Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

I have been in denial you guys, but I guess I have to face what happened last week:

1) Toby might be dead!!?! Since we only saw his tramp-stamp-like tattoo, I totally call shenanigans and say that it wasn’t Toby who actually died. I mean, the writers wouldn’t be that big of assholes, would they? WOULD THEY?


2) People think Toby’s dead and Mona was all running away and shouting about it at the scene of his accident. Uh, jeez Mona. Where is your “A” team loyalty? She is THE WORST. So you got picked on by Allison. Wah. She terrorized her own best friends. Get over it. Most of us were teased in high school and didn’t turn out to be murderous stalker psychopaths. Just sayin’.

3) Emily thinks Toby’s death is all her fault. “A” sent her some documentation alluding to Toby’s death and implied that her digging lead to his death.


Look at that dopey face – how can he be evil…and dead??

So, just because Emily was trying to find him, Toby was killed? That’s…not a very good way to keep your team members actively stalking your prey. This whole thing seems fishy. And weird guy at the manufacturing plant knew Emily’s name and was awfully shifty so something is clearly going on there.

4) Aria doesn’t really want to be a parent and is pulling away from Ezra. Ah, hell. Like I could pretend to even give a rat’s ass about this since…

5) Toby might be effing dead, you guys. I have started to “conspiracy theory” myself out of believing that it isn’t him. I mean, maybe we didn’t see his face so that we will all THINK he is still alive, but really he is totally dead and we will never get a satisfying answer to why he was part of the “A” team and we will never get any resolution with him and Spencer and…and…I THINK I MIGHT BE LOSING MY MIND LIKE SPENCER. WHY AM I YELLING?


Am I paying for wanting Spencer to tell her friends about Toby? DO I HAVE TO PAY WITH TOBY’S LIFE? Okay, so maybe the thought of losing Toby makes me feel a little unhinged. Mostly because I was still living in delusional world with Spencer hoping there was a good reason for his involvement in the evil gang. I think I’ll just chose to go back there until the writers decide to be big fat jerks again and shove me out of my denial.


One thought on “Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

  1. I cried for a while before I realized, the dead body is probably Wildon. Or however you spell that cop’s name. After all, Mona yelled at perfect timing to prevent Spencer from taking off the helmet. I refuse to believe it was Toby! IT WAS NOT TOBY!!! ;_;

    I realized this episode how much I’ve missed seeing Emily and Toby’s friendship so of course it gets brought back in just so he can be “killed.”

    Please Aria, break up with Ezra and become an interesting character again.

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