1994 called. It wants its cast line up back.

Oh, my goodness gracious, that was a nostalgia-packed episode! Anna and Duke! Anna and Frisco! Frisco and Felicia! Kevin and Mac! Kevin and Lucy! NORMA AND EVE! Plus, Spencers and Baldwins and ELQ intrigue and flashbacks all over the place. I’m just… I’m in a happy place right now, guys.

By the way, this is how you can tell Ron Carlivati is as big a GH nerd as the rest of us:

RC tweetI KNOW, RON. HIGH FIVE, BOYFRIEND. But it is real and we did get all that goodness, including the conversation I think most of us have really been waiting for since Frisco first appeared:

Frisco and Felicia talk

FELICIA: I didn’t think you’d remember Georgie’s birthday.
FRISCO: Well, I guess I deserved that. I certainly wasn’t a great father. In fact, I wasn’t much of a father at all. But I do remember my daughters’ birthdays. I love my girls.
FELICIA: I know you do.
FRISCO: I never should have left.
FELICIA: Port Charles couldn’t hold you. You were meant to be out in the world taking risks and saving lives.
FRISCO: Felicia, I should have been here with my family. I’d have come back sooner but I was just afraid to face you and Maxie. And I was afraid to face the truth.
FELICIA: What truth?
FRISCO: [voice cracking] That if I’d have been here, like a good father, Georgie would still be alive.
FELICIA: [in tears] You can’t know that.
FRISCO: No, and I can’t make the time up I missed with her.

::slow clap:: Well, that was all pretty gutting! But in a good way. Catharsis! I think Kristina Wagner pretty accurately captured the nature of my feels in her facial expression there. And when she broke down at the end over the necklace? OH MY HEART.

Frankly, Frisco feeling too shamed to come back to town works pretty damn well. (I mean, he should feel ashamed? So there’s that.) And his cocky behavior since coming back makes much more sense as the result of overcompensation to power through the pain and fear of facing his girls than it did as Frisco just being honestly that much of a clueless bastard.

Anyway, I’m still team Mac all the way, but… damn. Those were some good scenes.


In other news, Steve’s not dead. Yay? I mean, I didn’t really want to see the character gone for good, and Lord knows Elizabeth has cried enough over the course of the last two years to last a lifetime. On the other hand, now we have Steve the martyr.

(I love how he’s refusing to marry Olivia “for her own good” but also sort of seems to expect her to sit around and wait for him while he’s in prison.) (WORST BOYFRIEND EVER.)

Goodbye Steven Lars

Plus a resurrection of the Memphis story, which was one of the worst parts of one of the worst years in recent GH history. Ugh. At least it was over relatively quickly this time. If I never hear the word “Memphis” again on this show, it will be too soon.

Fortunately, the one thing Steven Lars has consistently been good for is giving his much more awesome and interesting mother a goal on which to focus. And this time, that led to a surprisingly lovely (and dare I say genuinely touching?) set of scenes with Heather and Todd:

TODD: Why are you doing this for me?
HEATHER: I have a lot of skills, Todd. Developed over years of dealing with the mental health profession. Why waste them?
TODD: Okay, but it’s kind of a good idea. I mean, at the very least, it’s a non-insane idea. It’s almost–it’s almost generous.
HEATHER: Maybe I’m not the vicious lunatic you think–
TODD: No, you’re a vicious lunatic. But you’re having a brush with reality.
HEATHER: I know. It’s true. Ever since Steven Lars got hurt– [visibly forcing herself] I mean, when I hurt Steven Lars. I just… I couldn’t deny it anymore. I gave birth to him. I love that child. He means more than anything to me. I just wish I could tell him.

Robin Mattson and Roger Howarth are so great together, for serious. Both of them play characters who — at their most interesting — can careen wildly back and forth between screwball wackiness and genuine menace, and both actors are masters of playing the hidden depths of true emotion and vulnerability underneath the one-liners and banter.

All of which makes me extra frustrated by the repeated, tone deaf story beats like this that Todd’s been given all year:

TODD: You know, Johnny does kind of owe me one, right, because he killed my granddaughter.

Oh, good. So glad he found a silver lining to that whole tragedy! I was getting a little worried that since it had been a few months since he last flippantly exploited it to save his own skin, Todd might actually be in danger of taking the horrific death of his four year old granddaughter seriously. Thanks for setting me straight, writers.

Heather and Todd

ANYWAY. Farewell, Webbers! I’ll miss at least one of you a lot! Sadly, with Heather having achieved something of a real emotional break through and now being shipped off to a psychiatric facility staffed with professionals who might not take salary negotiation advice from their patients, I’m afraid this may be the last we see of her for some time. But kisses, darling. Don’t stay gone for too long.

As for Steve, well… you were incredibly useless, but you also sometimes hung around half naked, giving yourself inappropriate chest massages, and I guess that’s something. Um, come back with better writing next time? And an actor less orange?


Finally, in 50th Anniversary news: we’re getting Jax and Brenda! I know, I know… Brenda’s last visit was a character-destroying shit show, and we’re all desperately trying to pretend it never happened. But come on — the 50th without Brenda Barrett? A Nurses’ Ball honoring Robin without her oldest friend? That just wouldn’t be right.

(And besides, a short visit with better writing might be able to wash some of the foul taste of her last visit from my mouth. I’d really like my last memory of Brenda in Port Charles to no longer be accompanied by shudders and bile, you know?)


19 thoughts on “1994 called. It wants its cast line up back.

  1. Having someone arrested is always better than killing, because it leaves the door open and IMO, killing should reserved for memorable moments, not done recklessly, esp not to legacy characters. Steve was let down by the writing.
    Glad Brenda is coming back, last time Guza made her yet another Sonny-worshipping moll who couldn’t handle the dangerous life, which is NOT her! I hope these writers will do better, since they seem to KNOW GH history, they should do better. Look at the fixing job they did on AJ, and the show in general

    • Yeah, I know. It is better. I’m just so completely uninterested in Steve. I hope Olivia doesn’t moon over him long.

  2. well i’m so glad the show has grandfathers so callous about their dead grandkids. did like today’s show, liked the f/bs, wasn’t around during these, i was watching GL,i did however keep up some on GH. Liz brought me back to GH. but i liked seeing history, there’s not enough being used on GH

    still don’t know what they’re going to do when all the vets leave since they’re losing a lot of the regulars.

    • They have already recast Lulu. Johnny hasn’t had a story in a while and it was the actor’s choice to do something different. I don’t miss Jason, because I love the slow burn that Sam and John are doing. Some of the returning vets are staying, so they aren’t just back for the NB. I think Liz is getting a real romance . Finally.

      There has not been this much history on GH in years. They’re being incredibly faithful to the characters and their backgrounds,

  3. Tenillypo- you once wrote an amazing flashback recap of sonny and Brenda in the caves- any chance you would be willing to write a flashback recap about Todd & Tea (RH and FL)? (I know they’re OLTL, but they were on gh ;) they are one of my favorite couples in addition to sonny and Brenda from that time in soaps. And you are a great writer and so funny, would love to read something on them.

    • Aw, thank you! The truth is I would love to, but I just don’t know their history well enough to do a retrospective like I did for S&B. (I was totes obsessed with Todd and Tea for a summer after they were first married, though. Clearly, I have a thing for unhealthy relationships.)

      • Ha! We both do- sonny and Brenda and Todd and tea were both created by the great Claire labine! If you want to watch any Todd and Tea- you must check out noelgirl’s Todd and tea videos part 1 – 153 – amazing! (I’m not giving you homework to try and get you to write what I want or anything ;) or am I??) seriously though, u gotta watch it, it was really so amazing the chemistry those two actors have and the writing back then. Let me know if you see and sonny/Brenda parallels.

        • Let’s see, dangerous and sometimes violent guy who hides his trauma over being abused as a child with a tough and sometimes cruel exterior in a relationship with a naive woman who just wants to saaaaaaave him with her love, causing them to constantly hurt one another…? Those kind of parallels?

          Granted, that could also describe half the romance novels ever written… ;)

          • Ha! No I mean in their scenes- not just the general arc! Some of my favorite scenes (mainly because of the actors chemistry are parts 21 (1997) and 48 and 49 (1998) on YouTube. Check it out- so good. I wish RH was going back to oltl…

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