But… but, who will we hate now?

I’m sad to hear the news that Brandon Barash will be leaving GH. I had been hoping now that Johnny seemed have to hit rock bottom the new regime would be able to do some rehabilitation. *sigh* And I admit, now that Steve is leaving, I had let my heart hope that he and Olivia would be able to somehow get back to their hotness. But alas, no.

Brandon Barash

I feel so many mixed emotions about the news of these exits. Is it a sign that the actors aren’t happy with the changes? Maybe. I’m sure no one would be happy to go from being a featured daily character to being used on more of a rotational basis. But until Kristina talked about going to Pentonville to do her community service, I had forgotten about Johnny completely. There is so much going on with the canvas that it makes sense that there isn’t room for everyone.

And can you believe it? The mob hasn’t been featured in months. MONTHS! Even the coloring of Sonny’s home has gone from dark and dreary mobster to a nice shade of green. And Maurice Bernard was wearing purple! Such a subtle change, but instead of dark, mob cave it seemed different. Or maybe it’s just me? Maybe I’m looking at it all differently now: without a blind rage.

So BB’s exit is bittersweet. I will miss him, but as with Steve Burton’s exit, I think my heart is better off not having to deal with more awful mob madness. But it does leave me with one not-so-burning question, is the final member of Port Chuck next? And how will these actors satisfy their karaoke needs now??


17 thoughts on “But… but, who will we hate now?

  1. I don’t know if BB necessarily wanted to leave; he hadn’t taped in weeks. they probably lowballed him in contract negotiations.

    And yeah, would not be surprised at all if BA was next.

    • Yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me either. In some ways it makes sense. His character just doesn’t fit into what they are doing with the show right now. But, it could, if they wanted to change Johnny. Oh well. I would be a whole lot sadder if he hadn’t been made into THE WORST lately and there wasn’t a whole lot of interesting stuff happening on the canvas right now.

  2. others that i know are saying that BA will go next as well…it wouldn’t surprise me……after all they’ll need the big bucks for stupid brenda…don’t you know…..

    so we’re going to have another arc of all brenda and sonny all the time…..i bet that RC was under pressure that MB wasn’t getting enough air time…

    finally the show was about other people………and that’s why i was enjoying it so much….

    might tune it out like i did last time st brenda was on….and it became all about poor wittle her….

    i used to like her don’t get me wrong…but everytime she comes back, i like her less, and less…especially when it takes away air time from others, that imensely deserve it…….


    and i didnt’ like johnny with lulu…but after they broke those two up, i actually got to like him….so i don’t like it one bit that he’s leaving…

    • I believe VM is coming for a visit, not a contract role. It makes sense that she would be back for the 50th anniversary of the show that helped give her a career. I truly doubt that BB’s exit has anything to do with VM. Maybe he just wanted a change.

  3. I’m mixed about this. Johnny was never one of my favourites, but there were times I did enjoy him, but it seemed the writers never knew what to do with him. However, I wish Brandon Barash all the best, he seems like a nice guy.

    The same characters can’t be the focus of GH all the time, that was one of the main problems with Guza, Sonny, Carly and Jason ate up the show and everyone else’s screentime, and other characters were being destroyed so they could look good.

    If Brenda returns, I do think (hope) this team will do a better job, they seem to know and understand GH’s history, and she isn’t with Sonny, always a plus. I also heard Jackie Zeman is coming back. YAY, Bobbie!! It’s about time! Why wasn’t she around for Jake’s death?

  4. Hah! I was just thinking the exact same thing about what a shame this is when Olivia had finally just freed herself from Steve. Clearly, our priorities are as one.

    I honestly don’t think people leaving is a sign of dissatisfaction with the new regime. BB got a ton of airtime in the last year. Granted, I hated what they did to Johnny, but as an actor, I imagine it was pretty fun to play all those beats. Whatever the reasons, I hope the decision was not acrimonious and that they just leave him to serve out his time in a way that doesn’t preclude a return at some point if the stars align. Frankly, after the year he’s had, I could do with a break from Johnny.

    • It really breaks my heart that we will never see Jolivia again, at least for the foreseeable future.
      I could do with a break too, but I am sad to lose the actor from the show. I guess you just can’t have it all!

  5. Well.. if you take the Mob out of Port Chuck.. then.. yeah, I guess there’s no room for Zacharra. I’m sad to see him go, but not upset. Because.. yeah. There’s no where else for him to go.

    But don’t you all think it’s weird? People are leaving but they aren’t being murderated in the streets?

    • Weird indeed. I thought the only way out of Port Chuck was through a body bag. How amazing to recognize that there are, like, roads and stuff. So we can get, like, returns and stuff. Which, yeah, we could have even with body bags, if they die with their heads intact, but still, progress!

  6. but all of these vets aren’t staying, so when they leave who do we have left. all the guys are leaving and there weren’t that many hot guys to begin with. these guys centered gh around oltl castoffs and do we know if they all will be back or if they can have a story on gh? if not that leaves the two men hogs w/o men. now steve is gone, olivia is w/o a guy, now johnny is gone, so that is one less guy. i just wrote a list the other day and there aren’t that many men. Luke..no longer a viable romantic lead. JT….stuck in scrubs sine we know robin is alive.spin…only a few can go with spin. sonny….has 2/1 women. shawn is taken plus he’s barely on .mikey is in the teen scene or barely out of it.felix is gay, mac is taken right now but really can’t be paired w/younger actresses.dante is taken, rafe is in the teen scene and there’s only one girl teen.and hopefully aj is taken.

  7. I like BB. In my opinion, the writing for Johnny has never really been good. The best period was when he was with Olivia and trying to stay out of the mob, but he got sucked back in and it’s been downhill ever since. I don’t know why the show has managed his character so poorly – it’s the one thing Guza and Carlivati have in common, in a way. There was tremendous potential, but the character has no real reason to be around at this point. So whomever’s decision it was, good luck to a good actor. I hope they don’t kill the character off, and that if he ever comes back, he’ll be better used.

  8. Fans wanted less mob, less Sonny/Carly/Jason, and more vets. Johnny as Tracy’s bio son with Soleito would have made him a viable Q heir with mob money invested at ELQ.

    • Had Johnny come on when RC took the reigns, I could see him doing that, but Guza just wanted another beloved mobster to prop, and be yet another rival to Sonny and Jason since Alcazar was gone. So his character was limited.

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