam these days, but there have definitely been years in the past when she wasn’t very high on my list of favorite fictional people (2005-2008ish, I’m looking at you here.) And in those dark, dark years, literally the only interest I had in her character was to see her: 1) bonding with Alexis, 2) learning about her Cassadine heritage, and 3) FINDING OUT WHO HER FREAKING FATHER IS.

Which is to say: this little conversation might have made me just a wee bit too excited yesterday:

Alexis and Anna

ANNA: Robert was really unconventional but he was a really good dad and Robin loved him. She thought he hung the moon.
ALEXIS: Well, you’re lucky. Sam never met her dad.
ANNA: Who is he?
ALEXIS: Sam’s dad… [looks very shifty]
ANNA: Oh no! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ask that. It’s none of my business. It really isn’t.
ALEXIS: No, no, It’s okay. It’s a logical question, um– [phone rings]
ME: Don’t you dare answer that! Don’t you dare–DAMN IT.


(Is it too much to hope that once this vampire stuff wraps up, the Davis girls might get pulled into whatever’s happening with Helena and Ice Princess plot and we might finally get the story of Sam’s dad? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!)

Oh, and also, Finola Hughes and Robin Mattson were both so incredibly good and heart-breaking with their respective maternal grief and regret that I can’t even deal with it. If both of them don’t get at least nominated for Emmys, I will scream:

Anna prays

Heather and Rafe

One of the things I really enjoy about the way the new regime runs the show is that they seem to enjoy putting characters together in different configurations rather than letting everyone stay in their own little story bubbles with the same partners all of the time. (Naming no names, Brian Frons.)

Rafe and Heather may seem like unlikely confidantes at first glance, but their conversation about the ways they both feel they failed people they care about was genuinely lovely, even if it was a escaped homicidal mental patient/serial babynapper giving comfort to a teenage fugitive holding a baby she wanted to kidnap. (SOAPS!)


Meanwhile, today in relish news: Duke is still awesome, Tracy and Monica are still family, and Starr is still much, much smarter than Michael. Shocker, I know! (Also, Duke got to say the phrase “acquire the pickles” in his dignified way, which makes me sad that The Soup already did their relish montage.)

But condiment capers weren’t even close to the silliest business in Port Charles, because today in EASTON VS EASTON:

Caleb's demise1

Caleb's demise3

Caleb's demise4

Oh, hair extensions. I’ll miss you most of all.

And then John and Sam (sexily) made eyes at each other, (sexily) thanked each other for all the life-saving, and then (sexily) helped each other walk out of the tunnels — leaving Lucy to say some words I know a lot of people have been longing to hear:

Sam and John hotness

LUCY: I’m done! I’m not giving you one more day of my life. This is over. It ends now! I have people who love me — at least I hope they still love me. And I am going back to them. […] My time as a slayer? Is finished.

Which is nice and all, but I certainly hope we’re still getting some sort of explanation for her and Alison’s delusions. An explanation that isn’t “Caleb’s magic ring really does make him immortal!”

(Also, don’t worry, Lucy! We do still love you! Just please get back to being Lucy Coe, wacky but sane business woman, duck lover, and Doc’s loving wife now, ‘kay?)


7 thoughts on “This had better not be a tease, writers.

  1. Allison never stated that Caleb/Stephen Clay was a vampire. She said the man was dangerous and was on the run to keep him away from her son. Lucy is little bit cray cray!

    • True. But she still has a to have been a little crazy herself to spend ten years on the run from a man who was — at that time — locked up. And to come running to Lucy for help with a serial killer.

  2. I would really like to see Robin Mattson playing a non-lunatic, longg-term role. I vaguely remember occasionally watching Santa Barbara years ago and seeing her on it. Maybe Heather could have a sane twin? The way she dominates the screen, she’d be an amazing scene partner for someone like Jane Elliot.

    • Hah! A sane twin — kind of like Ryan and Kevin? That could work. Everyone in town would run away screaming everywhere she went.

  3. I have been wondering about Sam’s father too, so please go there, writers. Please. I don’t mind Sam when she’s not in Jason’s orbit, I like her and John (when I first saw them together I thought “Is it me or is there some serious spark”) and I loved her and GV. A Davis story would be very welcome, and long overdue

    • I’m reasonably sure they wouldn’t have brought it up like that if there wasn’t already a story in the works. *crosses fingers*

      Sam is 150% more likeable to me when she’s not around Jason. It’s amazing, really.

  4. I also felt my hopes getting high when they actually mentioned Sam had a father. Let the soap sacrifices begin!

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