Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

I have to admit, I was pretty frustrated with this episode so I was dragging my feet to do my post. However, on rewatching it, the episode did have a few important points:

1) Wilden’s back. And doesn’t appear to have a scratch on him. That seems absolutely implausible and I’m sure we won’t ever get an actual explanation as to how the hell he walked away from that accident. This effing show. So he is back to menace Hannah and her mom..again..some more.


2) Spencer’s break with reality might have been an act? Or maybe she had a momentary lapse and then used it to get info? With her little visions at the end, it still isn’t clear. But she did meet the real Eddie Lamb. So progress? Eddie, or who I would prefer to call Very Hot Orderly Dude, implied that a staff member had something to do with security issues at the hospital, but didn’t give specifics.

3) Very Hot Orderly Dude knew Toby. He did, however, tell Spencer that he knew Toby, who was at the hospital to see his mom. Another reference to Toby’s mom. Hmmmm. This is sounding more and more significant. Did I mention in this post that Toby better not be effing dead? No?  Well, he better not be or I will go postal. For reals.


4) Looks like Ezra is going back to high school. So Aria lied about their relationship so that he would be considered for a substitute job. Oh yippee. More drama with teacher/student dating. Ick and yawn.

5) Mona has Alison’s diaries. Apparently Spencer has no idea the secrets that Alison’s diaries reveal. Honestly, I could give a crap. I already have enough mysteries as it is. Just give us some resolution already before you move onto something else!

Only two more episodes to go this season! We better get some answers soon before I have a brain aneurysm.


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