Somebody has to arrange the matches…

Every time Michael casually introduces AJ as his father, my heart grows about three sizes. And every time he obviously tries to play matchmaker between his father and Elizabeth, I get a little more giddy:

Michael 'ships Liz and AJ

AJ: I was thinking to myself how much smarter you are than me because you found a smart and beautiful girl like Starr.
MICHAEL: Well, maybe it’s your turn to find somebody who’s smart and beautiful. […] I caught a glimpse of Elizabeth as she was heading off. She was definitely checking you out.

Aw, yeah. Michael ‘ships it too, guys.

AJ, for his part, is completely smitten. I mean, we’re talking twitterpated in the extreme, here. And it pretty much could not be more adorable. I know I’ve said that before. I know! But, I mean, just listen to him:

ELIZABETH: Maxie’s put together the ceremony and she drafted me to be the maid of honor and the best… person.
AJ: [smiling the dopiest smile possible] They–they got that last part right.

ULTRA ADORBS TO THE MAX! And then he asked her out on a date and was gobsmacked when she accepted, and both of them had the biggest grins on their faces, and he did a dorky little fist pump as she walked off in her smoking hot dress, and… yeah. It was good for me, okay?


Meanwhile, Frisco had the only correct response to learning Spinelli is the one who’s been schtupping his daughter:

Frisco and Spinelli

FRISCO: That’s the father of my grandchild?

Word, Frisco. We’re all kind of upset about it, trust me.

Spinelli, by the way — former tech support for the mob — has a moral code the precludes stealing in any form. Even if it’s actually just returning stolen relish to its rightful owner. Shut up, Spinelli’s stupid moral code.

(But I do like him best when he’s focusing on professional rather than romantic business, and pulling both Ellie and Spinelli into the relish saga not only gives us the gift of Tracy/Spinelli interactions but gets Ellie finally integrated a little more with the rest of the cast. I approve of both of these things.)

Anyway, have a good weekend, y’all! I’ll leave you with this goodness:

AJ and Liz hug

(AJ’s face there? Seriously how my heart feels whenever they interact. It’s like I’m thirteen again, I swear.)


22 thoughts on “Somebody has to arrange the matches…

  1. I’m glad for you Liz fans. Casting has made poor Liz’s love life crap for over three years. (Of which I am one actually, a Liz fan that it is, but I am just not that into AJ, so I’m just kinda neutral about it all, except like I said, happy Liz has something decent going on.)

  2. Awww, AJ is so sweet around Liz. Michael has been so much more likable with the new regime. Please make AJ/Liz happen, they have too much chemistry to waste and both should be happy. So nice to see a team that doesn’t hate Liz or AJ.
    No comment on Spinelli, I used to like him, back when he first came on but I gave up on him for turning on Lulu after she sided with Dante over the Holy trinity, He’s a joke now.

    • I gave up on Spinelli when he sat in the church during Jocelyn’ s Christening – knowing that Dante was being set up to be killed during the ceremony

      • He’s such a hypocrite. He doted on Lulu until she stopped supporting the mob, he’s all up in Maxie’s face for standing by Matt, yet he’s a freakin MOB employee. He strings Ellie along. I can’t stand him anymore

  3. This was a great week to be an Elizabeth fan, I’m so grateful! And she was on all 5 days, plus she is in the previews for Monday. 6 days in a row of Elizabeth, when was the last time that happened? Seriously, ever?

    I’m completely insane for Elizabeth & AJ. When I heard the news about SK coming back to GH, I immediately wanted him for Elizabeth and now that I’m getting my wish, I’m a little worried it is too good to be true! Their scenes are even better than I could have hoped. I’m just glad the show is taking them slow. Even though I totally want them to make out, I kinda hope they don’t have their first kiss for a while. A slow build will make them better in the long run. And if Elizabeth is the woman in AJ’s life that allows him redemption? He’ll probably end up loving her forever.

    Elizabeth & AJ aren’t in love yet, but the audience already seems to be! :)

  4. Never been an AJ fan…. Never been a Liz fan…. Absolutely LOVING these 2 recently, both together & apart. My God…. What’s happening to me?

    • I know, I hated Michael but now I just love him. I think it’s called good writing, something rarely seen on GH until now. Michael is likable and mature, Elizabeth isn’t being stuck in a relationship while sleeping with someone else, and AJ isn’t being written as a complete loser or unfit parent, and as an actual person

  5. I lurk here a lot, as your blog is uber entertaining.

    Basically, everything in this post, ESPECIALLY the magic of Liz and AJ (and Michael! WHOOP!) is pure truth. I’ve been waiting for someone to truly appreciate the awesome that is Elizabeth Webber for ages. It seemed like she was stuck in storyline hell for so many years. Sure, she had screentime, but her character was pretty much decimated. Although Becky always rocked the material.

    AJ brings out the shiny in Liz, and she absolutely makes AJ spark! I love how BH and SK are playing this beginning of awesome and awkward thing between their characters.

    I’m addicted. Obsessed, you may say.

  6. Finally, after years & years of wishing, it seems the writers are giving Liz a romance where she’s not doing the chasing or getting short end of the stick. I’m actually watching this show again. The power of “Quiz” is sucking me back in & I’m impatient for more. I’m light-headed & giddy & euphoric when they haven’t even gone on a date yet. Despite being burned before, I have very high hopes that the writers won’t screw us over & ruin it. Praying to the Soap Gods every day.

  7. The only thing that scares me about loving Quiz so much is that I have bad luck shipping couples. So I apologize ahead of time for those that love them. The Carly involvement has me scared a bit. TPTB don’t have a great track record when it comes to Elizabeth.

  8. For some reason my DVR didn’t record this episode, but I finally caught up online today. You know, SK is kind of too thick for me (much like SBu in later years) but he is pretty adorable as AJ with Liz. I think this is a case where the way he is playing the characters makes him more attractive to me. I’m all for the AJ/Liz stuff. :)
    Also, is it mean that I kind of find it hilarious that they made it seem like Steve might die only to allow him to recover and then arrest him for all that awful Memphis crap? ‘Cause I do.

    • Steven Lars and Matt both end up being arrested for their crimes.However, we still see Luke and Johnny both child killing rapists, Todd and his uber crimes, Connie ran down Ellie in the road, kidnapped Johnny and killed her own son, and crazy Heather running all over town. How long before we see Johnny save Krissy’s life and ends up with a parole from prison?

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