The wheels of justice just got surprisingly efficient.

If I say that the legal fallout from the Caleb saga was handled more realistically than usual for this show, I trust you’ll all understand that that doesn’t mean it wasn’t still utterly, implausibly REDONK. But in a fun way for once!

Sam and John eye roll


And, hey! They paid lip service to the idea that there are usually consequences when you break out of jail, even if you’re innocent of the crimes for which you were originally arrested! (Or in Lucy’s case… still completely guilty of stabbing a cop. Bygones!) That’s progress, right? 

Anyway, mayoral politics brushing the whole thing aside is way easier to swallow than, say, any trial that has involved Sonny Corinthos in any way in the last decade. And it gave us this gem:

MAYOR WILCOX: If we press charges, we’re going to look like heartless monsters.
D.A. MARTINEZ: And if we don’t? What are we saying to the citizens of Port Charles? That we condone vigilante justice? That everyone should just take the law into their own hands?

NO! NOT VIGILANTE JUSTICE IN PORT CHARLES! (Um… are you guys new? I mean, I guess there could be some confusion among the citizenry once they realized it was a cop being rewarded for vigilante justice and not a member of the local mafia. But otherwise? Not really gonna phase the good folks of Port Charles.)

But more importantly: John and Sam once again demonstrated their complete inability to be in the same room and not compulsively invade one another’s personal space.

McBam and Danny

I choose to interpret Danny’s flails as a sign that he is also perplexed by why they’re not constantly making out.

I know, Danny. I KNOW. Sometimes it makes me chew my fist with frustration, too, little bro.


6 thoughts on “The wheels of justice just got surprisingly efficient.

  1. There was no mention of the awesome acting of the sexy cop @jjlippold….u need to recognize! oh my goodness, I would watch GH more if he’s on my tv everyday. oh yeah! =)

    • To be honest, I tend to tune out the background cops on this show. Especially when there are also cute babies and UST in the room to distract me. But I’m glad he already has fans and they are happy!

  2. Agreed! God, I’m so sad to think that this Sam and John stuff will be put on hold just when it is getting good! Also, what the hell – are there clones in PC? I’m starting to get worried again that there is supernatural things a foot!

    • I am trying to not to worry about it, but seriously. It was fun but I’m ready for Caleb to be gone and Lucy to be Lucy. Don’t push your luck, writers!

  3. As someone who watched OLTL for decades, I’m looking forward to no John, Todd or Starr in the next few weeks. Todd has become so silly over the last year, and his “instant” love for Carly makes absolutely no sense at all.

    • I’m okay with a break from Todd and Starr for a little while, although I enjoy them both. But I need McBain in my life. That’s non-negotiable or me right now, unfortunately. *sigh*

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